Филмите през 2011 част 3

5559. Tomb
Two sisters wander an underground labyrinth full of deadly traps. It is all part of the Undertaker's sadistic entertainment as he looks to add to his collection of embalmed trophies.
Филм: Shaky Gonzalez
5560. Mahoro ekimae tada benriken
Филм: Tatsushi Ohmori With: Ryuhei Matsuda, Eita, Anne Suzuki
5561. Graduates
Филм: J.B. Rogers With: Adam Herschman
5562. Delirium
Приключенски | Fantasy | Романтичен | Sci-Fi
5563. Flesh & Blood
A guilt-ridden loner with a dark secret discovers life and love, only to find it threatened by the only friend he's ever known.
Филм: David Bryant With: Carl Prekopp
5564. The Games Maker
At the age of seven, Ivan Drago enters a Games Making competition initiated by the Deep Games Co, a...
Филм: Juan Pablo Buscarini
5565. The Night Climbers
A dynamic, self-destructive son of a Lord leads a group of over privileged yet likable Cambridge graduates in a secret society: The Night Climbers...
Филм: Marek Losey
5566. Black Monday
5567. Hollow Oaks
5568. Kabbalah
Филм: Luccas Soares With: Amanda Alves, Gutemberg Barros, Roberto Birindelli
5569. Powder Burns
The battles between a beautiful 17-year-old girl and her parents over her relationship with a married, older man escalate into an all-out war that leaves five people dead.
Филм: Chuck Parello
5570. Assalto ao Banco Central
Филм: Marcos Paulo With: Romulo Medeiros
5571. Untitled Koji Wakamatsu Project
Филм: Koji Wakamatsu With: Nao Ohmori
5572. Paramnesia
ALEX, (Andreas Georgiou), finds himself lying on the floor of his apartment with no memory of anything about him or anyone/anything else...
Филм: Eleutherios Kakathimis With: Andreas Georgiou, Niovi Spyridaki, Nicolas D. Blake
Приключенски | Sci-Fi 85 mins.
5573. Carter 145
A Midwestern, sports drama set in the arena of high school wrestling.
Филм: Joshua J. Smith
5574. I Am Atheist
I Am Atheist stars Antonio DiLoreto, who realizes that the plague of Jehovah's Witnesses have not been...
Филм: Stephen O'Connor With: Antonio DiLoreto, David Barbosa, Dayten Pottruff
Комедия | Драма | Трилър 120 mins.
5575. Chroniques sexuelles d'une famille d'aujourd'hui
Филм: Pascal Arnold, Jean-Marc Barr With: Philippe Duquesne, Valerie Maes, Rebeillard Adeline
5576. Herra Heinamaki ja Leijonatuuliviiri
Филм: Matti Gronberg, Pekka Karjalainen With: Outi Maenpaa, Jukka Rasila, Tuija Ernamo
Комедия | Семеен
5577. The Little Stranger
5578. Buddha: Akai sabaku yo! Utsukushiku
Филм: Yasuomi Ishito With: Hidetaka Yoshioka, Sayuri Yoshinaga, Takahiro Sakurai
5579. Love Songs for Scumbags
Ex-American G.I returns to Germany after 20 years to make a film and oddly enough winds up homeless on the streets of Berlin. While there, he ends up discovering secrets about himself and his past family history.
Филм: Phillip Lee Duncan With: Phillip Lee Duncan, Jule Torhorst, Marilena Netzker
Комедия | Драма | Fantasy | Мюзикъл
5580. Shiniyuku tsuma tono tabiji
Филм: Yukinari Hanawa With: Rie Tanaka, Yutaka Izumihara, Yuriko Ishida
Драма 113 mins.
5581. Trabalhar Cansa
Филм: Marco Dutra, Juliana Rojas With: Helena Albergaria, Marat Descartes, Naloana Lima
5582. Meri-san no denwa
Филм: Mitsuhiro Mihara With: Saaya, Ayaka Kikuchi, Miri Ando
Ужас 63 mins.
5583. Love and Other Troubles
Ville, 25, is a downbeat former child star who's successfully avoided his womanizing rock 'n' roll dad for years. Everything changes when his dad moves into his flat and they both fall in love with the same American line-dancing teacher.
Филм: Samuli Valkama
5584. Schooled
5585. Exit
A group of people believe the city is a maze and are obsessively searching for the lost exit.
Филм: Marek Polgar With: Kylie Trounson, Michael Finney, Hannah Moore
Драма 90 mins.
5586. Unsound
Филм: Brad Anderson
5587. Memories of a Hundred
Филм: Kerry Valderrama With: Chris Mulkey
5588. Johnny English Reborn
Johnny English goes up against international assassins hunting down the Chinese premier.
Филм: Oliver Parker With: Rowan Atkinson, Rosamund Pike, Dominic West
5589. Trespass
As they're held for ransom, a husband and wife's predicament grows more dire amid the discovery of betrayal and deception.
Филм: Joel Schumacher With: Nicolas Cage, Nicole Kidman, Cam Gigandet
Криминален | Драма | Трилър
5590. Bel Ami
A chronicle of a young man's rise to power in Paris via his manipulation of the city's most influential and wealthy women.
Филм: Declan Donnellan, Nick Ormerod With: Robert Pattinson, Christina Ricci, Uma Thurman
5591. Ithu Nammude Katha
Филм: Rajesh Kannankara With: Lalu Alex, Asif Ali, Ananya
5592. The Hate Factory
A wrongfully imprisoned ex-con is returned to the penitentiary just before the worst prison riot in U.S. history, and he has to escape the madness of the riot in order to save his relationship with the family he's lost.
Екшън | Криминален | Драма
5593. Camera obscura
Филм: Maru Solores With: Joxean Bengoetxea, Leire Berrocal, Victor Clavijo
5594. Melinda
Melinda returns home to find herself greeted by unexpected company.
Филм: Brian Hernandez With: Erin Cathcart, Carryl Lynn, Younger Robbins
Драма | Ужас | Трилър
5595. The Losing Hand
They lost everything... but they will fight to the end.
Филм: Nick Samaras With: Bill Fourlakidis, Nick Samaras, Ilektra Banakou
Екшън | Криминален | Драма | Трилър 63 mins.
5596. Untitled Hunter Scott Project
A 12-year-old boy working a school project unearths crucial information about the sinking of the USS Indianapolis...
Филм: J.J. Abrams
5597. Severance Package
The CEO of a bankrupt financial company comes up with an unusual plan to get rid of his employees: killing them.
Филм: Brett Simon
Екшън | Комедия
5598. The Iron Lady
The story concerns power and the price that is paid for power, and is a surprising and intimate portrait of an extraordinary and complex woman.
Филм: Phyllida Lloyd With: Meryl Streep, Jim Broadbent, Anthony Head
Драма | Биографичен
5599. Kaibutsu-kun
Филм: Yoshihiro Nakamura With: Satoshi Ohno, Norito Yashima, Ryuhei Ueshima
5600. Vicious
Vicious is a twisted tale of fame, betrayal, breakdown, and murder. Sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll are...
Филм: Justin Powers With: Brandon Slagle, Alan Rowe Kelly, Jeff Dylan Graham

5601. La demora
Филм: Rodrigo Pla
5602. Dreams
Michael is a gifted 10-year-old boy with a dream. He wants to write the first opera for puppets - a...
Филм: Chee Keong Cheung
5603. Nothing More Than Murder
A tale of fraud, murder, lies and adultery with a small town movie theatre and the film distribution business as background.
Филм: John Alan Simon
5604. AgAu
A sexy holiday tryst between two destructive Chicagoans braving quarter-life crises during a bleak winter in George W...
Филм: Jaisen Ehas With: Kc Haywood, Victoria Floro, Kevin Brennan
Комедия | Драма | Music | Романтичен 117 mins.
5605. Missa kuljimme kerran
Филм: Peter Lindholm With: Lia Boysen, Mikko Kouki, Andreas af Enehjelm
5606. Instant Karma
The first rule of karma: Do good and good will come back to you. Not necessarily.
5607. Vilenjakova prica
Филм: Stevan Djordjevic With: Slobodan Ninkovic, Dijana Jovicic, Paulina Manov
Fantasy80 mins.
5608. The Provider
What would you be willing to do for family and the family? When the need to do the business of the family clashes with the needs of family, Thomas DiBecco will need to make a choice. But the path he takes may not be his decision to make.
Филм: Mark S. Constance
5609. Skatergirl
With: Brooke L. Goldner
Екшън | Приключенски
5610. Grean Cafe
In 1997 the Argentinean government changes to a dictator country, killing innocent people, and stealing children that been sold all over the world.
Филм: Eduardo Pinto With: Shalim Ortiz, Lorena Bernal, Veronica Diaz
5611. Rehab
Филм: Will Gluck
5612. Rose of Sharon
A hotshot ad exec's marriage plans are thrown into turmoil by an unexpected gift from his eccentric mother.
Филм: Jason Connery
Комедия | Романтичен
5613. Pompeya
Филм: Tamae Garateguy With: Joel Drut, Cristian Drut, Jazmin Rodriguez
5614. Dante's Inferno 1906 San Francisco.
Dante's Inferno. 1906. San Francisco, tells the story of a vulnerable, guilt-ridden fireman who is driven...
Екшън | Приключенски | Драма | Исторически
5615. Charlie East
The story of an emotionally scarred special ops agent; her struggles with the deep rooted racism in small town America, her spiritual journey into the Native American Culture and her violent unraveling.
Филм: Christopher Rush Harrington With: Jsu Garcia, Billy Wirth, Delores Taylor
5616. Fetch
Филм: H.E. Gorgura With: Ernie Joseph, Emilie Rommel Shimkus, Karl Holzheimer
Драма | Мистерия | Трилър 84 mins.
5617. Vanilla Sundae
Jasveer Kohli "Jaz" an 18yr old British Indian teenager from London's Southall is trying to fulfill her dreams one true love in life - singing...
Филм: Alexander Fodor With: Kiran k Singh
5618. Chakkanaina Ammai Chukkalanti Abbai
Филм: Kanmani With: Brahmanandam, Vimala Raman, Tarun
5619. Slightly Sane
In 1947, the end of British colonial rule creates two nations by partitioning one motherland into; India and Pakistan. People have the freedom to choose their country. All people, even those in mental asylums.
Филм: Pan Nalin
Комедия | Драма 100 mins.
5620. Bach from the Dead
Johann Bach teams up with the mysterious Josh after he is resurrected by a failing rap artist. Thus ensues a murderous rampage that can only be quenched by one thing: cop John Cannon's magnum.
Филм: Andy Sexton With: Lloyd Kaufman, Christopher Reeves, Blake Lindsey
Екшън | Комедия | Ужас
5621. Of Kings & Cowboys
Texas loner and ex-rodeo cowboy finds life's direction and the meaning of true love while becoming an...
Филм: David Marlett With: Caleb Moody, Kris Black, Jessica Uberuaga
Екшън | Романтичен | Sport
5622. Crazy Eddie
A chronicle of the life of Eddie Antar, the brain and voice behind the Crazy Eddie consumer electronics chain, who wound up in prison on charges of fraud.
Филм: Danny DeVito
Биографичен | Драма
5623. The Umbrella Men
This story is about a troupe of minstrels "The Umbrella Men" who compete every year in Cape Town's Street carnival...
Филм: John Barker With: Jason Cope, Jody Abrahams, Loukman Adams
5624. Rogue Scholars
A college comedy revolving around five unruly professors.
With: Jay Chandrasekhar, Kevin Heffernan, Erik Stolhanske
5625. Porfirio
Филм: Alejandro Landes With: Harrilson Ramirez, Jazbleidy Sanchez, Porfirio Ramirez
Комедия | Драма
5626. American Wife
A story centered on the life and times of Alice Blackwell, a quiet woman who married a charismatic member of a prominent political family.
5627. Back to Jack
Филм: Kirsten Sheridan With: David O'Hara, Peter Mullan, Sibel Kekilli
5628. Gungrave
A murdered crime syndicate member returns from beyond the grave to avenge his death.
5629. Poco zucchero
Филм: Massimo Andrei With: Sabrina Impacciatore, Lunetta Savino, Marco Foschi
5630. Made in Denmark: The Movie
Филм: Kaywan Mohsen With: Kaywan Mohsen, Mads Koudal, Frank Schiellerup
5631. The Hunted
An assassin in his 20s refuses to kill a young girl and goes on the run from her bodyguards and the man who trained him.
Филм: Kaare Andrews
5632. The Jig
While waiting for his boss to give him the go ahead, a hit man and his hostage put together a jigsaw puzzle and try to outwit each other.
Филм: Britt Pitre With: Gary C. Военен ren
5633. Melancholia
Two sisters find their relationship challenged as a nearby planet threatens to collide into the Earth.
Филм: Lars von Trier With: Kirsten Dunst, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Kiefer Sutherland
Драма | Sci-Fi | Трилър
5634. Dead Sea
The story of Israeli Mafia in New York.
With: Emilio Roso, Gadi Erel, Aylam Orian
Криминален | Драма
5635. 9 Eleven
Филм: Manan Katohora
5636. Inherit the Dust
When a single mother follows her deceased father's partner to Wyoming to find the gold mine willed to them...
Филм: Rod Barkley
5637. Ballet d'action
The ballet dancer Elias is seeking the truth about his girlfriends death. The journey takes him closer to a part of himself then to the answer about his girlfriend.
Филм: Alexander Fog With: Magnus Bruun Nielsen, Peter Hesse Overgaard, Christine Dahl Helweg-Larsen
Драма | Ужас | Мистерия | Трилър 50 mins.
5638. S isch mer alles ei Ding
Филм: Anita Blumer With: Jeanne Devos, Anja Scharer, Anna-Katharina Muller
5639. Anabasis
A soldier in ancient Greece leads an army of skilled mercenaries home after battling the Persian Empire.
Филм: Patrick Alessandrin
Екшън | Драма
5640. Sortie de Route
Филм: Jonathan Hazan With: Claire Dumas, Hugo Fernandes, Zakariya Gouram
5641. Prisoner of Tehran
A 16 year old Christian girl is forced in 1982 to convert to Islam and marry a prison guard who rescued her from an Iranian firing squad.
Филм: Kari Skogland
5642. 1000 Nights
The year is 814. The king of YEMEN, KURAIB is growing old and wants one of his three sons to take over his kingdom...
Филм: Robert Rhodin
Анимация 89 mins.
5643. Untitled Cary Fukunaga/Focus Features Project
Филм: Cary Fukunaga
5644. Miss Meadows
This dark comedy follows a very prim and proper substitute teacher, who works around the law to rid the neighborhood of criminals.
Филм: Karen Leigh Hopkins
5645. Continental Drift
Филм: Raoul Peck
5646. Aadhi Bhagavan
Филм: Ameer Sultan With: Neetu Chandra, Sudha Chandran, Jayam Ravi
5647. Kochikame the movie
With: Shingo Katori
5648. The Dreamer
Филм: Simon Richardson With: Craig Heyworth, Sophie Lovell Anderson, Alex Hayes
5649. Oozu den-oh: All rider let's go kamen rider
5650. Methuselah
An action/adventure story centered on a 1,000-year-old man who has used his time on the planet to develop an unparalleled set of survival skills.
Филм: James Watkins
Екшън | Приключенски

5651. The Essex
Екшън | Драма | Исторически
5652. The Spy Princess
Tells the true story of Noor Inayat Khan, a Muslim Sufi female agent who was awarded both the George Cross and the Croix de Guerre.
5653. Poslednji kaskader
Филм: Uros Tomic With: Dragomir Stanojevic-Bata Kameni
Комедия 100 mins.
5654. Ready, Steady
Филм: Louis Doerge With: Ling Bai, Dee Wallace, Bill Sage
Криминален | Music | Трилър
5655. Ernest & Celestine
Филм: Stephane Aubier, Vincent Patar
5656. Le diable dans la peau
Филм: Gilles Martinerie With: Francis Renaud, Aurelie Meriel, Jeanne Bournaud
5657. Mord hinterm Vorhang
Филм: Sabine Boss With: Stephanie Glaser
5658. Fall from Grace
The first war in Heaven erupts between Michael and Satan, leading to his fall.
Екшън | Драма
5659. Agnes Quill
A teenage girl is able to speak with the dead.
Fantasy | Мистерия
5660. Furin jun'ai
Филм: Hitoshi Yazaki With: Yoko Kamon, Kanji Tsuda, Yuko Nakamura
Романтичен | Драма
5661. Listen
A man is haunted by his dark past when he hears the desperate prayers of those whose lives he inadvertently changed forever.
Драма | Трилър
5662. El Compromiso
Federico, shaped by a generation that believed it possible to bring about utopia, tries to survive the changes of the 21st century...
Филм: Castillo Oscar With: Rocio Carranza, Anabelle Ulloa, Luis Rodrigo Duran
Драма 100 mins.
5663. Paranormal Camcorder
With: Chris Smith, Dan Finkel, Katie Heeran
115 mins.
5664. Asmaa
Филм: Amr Salama With: Hend Sabry, Maged El Kedwany, Hany Adel
5665. L'angoisse du roi Salomon
Филм: Nathalie Donnini With: Pierre Richard
5666. Carne cruda
Филм: Tirso Calero With: Alejandro Tous, Ana Asensio, Susana Estrada
5667. Bully Pulpit
Centers around a mysterious retaliation against bullies in a high school.
Филм: Tennyson Bardwell
5668. Shewi Hisab
While traveling through Kurdistan, Flute player Jeladet is caught in an army ambush. A cruel general saves him, and the beauty of Jeladet's heavenly music finally makes him see the terror of his actions.
Филм: Hussain Sewdin With: Bahez Fatah, Najat Hakim, Bakhtiar Halabjai
Драма | Трилър | Военен 90 mins.
5669. Zona turbulentnosti
Филм: Yevgeniya Tirdatova With: Anatoliy Belyy, Leonid Bichevin, Agniya Kuznetsova
Драма 80 mins.
5670. Untitled Martin Rosenberg Project
Филм: Martin Rosenberg With: Mackenzie Firgens, Heather Tocquigny, Jake White
5671. Felina and the Master of Darkness
When she was only 5 years old, little Felina fell in a mysterious and secret Egyptian tomb. Injuring...
Филм: Lewis-Martin Soucy With: Jean-Pierre Martins, Khalid Maadour, Julie Nicolet
Екшън | Приключенски | Семеен | Мистерия
5672. Los ultimos cristeros
Филм: Matias Meyer
5673. La memoria del muerto
Филм: Valentin Javier Diment With: Rafael Ferro, Ana Celentano, Gabriel Goity
Комедия | Ужас
5674. Echelon Vendetta
A CIA "cleaner" investigates the deaths of several agents after his friend dies under mysterious circumstances.
5675. The Woman in Black
A young lawyer travels to a remote village to organize a recently deceased client's papers, where he discovers the ghost of a scorned woman set on vengeance.
Филм: James Watkins With: Daniel Radcliffe, Ciaran Hinds, Janet McTeer
Драма | Ужас | Трилър
5676. Bicycle Day
Four friends embark on a camping trip in the Yorkshire countryside, only to have their trip turned upside down after being spiked with a concentrated dosage of lysergic acid dythalamide, commonly known as L.S.D.
Филм: Damian Morter With: June Bladon, Damian Morter, Tyler James
Трилър 88 mins.
5677. Le colis
Филм: Gael d'Ynglemare With: Andre Beaupre, Emmanuel Bilodeau, Francois Leveillee
5678. The Fateful Pattern
Set in the 1950s, this is the tragic story of an young English businessman who meets a mysterious and beguiling Turkish carpet designer.
Филм: Meta Akkus With: Haluk Bilginer, Saadet Aksoy, Timucin Esen
5679. Untitled Ужас Slasher Project
When a rash of sickening murders and disappearances plague a small suburban town, a young day camp supervisor...
Филм: Dave Parker
5680. Unter Nachbarn
Филм: Stephan Rick With: Charly Hubner, Maxim Mehmet, Petra Schmidt-Schaller
5681. Sleeper Spy
Филм: Jeff Wadlow
5682. Rigamortis: A Zombie Love Story
After humanity quells an undead uprising, the last two remaining zombies pair up in search of sanctuary, but instead find love.
Филм: Ted Campbell, Dave Dewes With: Maxwell Glick, Boston Stergis, Lisa Musser
Комедия 50 mins.
5683. Dough
A touching comedy drama about the unlikely friendship of an old Jewish baker and a young Muslim drug dealer.
Филм: John Goldschmidt With: Jonathan Pryce, Merveille Lukeba
5684. Knuddelmanner
Филм: Utz With: Frank Christian Marx, Marcus Lachmann, Barbie Break Out
5685. Sahkanaga
A teenager in rural Georgia stumbles upon a gruesome discovery in the woods, and the fabric of his life unravels as he suffers the secret.
Филм: John Henry Summerour With: Trevor Neuhoff, Laura Maynard, Sharon Huey
5686. Mean World Theory
A TV-obsessed media junkie is the victim of a crime and begins to blur the lines between reality and the world behind the screen.
Филм: Maxwell Addae With: Deirdre Lovejoy, Lorna Doyle
5687. Rock 'n' Roll
Deals with the influence of Rock'n'Roll music on the lives of several persons in Vienna.
Филм: Michael Glawogger With: Detlev Buck, Georg Friedrich, Michael Ostrowski
5688. Sekai no dokonidemo aru basho
Филм: Kazuki Ohmori With: Kumi Mizuno, Kenji Sahara, Etsuyo Mitani
Драма 97 mins.
5689. Holy Takedown!
In the small town of Spreading Eagle, high school wrestler Francis Frances sets out to defeat his arch nemesis Pratt Payne and win the county wrestling title.
Филм: Trent Cooper
5690. Untitled Francis Lawrence Project
Based on real events, the Delta Force is called in to counteract a riot at a maximum-security prison.
Филм: Francis Lawrence
Екшън | Трилър
5691. Treis meres eftyhias
Филм: Dimitris Athanitis With: Alexandra Aidini, Katerina Fotiadi, Nikol Drizi
5692. Mary & Johnny
Филм: Samuel Schwarz With: Nils Althaus, Nadine Vinzens, Andrea Zogg
5693. Amsterdam
The red light district plays home to this noir-ish tale of love and human attraction - a gripping fusion of thriller and contemporary love story.
Комедия | Трилър
5694. Alegria
Филм: Lucinda Torre
5695. Untitled Rob Sorrenti Project
A young boy seeks revenge on his brothers killer.
Филм: Rob Sorrenti
5696. Miranda
Everyone has a secret.
Филм: Kent Sutton With: Danny Doherty, Maria Guzman, Vincent Caiola
5697. The Scholarship
Within the confines of a unique research facility, five scientists compete for a glittering prize.
Филм: Nick Cohen With: James Callis, Brian Allen Levine, Lee Cheney
Ужас | Трилър
5698. Crossin' MLK
Interracial teen drama set against the backdrop of the 1992 LA riots. An African American girl attends Beverly Hills High School using a false zip code and falls in love with the school's white basketball star.
Драма | Романтичен
5699. Hoshi mamoru inu
Филм: Tomoyuki Takimoto With: Tatsuya Fuji, Tetsuji Tamayama, Toshiyuki Nishida
5700. Lonely Werewolf Girl
In the dirty streets of London, a teenage werewolf girl must escape hunters and the wrath of her own feuding Scottish highland clan.

5701. Blood Fight
Female special forces soldier battles Asian crime boss with the help of two street fighter brothers.
Екшън | Приключенски
5702. The Day Santa Didn't Come
It's Christmas 1986 in small town Canada and the only thing 6-year-old Curtis Harrison wants is the "Yeddy Sasquatch 2000"...
Филм: Jason Priestley With: Jessalyn Gilsig, Jason Priestley, Curtis Harrison
5703. Wild About Harry
5704. Itsuka harerukana
Филм: Junji Sakamoto With: Yoshio Harada, Takako Matsu, Koichi Sato
5705. Poupata
Филм: Zdenek Jirasky With: Vladimir Javorsky, Malgorzata Pikus, Marika Soposka
5706. Beslan
September 1, 2004: the World watched in horror as armed terrorists took over one thousand three hundred men, women and children hostage at School Number One in Beslan, North Ossetia, Russia.
Филм: Kari Skogland
Драма | Исторически
5707. Axed
Филм: Ryan L. Driscoll With: Jonathan Hansler, Andrea Gordon, Nicola Posener
5708. La patria equivocada
Филм: Carlos Galettini With: Daniel Aimetta, Aldo Barbero, Ricardo Bertone
Драма 110 mins.
5709. The Aurora Stone
On the run from a remote mining town two skimpy waitresses unwittingly discover the world's most valuable black opal. A man who will stop at nothing to possess it pursues them across the outback.
Филм: James Rabbitts
Екшън | Приключенски | Трилър
5710. Revolt
Филм: Aleksandar Rajkovic With: Svetozar Cvetkovic, Dusan Janicijevic, Dara Dzokic
5711. Abgebrannt
Филм: Verena S. Freytag With: Maryam Zaree, Monika Barth, Michaela Caspar
Драма 102 mins.
5712. All Quiet on the Orient Express
A young man falls foul of the darker side of Rural England, as a supposedly brief stay in the Lake District soon spirals into a prison sentence of menial jobs, favours, local politics and frustration.
Филм: Jim Field Smith
5713. The Visitor from Elsewhere
A talented but commercially unsuccessful writer, Edward Bloom must choose between his conventional life and a life of the imagination when he meets the "Visitor from Elsewhere" who promises spiritual fulfillment at the price of his sanity.
Филм: Dave McGuire With: Harold Dennis, Steve Parks, Sharon Dalla Costa
Комедия | Fantasy80 mins.
5714. Julip
Julip is a twenty year old modern heroine who is coming-of-age through her experiences with three "mid-life crisis" playboys; at once soulful and comical, like life.
Филм: Alison Eastwood
5715. Untitled Im Kwon-taek Project
Филм: Kwon-taek Im
5716. Billionaire Boys Club
Филм: James Cox
5717. Across the Mile
Филм: Michael Thomas, Renate Woltron With: Marvin Fred Colorado, Michael Thomas, Michelle Riff
Драма 92 mins.
5718. Thumb
A young knight is reduced to half his size and overcomes the odds to become the heroic legend, Tom Thumb.
Филм: Kevin Lima
Приключенски | Комедия
5719. P.I. Cain
An old school Private Eye cracks the case of a life time, and gets in way over his head.
Филм: E.B. Hughes
5720. Blaming George Romero
When 4 horror film fanatic friends, unhappy with their lives, think that a zombie apocalypse is going on they jump on the chance to be "survivors." On the way, they learn about their friendship, themselves, and what it means to be happy.
Филм: Robert Lise With: Samuel Platizky, Robert Lise, Dan Gregory
Комедия 87 mins.
5721. How to be Sexy at Seventeen
When Katie is stood up on Prom Night, she decides that she is sick of her unsexy, good girl image. Determined to change who she is, Katie goes with her best friend to the Jersey Shore in search of fun and summer love.
Филм: Ric Cantor
5722. The Enchanter
Филм: Chi-kin Kwok With: Leon Lai
5723. A Matter of Size
An overweight restaurant employee is introduced to the sport of sumo wrestling by his co-workers.
Комедия | Драма | Sport
5724. Lunch Lady
A mild-mannered school cafeteria worker lives a secret double-life as a vigilante.
With: Amy Poehler
5725. Branded
A bored Lynette personality model is ecstatic when given a pirated box of designer upgrades, but the mistake pulls her into a dangerous world of illegal corporate greed.
5726. I Think I Do
Филм: Dylan Pearce With: Jennifer Cooper
5727. 13 Coins
What if I could explain to you the origin of every evil, every legend, every horror man has ever known?
5728. Tormenta
When their yacht becomes stranded in the Mediterranean after a storm, five survivors clash while struggling against the onset of a deadly nautical psychosis.
Филм: Uli Edel
Ужас | Трилър
5729. Casualties of the State
A procedural drama in which the FBI and NSA are investigating the deaths of officials who turn out to be part of a cabal to incite and profit from a war between U.S.A. and Iran.
Филм: Jeremy Cropf With: Erik A. Williams, Joe Hammerstone, Aleh Neliubin
Екшън | Криминален | Драма 90 mins.
5730. 27m?
Robert Marron is the receptionist of the Eldorado Hotel, lost in his language theory. He want to become a translator for couple...
Филм: Gabriella Cserhati, Fabien Lartigue With: Quentin Pradelle, Marie-Aline Cresson, Rachel Huet-Bayelle
Комедия | Драма | Романтичен 81 mins.
5731. The Poison Rose
Marlowesque detective, Jack Cannon, is hired to find a missing woman in his home town of Texas and gets caught up in a maze of murder, drug trafficking and sports gambling.
Филм: Richard Salvatore With: Sarah Ann Schultz
5732. Six Little Indians
Blackmailed with the threat of exposure, six disconnected athletes return to the scene of a grisly, twenty-year-old crime and slowly turn on one another as they find themselves terrorized by their own demons of guilt, suspicion and murder.
Филм: Alex Wright
5733. Buried Dreams
A story of serial killer John Wayne Gacy Jr. and his slew of murders in the suburbs of Chicago.
Филм: Kevin M. Slee With: Andrew James Parkhill
5734. 4pm on the Court
Филм: Shine Krishna
Sport115 mins.
5735. Igillena maluwo
Филм: Sanjeewa Pushpakumara With: Chaminda Sampath Jayaweera, Rathnayaka Marasinghe, Siththi Mariyam
Драма 125 mins.
5736. Q School
A comedy set in the world of professional golf and centered on a group of people vying for slots on the PGA tour.
Филм: Ron Shelton
Комедия | Sport
5737. Dream Networks
"Dream Networks" is a company offering to solve your problems - no matter what it is. But are they really helping...
Филм: Gary Capo
Мистерия | Трилър
5738. Inside Out Girl
A romantic drama centered on a mother of two who publishes a parenting magazine and a widowed lawyer.
Драма | Романтичен
5739. Out of Wedlock
Scott Stevens, single and alone, plots to destroy his friends' relationships to get back their bachelor days.
Филм: Nick Hurran With: Sara Fletcher
5740. Call to Duty
About two firefighters who journey to Glory Canyon to help a crew of smoke jumpers combat a deadly forest fire that threatens a town and find themselves in a hellish battle that changes their lives forever.
Филм: Rami Rivera Frankl
5741. Amamanhig
Филм: Maureen Clarin Sy With: Soliman Cruz, Anita Linda, Alfred Vargas
5742. Eight
Eight lives, eight stories, cross each other in the underground "Wu Wei Club" in Urumqi. Hong Kong owner...
5743. Young@Heart
The story of a chorus whose members are all senior citizens who specialize in rock 'n' roll covers.
Комедия | Драма | Music
5744. Pay the Ghost
Филм: Dennis Iliadis
5745. The Dead Cage
When a Mafia Soldier and his best friend are sent on a mission to collect $422,000 an unforeseeable event turns the hunters into the hunted.
Филм: Chris Marazzo With: Danny Trejo, James Russo, Kevin Gage
Криминален | Трилър
5746. The Dreyfus Affair
During the race for the World Series, Randy Drefyus - the handsome, married, spectacularly talented shortstop for the Los Angeles Valley Vikings - discovers he's fallen in love with the team's second baseman.
Комедия | Романтичен | Sport
5747. Zombie Семеен
Your not so average, average American family of Zombies.
Филм: Joseph Nathan Weisman
Комедия | Ужас
5748. Sin Pulso
Tells the story of Sebastian, who suffers the transformation of their four friends in zombies. Humanity perishes against infection radioactive base an evil plot of destruction.
Филм: Gino Marcellino With: Santiago Zapata, Jorge Almuzara, Javier Aguirre
5749. 10/10
This modern telling of "La Ronde" set in Los Angeles follows ten people over the course of one day as they each face defining moments in their lives.
Филм: K.J. Downes With: Charlie Babcock, Grayson Brooke, Catherine Burns
Драма 70 mins.
5750. Hantou o dero
Филм: Sang-il Lee

5751. Quantum Heist
Филм: Geraint Wyn Davies With: Michael York, Corin Nemec
Мистерия | Трилър
5752. Three Day Weekend
Sparks fly when a snooty African American man with a penchant for poetry & Barry Manilow music & his controlling African father, a macho & patriotic soccer coach, are reunited for the first time in years.
Филм: Rockmond Dunbar
Комедия | Драма
5753. Kigeki konzen tokkyu
Филм: Koji Maeda With: Yuriko Yoshitaka, Ryo Kase, Munetaka Aoki
5754. Cold Sea Rising
Cyberpunk thriller about an emerging technology and the bounty hunter charged with hijacking it from an unknown corporation.
Екшън | Трилър
5755. Rough & Ready 2
Филм: Jim Dickinson With: Jennifer Hennessy, Mike Mitchell, Katarina Korbelova
5756. Honey Vicarro
Филм: Tony Krantz
5757. Three Little Words
Филм: James Mangold
5758. Teratoma
5759. Happy Hour
Dave, is having a dream and wakes up not having any recollection of the past few hours. What happens next is what terror is about.
Филм: Bill Barton With: Jon-Paul Gates, M.D. Graham, Bill Barton
Трилър 83 mins.
5760. Who Is Darlene Love?
Based on Darlene Love's autoБиографичен , "My Name Is Love", the film covers Love's rise to fame first...
Филм: Tina Andrews
5761. One Night in Istanbul
A screen adaptation of the hit play about the exploits of a group of Liverpool Football fans at the European Cup final in Istanbul.
Филм: James Marquand
5762. Down the Chain
A man gets a chance to alter the past when he is blackmailed into stealing designs for a strange machine.
Филм: Sam Best With: Jered Allen, Jessica Gordon, Joe Hurley
Драма | Sci-Fi 78 mins.
5763. Planet of the Dates
Set in Milwaukee, 16-year old filmmaker Phil Corcoran tries his luck at love and sex in the summer of 1980 with hilarious and unpredictable results.
5764. As You Wish
"As You Wish" is a charming comedy about a Genie who "washes" ashore on present day Venice Beach. He has a problem: He can't find his lamp...
Филм: Jeff Bonilla With: Dustin Harnish
Комедия | Романтичен 90 mins.
5765. Tengoku kara no ale
Филм: Chikato Kumazawa With: Hiroshi Abe, Mimura, Nanami Sakuraba
5766. Maria's Wish
Maria's Wish is inspired by true events and tells the poignant story of grieving parents who used the...
Филм: Luis Mandoki
5767. Spy High
Екшън comedy set in High school.
5768. Prueba 23
Nicolas Lemalf, an alchemist, decides to record with his webcam, the realization of their experiment, where he wants to be transmuted into another person.
Филм: Matias Carrizo With: Diego Andres Acosta, Diego Andres Acosta, Luis Maldonado
5769. Parent Class
After a divorced couple are labeled unsatisfactory parents, the estranged duo must enroll in a class on how to improve their skills.
5770. Aja
A lonely bartender befriends a prodigious jazz guitarist dying of alcoholism who can only play when intoxicated.
Филм: Scott McCullough
5771. Journey to Mt. Fuji
Mozzman takes a long journey to Mt. Fuji in search for his old friend Kitakitsune.
Филм: Cris Ubermann With: Hiro Super, Sulai Lopez, Tanuki Toyoda
Приключенски | Семеен | Мюзикъл | Sci-Fi
5772. Hip Hop
The Easter Bunny's retirement plans turns an unsuspecting family's household upside down.
Анимация | Комедия
5773. Dreamland La Terra dei Sogni
Филм: Ravagnani Sandro With: Columbo Frank
5774. Hit Girls
Филм: Adrian Vitoria
5775. Night Wings
Филм: Dusan Strugar
Трилър 90 mins.
5776. The Lock Artist
Филм: Joe Dante
5777. Within
A surrogate mother harbors a deadly secret desire for a family of her own with the husband who is expecting to raise her child.
Драма | Ужас | Мистерия | Трилър
5778. Fatale
Филм: Marc Leif
5779. Dance the Green
True story based on golf legend Moe Norman.
5780. Limuzin
Филм: Roman Ershov With: Anna Semenovich, Maksim Konovalov, Aleksandr Semchev
5781. Untitled Freedom Riders Project
A drama that chronicles the trips made by U.S. civil rights activists through the South.
5782. Forsaken
A troubled young woman is assigned to help a world famous children's author by exploring her five senses as research material and is manipulated into a terrifying journey that ends in self insight, love and death.
Филм: Mans Marlind, Bjorn Stein
Мистерия | Трилър
5783. Life Is Good
Fonda plays Fonda in the Swiss alps.
With: Peter Fonda
5784. Longwood
While investigating a case, an FBI agent is led to a small town in Northern New Hampshire. He discovers that the townspeople are part of a sinister satanic cult and an age old omen unfolds before him.
Филм: Matthew C. Dumond With: Brandon Quintin Adams, Bill Moseley, Michael Berryman
Драма | Ужас | Мистерия | Трилър
5785. Connect To
Hygiene obsessed and mentally childlike Whitney accidentally stows away on a cross-country bus. Overnight...
Филм: Sam Nuttmann With: Wonder Russell, Lisa LeVan
Комедия | Драма | Семеен 17 mins.
5786. Circle of Stones
5787. Teenage Cocktail
Филм: Sage Bannick
5788. Public Hearing
Филм: James N. Kienitz Wilkins With: Theodore Bouloukos, Greg Steinbruner, John Caldara
5789. There Was Never a Better Brother
Филм: Murad Ibragimbekov With: Sergei Puskepalis, Evgeniy Tsyganov, Nino Ninidze
Драма 90 mins.
5790. Six Suspects
Six guests at a party are accused of killing the son of an Indian Cabinet Minister.
Криминален | Драма | Мистерия
5791. Luv Sux
Vampires are soulless, ghoulish, blood-sucking creatures of the night, foul and evil children of the Undead who roam the land preying on innocent victims. Not!
Филм: Richard Turner
5792. Esposito
A young man becomes intrigued by the contents of a girl's storage unit and finds himself using those belongings as leverage to win her heart.
Филм: Matt Nunn With: Stephan Monteserin, Erin Fede, Chris Crutchfield
Комедия 96 mins.
5793. Hellacious Acres: The Case of John Glass
John Glass, wakes up in a desolated barn from a long cryogenic slumber, to be informed that not only...
Филм: Pat Tremblay With: Navin Pratap, Jamie Abrams, Paula Davis
Комедия | Sci-Fi 99 mins.
5794. Fix and Numbers
Junkie Doc has been manufacturing a drug that gives him the gift to predict which numbers will come in "The Big Bet"...
Филм: Jonas Skelterwijk With: Fredrik Jonsson, Staffan Andersson, Rolf Jarl
Комедия | Трилър
5795. Mirrors for Princes
All you want to do is dance and sing, but life is not dancing and singing all the time.
Филм: Lior Shamriz With: Horst-Gunter Marx, Imri Kahn
Драма | Семеен | Fantasy63 mins.
5796. Qualia
A team of scientists is conducting an experiment to detect the soul, when one of them starts to see a ghost causing a crisis of faith.
Филм: Derek LaPorte With: Bernhard Forcher, Bruce Burns, Amy Sanders
Драма | Sci-Fi | Трилър 102 mins.
5797. Daichi no uta
Филм: Hisako Yamada With: Youki Kudoh, Daisuke Ryu, Hiroaki Murakami
5798. The Bottom Line
An ordinary couple rekindle their lost passion when they become fugitives in the wake of the economic meltdown.
Филм: John Goldschmidt
5799. The Journey Man
The story of a Journeyman boxer whose life takes a dramatic turn when he is left injured after a prizefight.
Филм: Paddy Considine
5800. The Roadies: We're with the Band
Филм: K.K. Smith With: Justin Berfield, Laura Hayes, Lonna D. Kingsbury
Приключенски | Комедия 93 mins.

5801. Freaky Monday
5802. Wide Awake
If she had her way, Amanda Carter would never sleep again. Sleep leads to dreams, and more often than not...
Екшън | Приключенски | Fantasy | Ужас | Sci-Fi
5803. Sanctuary Ranch
Fading pop star goes West to sober up and discover her country music roots.
Филм: Thadd Turner
5804. The Bye Bye Man
5805. Closed Casket
Филм: Patrick Desmond With: Michael Berryman, Marv Blauvelt, Michael Partipilo
5806. A Lesson of Love
Филм: Michael McAlexander With: Michael McGreevey, Ina Barron, Constance Brenneman
Драма | Романтичен
5807. The Dubber
When an A-lister has an on-set meltdown and goes missing, the man who provides French dubbing for the star travels to the US to help find him.
With: Alain Chabat
5808. Naomi: Chijin no ai
Филм: Kenta Fukasaku With: Kenichi Hagiwara
5809. The Busby Babes
The true story of the event in which 23 people connected with the Manchester United British football team lost there lives. Events that molded Manchester United into the football club it is today.
5810. The Visionary
An Arabian scientist discovers the principle of photography in the Middle Ages, but has to pretend to be insane to save his life. Sentenced to be a court jester, he falls for a princess with a secret of her own.
5811. Fortunate Sons
1965. Three friends journey to Las Vegas to be married before midnight -- the time the marriage deferment for the Vietnam Военен draft will be canceled.
Филм: Eric Stoltz
5812. Malaventura
Филм: Michel Lipkes With: Isaac Lopez, Raul Solorzano, El Pajarito
Приключенски | Драма 75 mins.
5813. CTRL ALT ESC from Rotterdam
A meta-ficticious-docu-exploitation movie featuring Joep van Lieshout, a singing moustache and a cast of innocents getting their hands dirty...
Филм: Worm Collective With: Alice, Janine Brall, Lorna Buckley
5814. The Last Witness
In a forgotten village on the North-East coast of England is a police safe house, inside which cowers Clemence Tilford. Three days from testifying against his former employer Tilford sits praying he can stay alive until then.
Криминален | Трилър
5815. Vlyublenniye v Kiev
Nine stories about Kiev.
Филм: Valery Bebko, Oleg Borshchevsky With: Dasha Astafieva, Artyom Semakin, Ada Rogovtseva
Комедия | Драма | Романтичен 96 mins.
5816. Makkan
A rough and tough person called as Makkhan in Tamilnadu, India Villages. The Girl who has a dreams about doctor. She meets Makkan. They become Lovers. But the society how the way deny their Love.
Филм: Selvan With: Keerthi Chawla, Kancha Karuppu, Louis
5817. Priceless
5818. Hangman's Game
An American contractor, wakes up in the Colombian jungle, tied up and hanging from a tree next to a local prostitute...
Филм: Miguel Urrutia With: Andres De La Fuente, Jason Chad Roth, Jorge Herrera
5819. Builders
5820. Endless Love
Through Hosea's persistent love in response to his wife's, Gomer, continuously adulterous behavior, both come to understand the depth of unconditional love.
5821. A Seven Mile Drive
Famed the world over for her extraordinary abilities, Yvonne Green had become America's foremost trusted psychic medium...
Ужас | Трилър
5822. The Calling
When a terminally ill woman is gruesomely murdered, Det. Micallef finds herself tracking a terrifying serial killer across the country while everything she was barely holding together begins to spin out of control.
5823. Une epine d'amour
Филм: Ludovic Bornes With: Jenny Antoine, Daniel Beretta, Daniel Beretta
5824. SMTown 3D Concert
Филм: Keith Hobelman With: Kangta, Max, Super Junior Girls
5825. B.F.F.
A pair of childhood best friends reunite in New York City, to discover one of the women has become super successful while the other stalled out in their hometown.
Филм: Charles Shyer
5826. Adrift in Soho
Five individuals from different backgrounds are brought together by chance to take one last look at a world that is about to collapse in front of their eyes.
Филм: Pablo Behrens
Драма 100 mins.
5827. Sid's Paralysis
A man is visited by his ex-girlfriend. During the night strange occurrences lead them to believe that something supernatural could be involved.
Филм: Babar Ahmed With: Nishi Rajan, Anup Sugunan
90 mins.
5828. Lokalni vampir
Филм: Branko Baletic With: Boro Stjepanovic, Branimir Popovic, Mladen Nelevic
5829. Age Is Just a Word
Seventy people over the age of 65 are asked some of life's most pertinent questions. Does age really matter or is it all a state of mind?
Филм: Victoria Von Dannenberg With: Greg Fuller, Richard B. Boddie, Mike Freedman
5830. Characters
A once-emerging writer, Soo-Yeon is now making a living by working as an assistant scriptwriter for a great box-office hit maker...
Филм: Kwang-Ju Son With: Anastasia Kim, Eung-Jae Lee, Suk-Youn Hong
Драма 100 mins.
5831. La seconda via
Russian front, January, 1943. It's hell: the flurries of sleet take the breath away and Sergeant Bisi...
Филм: Alessandro Garilli
5832. Mitchell
A mans journey through a life filled with unexpected challenges and his choice to rise above them.
With: Jeff Phillips
5833. Ian Fleming
A biopic based on the life of author Ian Fleming; in particular, how his WWII experience influenced his creation of James Bond.
Биографичен | Драма
5834. Everybody Loves Murder
Филм: Corran Lindsay With: Brad Freeman, Callum Butcher, Eden Cannon
Ужас 94 mins.
5835. The Widow
Following the murder of her journalist husband, Mona, a young Egyptian woman, journeys from her homeland to Scotland where she meets a charismatic young Scotsman and begins a bold exploration of her sexual desire.
Филм: Antonia Bird With: Dominic West
5836. Dancis pa trim
Four Latvian legionnaires are sentenced to death for deserting the German army. A Latvian girl heads...
Филм: Arvid Krievs With: Kristine Nevarauska, Martins Freimanis, Janis Vingris
Драма | Исторически 110 mins.
5837. Faminto
In a garage at the end of the night ... through the dawn and dusk, a beautiful woman is walking towards her car ...
Филм: Hernani Duarte Maria, Pedro Noel da Luz With: Sofia Reis, Hugo Costa Ramos, Patricia Castelo Branco
Драма | Ужас
5838. Strung
On his release day, an ex-con finds himself framed for a brutal crime and forced to fight his way through a corrupt drug world of San Francisco in order to save two estranged loved ones.
Филм: Austin Anderson
Екшън | Криминален | Трилър
5839. Where We'll Never Grow Old
An undertaker profits when outlaws arrive to a remote frontier town, until he is forced to confront them.
Филм: Ivan Kavanagh
5840. Tusker
A young elephant's search for redemption teaches an important lesson to a reclusive elder.
5841. Faith
A young woman leaves her hometown for Norway's west coast in an effort to find her father.
Филм: Unni Straume
5842. Look for Water
A young couple wakes up and literally loses sight of each other; a kidnapper displaces misfit girls...
Филм: Jennifer Phang
Sci-Fi | Трилър
5843. Werewolves of Reseda
A group of suburban guys find themselves transforming into werewolves.
Филм: Steve Pink
5844. Um Dia Feliz
Филм: Antonio Faria With: Ana Lopes
5845. Galgenlieder: The Gallows Songs
Филм: Stefano Bessoni
Fantasy | Ужас
5846. Queen Kristina
Crowned Queen at the age of six, Kristina of Sweden was raised like a prince of the realm, but could...
Филм: Mika Kaurismaki With: Sarah Polley
5847. Beyond Cruel
The chilling true story of America's most sadistic killer, Mike DeBardeleben.
5848. Popatrz Na Mnie
Филм: Katarzyna Jungowska With: Justyna Grzybek, Marek Kossakowski, Izabela Kuna
5849. Roundtable
A twist on the King Arthur legend in which the wizard Merlin assembles a ragtag group of modern-day knights to battle an ancient evil foe.
5850. Syberiada Polska
Филм: Janusz Zaorski With: Sonia Bohosiewicz, Igor Gnezdilov, Valeria Gouliaeva

5851. Wife vs. Ninja
A Long Island housewife learns the beautiful intern who recently stole her scientist husband is actually a ninja assassin intent on stealing his work.
Екшън | Комедия
5852. Qualquer Gato
Филм: Tomas Portella, Daniela De Carlo With: Cleo Pires, Malvino Salvador, Dudu Azevedo
Комедия | Романтичен
5853. Modern Love
Филм: Lesli Linka Glatter
5854. Paint the Sky
Sometimes war leaves a battlefield in your mind.
Филм: Elgin Cahill With: Audrey Walters, Brian McCulley, Jason Lawton
Драма 73 mins.
5855. Three Lawrences
Филм: Shekhar Kapur
5856. Remnant
Филм: Brian Neuls With: Miguel Lopes, Domenic Ricci II, Erica Morales
Криминален | Драма | Романтичен 104 mins.
5857. Android Re-Enactment
Филм: Darryl Shaw With: Adam Buller, Jeff Sinasac, Sam Bornstein
Sci-Fi 97 mins.
5858. Until Death
Three twenty something siblings take their mother on a weekend getaway to a remote lake after they find out their father's been cheating on her...
5859. Once Were Cops
A crime-drama story centered on an unbalanced member of Ireland's police force who, as part of an exchange program, joins the Boston Police Department.
Криминален | Драма
5860. The Turtle & the Nightingale
This tale about bullying follows the lives of three precocious 12-year olds, who in spite of their antagonizing domestic circumstances, discover the magic and the healing power of friendship.
Филм: Gershon Hinkson With: Paul Barber, Ali Cook, Pandora Christie
Драма | Семеен 19 mins.
5861. Tarde
A car accident shakes up a tranquil village in rural Argentina.
Филм: Santiago Palavecino
5862. Fun Arrived
A famous Bollywood film star turns into a vampire during Christmas holidays in Goa, India and she sucks blood of young virgin men.
Криминален | Мистерия | Трилър 85 mins.
5863. Ideal World
Michael Azimov, is a family man, just moved to Los Angeles, but slowly slips into isolation and violent misanthropy...
Филм: Rauf Khalilov With: Ellie Araiza, Dotan Baer, Jeremy Fultz
5864. The Wrecking Crew
A group of romantically scarred friends break up couples who really aren't right for each other. As the business takes off, the leader's childhood dream-girl reappears in his life, engaged to a guy who's totally wrong for her.
Комедия | Романтичен
5865. Ji keung hei si 2011
Филм: Hing-Ka Chan, Janet Chun With: Donnie Yen, Louis Koo, Cecilia Cheung
Комедия 103 mins.
5866. Yeh Saali Zindagi
Arun who has seen his lover in other man's arms cant forget her beauty and is always distracted by it. And wants to help her in any sought of situation even save her love from kidnappers.
Филм: Sudhir Mishra With: Vipul Gupta, Aditi Rao Hydari, Irrfan Khan
Трилър 130 mins.
5867. Duhless
Филм: Roman Prygunov With: Artur Smolyaninov, Danila Kozlovskiy, Mikhail Efremov
Комедия | Драма 105 mins.
5868. Scandal Makers
The life of a philandering pop singer is shaken up when he learns of the existence of his daughter ... and his grandson.
Филм: Barry Sonnenfeld
Комедия | Драма | Music
5869. Dont Talk 2 Strangers
Филм: Corey Grant
5870. The Mulo
Филм: Matthew Thompson
Драма | Ужас
5871. Snowchild
A girl unable to speak, a man unable to write a poem, a crisis line manager unable to help might find in the gloomiest of all places what they have been longing for - Hope and courage.
Филм: Uta Arning With: Airi Kido, Ayumu Saito, Michael Pink
Комедия | Драма 90 mins.
5872. Carmen G
A portrait of the reality of many people, that left their native land, for reasons ranging from persecution...
Филм: Hernan Herrera With: Maria Cecilia Sanchez, Pierangeli Llinas, Sissy Gamache
Драма | Трилър 93 mins.
5873. Using
Филм: Thomas Anthony Quinn With: Thomas A. Quinn, Elizabeth Schwarzrock, Toya Turner
5874. Rue Huvelin
A band of students from Beirut's Huvelin Street and their fight against political oppression.
Филм: Mounir Massari
5875. Modern English
Wade Rawlins, Britain's top undercover gossip columnist, is sent to the countryside to cover a story...
Филм: Nick Moore
Комедия | Романтичен
5876. Silberwald
Silver Forest is a brutally realistic coming-of-age story, set in a small Swiss town in a bleak winter landscape...
Филм: Christine Repond With: Rene Blum, Vreni Brun, Saladin Dellers
Драма 89 mins.
5877. The Golden State
5878. Hector's Journey
A psychiatrist searches the globe to find the secret of happiness.
5879. The Garden of Last Days
5880. Tapped Out
Unemployed man's life is turned upside down when he accidentally knocks out the Ultimate Fighting Champ at a bar.
5881. Vse v poryadke, mama!
Филм: Fyodor Popov With: Polina Agureyeva, Sofiya Bozhich, Aleksey Filimonov
5882. Ou allons-nous?
Ejected 20,000 years away from their civilization by a black hole, 3 scientists, a pshychiatrist, and a mechanic, decide to explore the universe rather than go back to earth.
Филм: Nicolas Bazz With: Jauris Casanova, Helene Seuzaret, Benjamin Boyer
Приключенски | Комедия | Драма | Sci-Fi 110 mins.
5883. Why Are You Doing This?
An artist abroad is framed for his best friend's murder and must uncover the truth and clear his name or become the killer's next victim.
Филм: Jeff Glickman
5884. Wonderful Tonight
The film chronicles the relationship between a confirmed bachelor and a young woman, after their one-night stand leads to an unplanned pregnancy and a surprising love affair.
Филм: Christine Jeffs
5885. Garigeba 20 Tslis Shemdeg
Филм: Zaza Kolelishvili With: Nanuli Saradjishvili, Gocha Kapanadze, Marina Kapela
Екшън | Комедия | Драма | Music | Романтичен 100 mins.
5886. The House That Jack Built
1955 the battered bodies of three young boys were discovered near Chicago. 1994, the wrong man is arrested and his only ally is a suburban housewife who must face the fact that her father actually committed the murders...and proves it.
With: Tippi Hedren, Barbara Niven
5887. Robeson
Before Martin, Malcolm, and Barack, there was the great Paul Robeson.
With: Louis Gossett Jr., Lamman Rucker
Биографичен | Исторически
5888. Lonely Street
When Carol's super-hip company throws it's trademark "Dead Celebrity" Halloween party, she knows she can't be a no-show like last year...
Комедия | Романтичен
5889. Getting Even
Three men, with totally different backgrounds and professional skills have but one thing in common- in one way or another...
Филм: Simon West
Екшън | Криминален | Трилър
5890. Stroke
Филм: Daniela Schneider
5891. The Chameleon
Филм: Vic Armstrong
Екшън | Криминален
5892. Untitled John Logie Baird Project
John Logie Baird - Scottish engineer and inventor of the world's first working television, radar and fiber optics.
Биографичен | Трилър
5893. Agadir Bombay
Филм: Myriam Bakir With: Noufissa Benchehida, Driss Roukhe, Siham Touzy
Драма 80 mins.
5894. Bazooka Joe
5895. Sweet Obsession
A group of twenty-something heroin dealers in the South Bronx in the early 1980's struggle to avoid the law and the rival competition.
Екшън | Криминален | Драма
5896. Gimme a Call
When a dissatisfied high school senior drops her phone in a fountain, she learns, after retrieving it, the only call she can make is to her optimistic 14-year-old self.
Комедия | Драма
5897. Dead@17
After 17-year-old Nara Kilday dies, she is brought back to life as a demon-fighting entity. Together with her best friend Hazy Foss and the crush-worthy Elijah, the trio unite to banish the monstrous Bolabogg back to his realm.
5898. The Butcher Bride
30 years ago, Marlie Downing donned a wedding dress and went on a murderous rampage before she was killed. Today, her spirit is known as the Butcher Bride and it is restless.
5899. Los dioses de lata
Филм: Juan Antin
Анимация | Приключенски | Комедия
5900. San Salvador
A present day action film about an American family visiting the country of El Salvador.
Филм: Kevin Carraway With: Robert Patrick, Joe Pantoliano

5901. Stealing Hollywood
In an attempt to seek validation, the 3rd richest man in the World decides to produce the most expensive epic movie in history with a 1 Billion dollar budget starring the largest A-list cast ever assembled.
5902. The Chamber
A Vancouver suburbanite travels to Berlin to confront the intrigue of his family's past.
5903. The Wizard's Christmas
Филм: Colin Curwen, Caleb Hystad With: Jason Cermak, James D. Hopkin, Jonathan Love
Анимация 90 mins.
5904. Alto
Two girls. One gun. A broad comedy about love and the mob.
With: Cara Buono, Yancy Butler, Federico Castelluccio
5905. Военен dogs
Филм: Peter Segal
Екшън | Комедия
5906. The Minotaur Takes a Cigarette Break
A half-man, half-bull creature living in a trailer park, finds work at a local diner.
Филм: John Stevenson
Комедия | Fantasy
5907. 1911
A historical drama based on the founding of the Republic of China when nationalist forces led by Sun Yat-sen overthrew the Qing Dynasty.
Филм: Jackie Chan, Li Zhang With: Jackie Chan, Bingbing Li, Winston Chao
Драма | Исторически
5908. London Fog
"London Fog" is a surreal dramedy/love story about a Midwest boy, Bob Sparkle, his love for monsters and Brazil...
Филм: Stuart Orme With: Bryan Cranston, Edward Asner, Callum Blue
Комедия | Fantasy | Романтичен
5909. Purgatory
New homeowners uncover an ancient relic hidden in their basement and unwittingly uncover the mysterious facts surrounding the former occupants 'accidental' deaths. A portal is opened that unleashes the wrath of those who died.
Филм: Garry Pastore
5910. No Man Left Behind
A group of modern day Robin Hoods attempt to steal millions of dollars from a corrupt US bank. When the robbery goes wrong, one man is left behind. Feeling betrayed and alone, he must find the truth before the police find him.
Филм: Neil Coombs With: Grace Kosaka
5911. The Night Train
New Zealand 2033. As the government closes its borders to all immigrants, a lonely Librarian uncovers a conspiracy that will take her on a life-threatening train journey across the country.
5912. Dead on Delmarva
Филм: John McDonald With: Connor Smith, Alexis Droke, Stefan Gural
Комедия | Ужас
5913. Shuttlecock Boys
Shuttlecock Boys - Story of Entrepreneurship Dream, is a heart warming tale of 4 boys from Delhi who play badminton in the night in their neighborhood...
Филм: Hemant Gaba With: Aakar Kaushik, Manish Nawani, Alok Kumar
Комедия | Драма 94 mins.
5914. Exit 91 Summerland
EXIT 91 SUMMERLAND is a low budget love story/ ghost story, about a fun loving your couple starring fresh faced- Megan Dewitt and Curtis( Josh Pomer) ...
Филм: Josh Pomer With: Megan Dewitt, Josh Pomer, Sean Maurer
Ужас | Мистерия | Романтичен | Трилър 80 mins.
5915. Clara's Военен
In the Jewish prison ghetto of Terezin, 15-year-old Clara and some prominent artists seek hope by performing the children's opera Brundibar while plotting a daring escape.
Драма | Music
5916. Suerte
Филм: Jacques Sechaud With: Bernard Blancan, Thierry Neuvic
5917. Jaipur: The Star of India
India, 1936 A very specific item is stolen out of a museum in Bombay. A jungle pilot is drugged and kidnapped...
5918. I Heart U
Филм: Billy Garberina With: Raine Brown, Billy Garberina, Alan Rowe Kelly
Комедия | Ужас
5919. The Raven
A fictionalized account of the last days of Edgar Allan Poe's life, in which the poet is in pursuit of a serial killer whose murders mirror those in the writer's stories.
Филм: James McTeigue With: John Cusack, Alice Eve, Luke Evans
5920. Peek a Boo
Филм: Eddie Beyrouthy With: Derek Erskine, Alex Tsitsopoulos, Tania Lee Smith
Ужас 85 mins.
5921. Bussing Thirty-Nine
The story of a young drug addict named Rusty. His life spins out of control one night when he loses the love of his life, Faith, after she unexpectedly comes home to finds him tripping on LSD and dealing drugs.
Филм: Wesley Horner With: Anthony Balsa, Howard Bynder, Wayne Dean
Криминален 99 mins.
5922. The Lockingham Letters: The Seal of Carus
Филм: Sunu Gonera
Fantasy | Трилър
5923. Mancs
Филм: Robert-Adrian Pejo
Екшън | Драма
5924. The Catacomb Tapes
Филм: Nikki Wall With: Joel Hebner, Jennifer Skyler, Buz Wallick
5925. Victims
A camera rolls as the balaclavas are pulled securely over their faces. The van doors burst open and a man is bundled inside. They drive.... Why has this man been kidnapped? Where are they taking him? Who is the victim?
Филм: David Bryant With: Bradley Cole, Sarah Coyle, David Bryant
Трилър 98 mins.
5926. Moi Papa Baryshnikov
Moscow, 1986, the heat of Perestroika. Borya is an average clumsy teenager who is miraculously admitted to the legendary Bolshoi Ballet School...
Филм: Dmitry Povolotsky With: Anna Mikhalkova, Vladimir Kapustin, Lyudmila Titova
5927. El Anima
Филм: Rafael Lara With: Siouzana Melikian, Javier Diaz Duenas, Ivan Arana
5928. Meadowlandz
When an African-American twenty-something finds his Nigerian immigrant stepfather passed out drunk in their project building hallway...
Филм: Moon Molson
Криминален | Драма
5929. Amarillo Armadillo
Amarillo Armadillo follows the adventures of an oil prospector, an armadillo, and a horned toad, in 1920s Texas.
Анимация | Комедия | Семеен
5930. Sov bizinis
Филм: Mustafa Ugur Yagcioglu With: Onder K. Acikbas, Zeynep Aydemir, Zeynep Beserler
5931. Shinju tenshi
Филм: Naoki Ichio With: Machiko Ono, Hikaru Kikuzato, Tomohiro Kaku
92 mins.
5932. Frank
A teen scientist takes her guidance counselor's advice to make some friends to an unexpected level: she uses her skills to assemble a pal from her med school's instructional cadavers.
Филм: Kevin Lima
Комедия | Романтичен
5933. Parmi l'azur
Филм: Jean-Charles Wolfarth With: Charlotte Cordier, Alizee Girod, Maurice Philander
Драма | Music | Романтичен 94 mins.
5934. Dead Loss
Crab fishermen rescue a castaway adrift in a life raft who is carrying mysterious cargo.
Филм: Chris Gorak
5935. Heck
Centers on a good boy named Milton Fauster who, with his shoplifting sister, dies in a freak accident...
Семеен | Fantasy
5936. Sono machi no kodomo
Филм: Tsuyoshi Inoue With: Mirai Moriyama, Eriko Sato, Kanji Tsuda
5937. Burying the Littlemans
A man on the verge of a mid-life crisis returns to his small hometown when his mother commits suicide in a peculiar manner revealing a dark secret that threatens to destroy the family.
Филм: R.B. Ripley With: Katy Mixon
5938. Исторически a
A drama centered on Eddie, a teenager growing up in a tough neighborhood in Fresno, California and the different pressures he faces while trying to live his everyday life.
Филм: Rodrigo Garcia Saiz
5939. Byc jak Kazimierz Deyna
Филм: Anna Wieczur-Bluszcz With: Malgorzata Socha, Sonia Bohosiewicz, Marcin Korcz
5940. Crossbones
Love conquers all bounds, time and space.
With: Kevin Sorbo, Michele Fischer
5941. Hoshi no Furu Machi
Филм: Koji Kawano With: Aoi Nakamura, Rio Yamashita, Satomi Tezuka
Драма 120 mins.
5942. Challenge
Филм: Shyam Bhattarai With: Ben Ayers, Resh Marhatta, B.S. Rana
5943. Chameleon
A failed scheme forces a New York bond trader to flee the city and fight for his life.
Криминален | Драма | Трилър
5944. Teenage Kicks
Филм: Peter Foott With: Frank Jakeman
5945. The Dumb Mafia
Филм: Hyung-rae Shim
Екшън | Комедия
5946. Spiderland
A twisted, coming of age tale, of horror & depravity in a supernatural climate.
Филм: Matt Crockford With: Sebastian Street, Miracle Laurie, Manuela Velasco
5947. Tombstone Smackdown
A dysfunctional Dad robs a bank on the way to taking his 5 year old son to OK Corral for his birthday...
Филм: Frank Coraci
5948. Go Mutants!
A comedy set in a high school attended by both human children and the offspring of the aliens from classic 1950s movies.
Приключенски | Комедия
5949. El mundo que fue y que es
Филм: Pablo Llorca With: Enrique Berrendero, Pedro Casablanc, Luis Miguel Cintra
5950. Luca and Lucia
Филм: Natalie Rebecca Hechtman With: Marco Bonini, Giorgio Borghetti, Sabrina Paravicini
Комедия | Романтичен

5951. Clutter
A family must de-clutter or lose their home.
5952. I Am a Great Man
A mockumentary following the exploits of an unknown, British politician who decides to strike out on his own and start a brand new political party. A young filmmaker documents his rise...and spectacular fall.
Филм: Alex Crowley With: Joseph Baker, Tom Greeves, Andy Murray
5953. Honor Among Men
A runaway slave from New York makes his way to the Australian gold fields in 1854 and finds himself entangled in a rebellion by the gold miners against the British army.
Филм: Roger Donaldson
5954. L'amante du rif
Филм: Narjiss Nejjar With: Mourade Zeguendi, Ouidad Elma, Nadia Niazi
5955. True Believer: The Ana Montes Story
Ana Montes, known to her coworkers as the "Queen of Cuba" because of her quick rise through the ranks of Latin American specialists...
5956. David
After the tragic loss of their son, a couple inherits a house with a dark secret.
Филм: Christopher White With: Elaine Hendrix, Michael Pare, Nichelle Nichols
5957. Boronia Backpackers
Picks up on the journey of the 'Boronia Boys' gang from sleepy Boronia to the big wide world.
Филм: Timothy Spanos With: Tim Burns, Maxine Klibingaitis, Cameron Nugent
Драма 95 mins.
5958. The Lone Surfer of Montana, Kansas
A couple traveling the back roads of America stumble upon a young boy practicing how to surf in a Kansas cornfield.
Филм: Steve Buscemi
5959. Dubois: The Quest for the Missing Link
The story of Eugene Dubois, the man who proved Darwin right. Marie Eugene Francois Thomas Dubois (28 January 1858...
Филм: Robin Peeters With: Paul Albers, Wim Serlie, Addy de Gier
5960. Okashi horoki
Филм: Akio Kondo With: Saori, Kazutaka Yoshii, Ken'ichi Endo
5961. Las super bonitas
Revisit everyone's love for cinema as we peak into the crazed and inspired vision of that most original auteur Juan-Luke Bernardo as he struggles with the concept of compromise and his love for women.
Филм: Anthony R. Stabley
5962. Alpha Males
Two overworked suburbanites return to their fraternal roots to rediscover how to score with women.
Филм: Rich Thorne
5963. Three Times a Lady
A mature woman decides to open a dating service for baby boomers and in the process finds true love herself.
Филм: Martha M. Elcan With: Kevin Sorbo, Muse Watson, Nancy Stafford
5964. La habitacion
This film tells eight different stories that take place in a single room in the course of the last one hundred years of Mexican history. This space bears witness not only to major encounters in the country, but also to the most intimate.
With: Teresa Ruiz
5965. Gekijo anime nintama nintaro ninjutsu gakuen zenin shutsudo! no dan
Филм: Masaya Fujimori With: Mayumi Tanaka, Minami Takayama, Teiyu Ichiryusai
5966. Metholocaust
Филм: Troy L. Coffee With: Danielle Guldin, Charles Cadwallader, Cricket Batz
5967. The Last Weaver
An amazing story of a Sufi weaver from India.
Филм: Chayan Sarkar With: Amole Gupte, Vivica Mitra, Pawan Kumar
5968. End of the Beginning
5969. Dead in the Water
Филм: Rob Walker With: Peter Stormare, Craig Lamar Traylor, Ali Costello
5970. Visions of Paradise
"Where the Road Ends" is a powerful, engaging and inspiring biopic of one of America's most loved and celebrated literary geniuses...
Филм: J. Nathaniel Berke
5971. Ranwei bito
Филм: Kentaro Ohtani With: Michiko Kichise, Koji Seto, Kei Tanaka
5972. Black Flash
This is a film about the life of Laurie Cunningham. Laurie was one of the greatest footballers that England has ever produced; he was quick...
Филм: Benjamin Turner, Gabe Turner With: Ashley Walters
5973. Po
Enchanting story of a recently widowed man who must learn to cope with becoming a single father to his nine-year old autistic son...
Филм: Michael Cuesta
5974. Ce soir on danse a Naziland
Филм: Anthony Himbs With: Greta Champreux, Frances Deville, Victoria Cardiel
Комедия 72 mins.
5975. Valeria Descalza
Four characters and two cities. Raul is working on a film in Bilbao and he works at the same time as a travel agent in Cuba...
Филм: Ernesto del Rio, Ernesto Del Rio With: Aitor Mazo, Maiken Beitia, Gabriela Griffith
Драма 102 mins.
5976. Aquile senza corona
Филм: Claudio Costa With: Pietro Badoglio, Roberto Di Lollo, Cesare Erminio
Исторически 50 mins.
5977. Corazon de piedra
In the quarry of Arequipa in the south of Peru white volcanic rock is mined by hand. Manuel meets his death in an on-site work accident. Juan stakes everything to avenge the death of his father.
Филм: Miguel Barreda
5978. Berlin Telegram
Филм: Leila Albayaty
5979. A Good Life
It's only when Beth is told she's dying that she finds the courage to truly live.
5980. Rule #1
A New York woman befriends a Puerto Rican girl with attention deficit disorder.
With: Reese Witherspoon
Комедия | Драма
5981. Hero of Color City
An imaginative tale chronicling the adventures of a diverse band of crayons as they strive to protect not only their magical multihued homeland but the imagination of children everywhere from a terrifying monster.
With: Christina Ricci, Rosie Perez, Arsenio Hall
5982. Londonstani
Desi rude-boys come up against the real thing in this gangsta tale with a beating adolescent heart.
5983. Brick by Brick
A professor of Philosophy struggles with his inner demons while trying to maintain some sort of normalcy. His life begins to take a turn as his past begins to resurface.
Филм: John Fasano With: Taimak, Fabian Carrillo
Екшън | Трилър
5984. Strawberry Tears
Филм: Andreas Batzel, Mario Orozco With: Fabian Hubner, Claudia Glez Cortes, Mario Orozco
5985. Romeo Spy
The 1970's and the Cold Военен is at its most intense. Framed by his bosses, British policeman John Symonds...
Филм: Bronwen Hughes
Екшън | Биографичен | Комедия | Драма | Романтичен
5986. Silent Voice
With help from others, a young kid finds his voice in life.
Филм: Vondie Curtis-Hall With: Marlee Matlin, Michael Beach
5987. Avant Garde Pythagoras Sharma
Pythagoras Sharma, son of a strict Mathematician father, is struggling to come to terms with his father's ambitions and his own fascination for cinema...
Филм: Ajay Singh With: Benjamin Gilani, Joy Fernandes, Nakuul Mehta
5988. The Function
5989. Interns
With: Thomas Middleditch
5990. The Slut
Филм: Hagar Ben-Asher
5991. The Golden Knights
A story about dedication and friendship between an 80's high-school football team and a head coach determined to end a 25 game losing streak and making their dreams come true.
With: Driton 'Tony' Dovolani, Antonio Saillant, John Sialiano
Драма | Sport
5992. A Dog Called Grk
In the books, which have been compared to the Tin-Tin comics series, a dog teams with 12-year-old Tim Malt to fight an evil dictator in Eastern Europe...
5993. My Little Demon
A young woman's psychologist turns out to be the Devil and makes the woman an offer she can't refuse. Murder an innocent person and her long deceased daughter will be returned to her, from Hell.
Филм: Steven James Creazzo With: Caitlin Gold, Diana Cherkas, Ali Stover
5994. The Princess' Gangster
Concerns the true story of Princess Margaret's affair with the gangster-turned-movie-tough-guy John Bindon in the late '60s.
Биографичен | Драма | Исторически | Романтичен
5995. The Friend 3D
An American teen joins forces with a 18-year-old Chinese girl as they struggle to defeat the mythical Ahriman and break a curse that has plagued her for hundreds of lifetimes.
Филм: Nicholas McCallum
Екшън | Приключенски | Fantasy
5996. Butterscotch
After meeting in a psychiatrist's waiting room three suicide prone patients form a unique bond when they decide to plan each others funerals.
Филм: Jon Keeyes With: Debra Jo Rupp, Jason Priestley, Lindy Booth
Комедия | Драма
5997. Viski s molokom
Филм: Aleksandr Mikhaylov With: Natalya Khokhlova, Farkhad Makhmudov, Ewa Szykulska
5998. Good Luck Anthony Belcher
Anthony Belcher lives in a world where fate conspires against him. But when two strange men offer him a chance to reverse his fortune, he soon finds himself in more trouble than ever.
Филм: Jim Field Smith With: James Corden
5999. Hier kommt die Sonne
A very realistic drama, about a young man going to a lot of troubles in life, making him undergo a lot of changes in many aspects of his life...
Филм: Per Thiim Thim, Morten Boesdal Halvorsen With: Per Thiim Thim, Jens Blauenfeldt, Dan Billeskov
Драма 110 mins.
6000. Gospel Приключенски s
Филм: Kacee DeMasi With: Kacee DeMasi, Julia Grosso, Floribelle Ocampo
Комедия | Семеен

6001. The Red Tulip
This is the story of a young woman that is caught in the middle of one of the world's greatest discovery, and unknowingly, she is the only one that has the recipe.
6002. The Heart Will Lead
A love story set in small town Oklahoma about Travis Kent, a young up and coming country musician and the love of his life, a prodigy ballet dancer Ava Smith.
Филм: Brian Hammers With: Andy Dugan, Brian Hammers
6003. All Is Forgiven
A young girl in the late 1950's struggles against her brutally controlling father who would rather kill his family than face himself.
Филм: Kathleen M. Mullin With: Irma P. Hall
6004. Vanthaan Vendraan
Филм: R. Kannan With: Tapsee Pannu, Santhanam, Jeeva
6005. Lost in Utopia
An outlaw couple commit ruthless crimes throughout a barren desert land.
Филм: Kent Harper With: Kent Harper
6006. The Virgin of Las Vegas
A drama set in the Irish rock 'n' roll scene before the golden age of television, centered on the aging singer of a popular group and a stranger on the scene.
Драма | Music
6007. Rupan no kiganjo
Филм: Masatoshi Akihara With: Koichi Yamadera, Yoji Matsuda, Rica Matsumoto
6008. Broken Adonis
An ex-con bonds with a border patrol agent and her young informant.
Филм: Michael Apted
6009. Driver's Ed
A 20 something slacker suddenly finds himself pitted against his adopted Ivy League brother in an epic battle for the heart of his dream girl and control of the family's suburban driving school.
Филм: Kyle Newman
6010. Dandy in the Underworld
The life and times of modern-day dandy, Sebastian Horsley.
Комедия | Драма
6011. This Strange Thing Called Prom
A story based on a New York Times article about high school seniors from all over the world who converge on Brooklyn for a one-of-a-kind prom night.
Приключенски | Комедия
6012. Tehran
Iran, 1997: An American professor contracted by the federal government to observe tensions in pre-coup Tehran winds up falling for a woman with ties to Tehran's secret police force.
Драма | Трилър
6013. White Chocolate
Филм: Frederic Eger With: Abud Kadid
6014. Mischgebiet
Филм: Josef Mayerhofer With: Rudolf Waldemar Brem, Toni Netzle, Stefanie von Poser
6015. Le voile
Филм: Viviane Candas
Драма 90 mins.
6016. Lions, Tigers and Bears
6017. City Limits
A meeting outside of town -- a sexy love triangle -- a sudden betrayal. And murder.
Филм: David Winning
6018. Bokutachi wa sekai wo kaeru koto ga dekinai
Филм: Kenta Fukasaku With: Osamu Mukai, Tori Matsuzaka, Masataka Kubota
6019. Tequila
Tequila is a land full of thorns that seem to be keeping a secret. In this place, where honor is everything, Antonio, a young landowner respected by all, has an affair with Lola, his uncle Vicente's wife who is the hero of the town.
Филм: Sergio Sanchez Suarez
Драма | Романтичен 95 mins.
6020. Other Plans
An uptight female PR executive, through a case of mistaken identity, falls for a man who doesn't fit the "life plan" she's adhered to since adolescence.
Филм: Joe Eckardt
Комедия | Романтичен
6021. Happy Husbands
Филм: Jaiveer With: Kurush Deboo, Gaurav Ghai, Jaiveer
6022. Corpusculo
Филм: Marcos Cosmos With: Anabela Teixeira, Pedro Lamares, Claudia Oliveira
6023. Somniphobia
25% of returning soldiers suffer "aftershocks." Scott Taylor's aftershocks are slowly destroying his life. Scott Taylor can't remember ever going to war.
Филм: Hari Mahesh
Мистерия 95 mins.
6024. Scoutmaster
Филм: Todd Rohal
6025. Trial of Arms
Forced to infiltrate a syndicate of arms dealers to find his missing son, a disgraced Interpol agent must survive an underground fighting ritual known as the Trial of Arms.
Филм: Mathieu Weschler With: Richard Sammel, Sedina Balde
Екшън | Трилър
6026. Aelat Miki
The film story revolves around family problems. This family participates in a competition to win the title of the "Ideal Семеен " as a solution to their problems.
Филм: Akram Fareed With: Mustafa Abbas, Amr Abdullatif, Adel Abdurrazzaq
Комедия | Семеен 105 mins.
6027. Acacia: The Военен with the Mein
An epic fantasy about the four children of an assassinated king who return to their home of Acacia to avenge his death and defeat the ruling Mein tribe.
Приключенски | Fantasy
6028. Vegas Avengers
6029. It's Never Too Late
Филм: Ido Fluk With: Nony Geffen
6030. Moving Pictures
London 1939, and paintings in the National Gallery are sent to a mine in Wales for safe keeping. This...
Филм: Crispin Wood With: Timothy Spall, Richard Griffiths, Miriam Margolyes
6031. Die Muse
A young woman awakes in a cell in a basement. A man introduces himself to her: He is a writer and needs her as an inspiration for his new book...
Филм: Christian Genzel With: Henriette Muller, Thomas Limpinsel, Jean-Luc Julien
6032. Vamp It Out
When Ms. Vampy, a Brooklyn Vampire, follows her heart to Hollywood to be a pop star, she teaches Brooke, a lonely teen, to be courageous, follow her dreams and, when faced with fear, dig deep inside, find her inner "vamp" and Vamp It Out!
Филм: Todd Tucker With: Brooke Lewis, Jim Pacitti
Комедия | Семеен
6033. The Photograph
6034. Addae
A rites of passage drama about the harrowing illegal journey of a boy from West Africa seeking fame and fortune He sets out on a perilous passport-less journey, which becomes a 21st century Pilgrim's Progress.
Филм: Peter MacDonald
6035. Winter of the Dead: Meteletsa
Russian Winter is a terrible thing... especially if it arrives in mid-July. Out amidst the icy storm, something raises its hideous head - a Russian zombie - senseless and merciless.
Филм: Nikolai Pigarev With: Julia Yudintseva, Michael Borzenkov, Igor Dikovitckii
Екшън | Приключенски | Ужас 87 mins.
6036. La maison du Lucchese
Филм: Pierre Duculot With: Christelle Cornil
6037. Mesaate
The film-crew actively investigates facts, meets with the people related to the suspect and the suspect...
Филм: Giorgi Maskharashvili With: Giorgi Nakashidze, Giorgi Maskharashvili, Giorgi Megrelishvili
Криминален 90 mins.
6038. Tsugaru hyakunen shokudo
Филм: Kazuki Ohmori With: Shingo Fujimori, Atsuhiko Nakata, Masato Ibu
6039. Tattered Dream
Set at the height of The Great Depression... A dramatic love story about a Negro League baseball player...
Филм: William Washington With: Tony Todd, Keith Robinson
Драма | Sport
6040. Danshi koko engekibu
Филм: Tsutomu Hanabusa With: Aoi Nakamura, Sosuke Ikematsu, Yu Inaba
6041. The Death Match
Kiev. The Nazi Occupation. A chance for defiance.
6042. De jueves a domingo
Two children travel with their parents from Santiago Chile to the north of Chile for a family holiday...
Филм: Dominga Sotomayor Castillo
6043. Over the Rainbow
Thrust into a fairytale world where all gay people are closeted, a gay man must find a bride for the Prince, who seems in every way his real-life boyfriend.
Филм: Casper Andreas
6044. Finding Josef
Филм: Moises Menezes With: Francine Locke, Ronald E. Giles, Krystyna Rutkowska
6045. Normalnih muzhikov ne bivaet 2
Филм: Dmitry Taran With: Igor Hlobistin, Grigoriy Taranenko, Vladimir Tereshenko
Екшън | Комедия | Драма
6046. Sherwood
11th Century set historical drama reinvents the legend of Robin Hood, based on the acclaimed novel by Parke Godwin...
Филм: Tom Waller
6047. Horns
6048. You've Really Got Me
A chronicle of the British band The Kinks and the relationship between brothers/founders Ray and Dave Davies.
Филм: Julien Temple
Драма | Music
6049. Disposable
Riley's life is a nightmare. Her mom committed suicide because of her. She gets herself kicked out of one foster home after another...
Филм: Robin Christian With: David Fine, Skye Marcia, Sierra Peters
Драма | Мистерия | Трилър 101 mins.
6050. Just Like Beauty
A dark comedy set in a dystopic future in which young Edie Stein enters a beauty pageant in order to please her mother.
Филм: Sanaa Hamri

6051. Untitled Chris McCoy College-Set Комедия
In a world where a future dating services exist that matches people around the world with their soul-mates without fail, a guy has the nerve to reject the person chosen for him.
6052. Pantherion
The secret NGO "Pantherion", located deep within the castle mountain of Graz, Austria, a small low-budget-organization for detecting...
Филм: Joerg Vogeltanz With: Lea Haslehner, Maximilan Vogeltanz, Jorg Vogeltanz
Мистерия 90 mins.
6053. Working Girl
Филм: Rezo Gigineishvili
6054. Everlasting
A High School Filmmaker travels to Los Angeles to confront the man who murdered his girlfriend.
Филм: Anthony R. Stabley
6055. Thanks for the Memories
A young woman is poisoned by her fiance after he discovers that she's learned he murdered his business partner. In a twist of fate, and unbeknownst to him, she survives the attempt on her life, and he pays the ultimate price.
Филм: John Vidor
Комедия | Криминален | Ужас | Трилър
6056. Let In
A man cuts out the prospect of a relationship and the happiness it might bring.
Филм: Mark Duffield, Alan Dunnett With: Patrick Doyle
2 mins.
6057. Hollywood Douche Bags
When two Douche Bag brothers, who have never worked a day in their lives, inherit their dad's nightclub, they find that in order to keep the family legacy alive, they have to fight the competition by actually going to work.
With: Patrick Gallagher, Richard Portnow
6058. Woodwalkers
A dark tale of terror, survival, banjo music and - Bigfoot.
Филм: David Winning
6059. Loaded Bible
Филм: Matt Pizzolo
6060. Land.
Lost between the contrasting worlds of visiting European tourists in the summer and the emptiness of his fishing village in the winter, Taha, a Moroccan windsurfer, sets out on an ocean voyage in an effort to make sense of his life.
Филм: Jan-Willem van Ewijk
6061. Patient Number One
A hard-hitting drama about one man's struggle to overcome corporate greed, and fight for the right to find a cure...
6062. Suckerville
A redneck loser must save a riverside bar from a horde of bloodthirsty leech people.
6063. Genadeloos
Ahmet comes home early and finds his wife in bed with another man, after first contemplating to kill...
Филм: R. Kan Albay With: R. Kan Albay, Ekrem Baser, Tatar Cahit
Криминален | Драма | Трилър 90 mins.
6064. Now the Hell Will Start
Филм: Spike Lee
6065. Freakish
A group of kids want their last summer after high school to be memorable, so they break into an abandoned psychiatric center to spend the night. Little did they know, it will be their last summer.
Филм: Hans Hartman With: Leslie Easterbrook, Michael Berryman, Zoe Hartman
6066. Tag
True love is a lost dog away.
Филм: Brian Gilbert
6067. The Lost: A Search for Six of Six Million
An American writer goes on a world-wide quest, from Eastern Europe to Australia, Scandinavia, and Israel, in order to find out what happened to six relatives who disappeared during the Holocaust.
Филм: Jean-Luc Godard
6068. Thundercade
An aging video-game junkie sets out with two of his best pals to take on the teenager who broke his high score on the game "Thundercade".
6069. Dendera
Филм: Daisuke Tengan With: Mitsuko Baisho, Ruriko Asaoka, Mitsuko Kusabue
6070. The Trust
Three brothers rob a haunted bank.
Филм: Dan Bush
Ужас | Трилър
6071. Entering Hades
A journalist commits heinous crimes against women, then reports about them in the periodicals for which writes. Based on the true story of Jack Unterweger.
Филм: Robert Schwentke
6072. Sophie & the Dream Bandits
On Halloween in Salem, MA, an adolescent girl, who is the granddaughter of the departed Elf Queen, must...
Филм: Mark Baldo, Mamie McCall
6073. Rogues
The first-ever class of scholarship students at venerable Harvard college have to put up with sub-standard...
Исторически | Романтичен
6074. New Lease
A friendly policeman and a crook in hiding, accidentally move into the same apartment on the same day in a rough Hackney estate.
Филм: Andy Wooding With: Mark Savage, Sarah Pemberton, Gustav Roth
Комедия | Криминален 52 mins.
6075. Chasing Home
When their father goes missing, Jesse, Henry, Benny, and Violet Stamper come together for the first time in years to find him...
Филм: Keith Boynton With: Mike Lavoie, Brigitte Choura, James Fauvell
Драма 85 mins.
6076. Военен Heroes
A near-future story in which President John McCain's war in the Middle East has reached the point where the military decides to turn their soldiers into superhumans with the aid of specially developed pills.
Екшън | Военен
6077. I Love You or Something
A college English professor and family man navigating his artistic failures becomes illicitly engaged with one of his students.
Филм: J. Reuben Appelman With: J. Reuben Appelman
6078. The Curse of Crystal Geist
When Crystal Geist witnesses the untimely death of her boyfriend, she is sent to Corbin High, a school known for mentally troubled teens...
With: Ellen Sandweiss, Tommy Franklin, Rickey Chaney
Трилър 84 mins.
6079. Pictures of You
A young guy finds a lost camera on the beach and promptly sets out to find the girl whose pictures he discovers.
Филм: Jay Karas
Комедия | Романтичен
6080. The Singapore Story
Филм: Masato Harada
Драма | Исторически
6081. Anima
Филм: Anton Terni With: Pablo Stelardo, Achim Sachs, Max Sachs
Драма 73 mins.
6082. Untitled Astral Projection Film
Hundreds of years into the future, where science has replaced religion and answered all the questions that God could not, a group astral travellers instigate first contact with an alien race.
Филм: Miles Cook
Приключенски | Sci-Fi | Трилър
6083. Rokku wanko no shima
Филм: Isamu Nakae With: Kumiko Aso, Mitsuko Baisho, Ryuta Sato
6084. Untitled DeLorean Biopic
Филм: Brett Ratner
6085. Crazy Love
Features three couples struggling over the realities and delusions of love and romance set around the valentines day celebration.
Филм: Clarence Rolle Jr. With: Gene Cage
Комедия 79 mins.
6086. Apollo Rising
6087. Love Chaos
Joe has a shot at a big New York City newspaper: if he can only write a home-run article - on the 'hot-n-sexy' Jersey Shore dating scene. Joe begins to discover that there is more to this place than just sex, drugs and Reality-TV cliches.
Филм: Thomas Bentey With: Matthew Aidan, Thomas Bentey, Kayli Gural
Драма 90 mins.
6088. 16:19
Филм: Nikolai Mullerschon With: Paul Rae, Andy Davoli, Gino Cafarelli
6089. Dork Recess
6090. Monika
Филм: Christian Werner With: Rosalie Thomass, Anna Blomeier, Margarita Broich
Драма 53 mins.
6091. The Accidental Mayor
Never in a million years did anyone imagine John Fabrizi, a veteran foot soldier of the city's political with a variety of rumored personal problems...
Филм: Larry Locke
Биографичен 75 mins.
6092. Fizzy Days
A comedy caper set in the north of England in the 1970's.
Комедия | Романтичен
6093. La sarabande des pitbulls
Филм: Hisham Lasri With: Ismail Kanater, Mourad Zaoui, Malek Akhmiss
Драма 110 mins.
6094. Super Mehra Bros.
AJ and VJ Mehra, two mismatched Indian-American brothers, get into adventures while trying to win back AJ's ex-girlfriend.
Филм: Joey Scola With: Raj Raval, Rushi Kota, Lipica Shah
Комедия | Драма
6095. Stiff
A comedy about a rock star who falls into a coma on stage during a gig in the 1980s, then wakes up 20 years later.
6096. Sticke Figures
An openly gay artist living in Chicago struggles to put his career back on track while in the midst...
Филм: Aprill Winney With: Matthew Montgomery, Steve Callahan
6097. White Spirit
Based on the true story of Irish convict John Graham who escapes from a penal settlement at Moreton Bay...
With: John Rhys-Davies, James Morcan
Приключенски | Исторически
6098. Eli Webb
A conservative talk-show host begins to re-examine his life after he's diagnosed with a fatal disease.
Филм: Peter Chelsom
Комедия | Драма
6099. The Signs of Living
A drama centered on the relationship between a TV host and her rock-star boyfriend, who has hit rock bottom in his life.
Филм: Gail Harvey With: Rosanna Arquette
6100. My Dinner with Herve
A look at the life of French actor Herve Villechaize, co-star of the hit '70s TV series "Fantasy Island", who took his own life in 1993 at the age of 50.
Филм: Sacha Gervasi
Биографичен | Драма

6101. Oneverse
James Faulkner, a workaholic scientist, loses his wife in a car accident and uses his knowledge of quantum...
Филм: Ernest R. Dickerson
6102. Ate Onde?
Филм: Carlos M. Barros With: Patricia Andre, Nuria Madruga, Ramon Martinez
Мистерия | Трилър 73 mins.
6103. Prisoner of Trebekistan
An account of a Jeopardy champion.
Филм: William Wheeler
6104. Aaryamaan
Someone can really hear your thoughts.
Филм: Mitesh Kumar Patel
Екшън | Драма | Fantasy | Мюзикъл | Sci-Fi 125 mins.
6105. Vision
A man with a Vision of his own death must prevent it from happening.
Филм: Steven M. Smith With: Jon-Paul Gates
6106. Search & Destroy
America is winning the war on terrorism. Navy SEALs aboard the USS Jimmy Carter are miniaturized and...
6107. Apollo Thorne
A last supper for a Midwestern family is saved by the notorious vampire killer, Apollo Thorne.
With: Martin Klebba
Екшън | Приключенски | Ужас | Трилър
6108. Fingers in the Water
Филм: Robbie Moffat With: Lisa-Marie Long, Joe Rainbow, Howard Corlett
Комедия 90 mins.
6109. And One for All
A mining tragedy drama.
6110. Mallorca Zombie
Филм: Marc Alberti, Jaume Alcina With: Marc Alberti, Diego Alvarez, Cristobal Anaya
Ужас 93 mins.
6111. The Приключенски s of Rock Duro
When he messes up a simple sting operation, Special Agent Rock Duro gets the seemingly mundane assignment to shadow the beautiful Binta as she returns a stolen artifact.
Екшън | Комедия
6112. The Two-Color Island
Филм: Yann Kung With: Tsuyoshi Hayashi, Honoka, J.C. Chan
6113. Treulababbu (Le ragioni dei bambini)
Филм: Simone Contu With: Paolo Pierobon, Massimo De Lorenzo, Lia Careddu
Fantasy80 mins.
6114. Smooth Operator
A computer nerd is trained by a suave CIA agent in hopes that the young genius can woo an elusive female operative.
Филм: Paul Feig
Екшън | Комедия
6115. El lenguaje de los machetes
Ray and Ramona are a young couple. They hate injustice of the social context they are part of. Each from their own niche - Ramona as a musician...
Филм: Kyzza Terrazas With: Andres Almeida, Mariana Uribe, Jessy Bulbo
Драма 78 mins.
6116. Love Motel
"Wild Thing", Tokyo's most notorious Love Motel is a haven for hedonists, a carnal pleasure palace where anything goes...
6117. Popedi sebya
Филм: Igor Safonov, Vladimir Safonov With: Igor Safonov, Vladimir Safonov, Igor Venchalny
Екшън 89 mins.
6118. Pandemonium
6119. Cries Red
Филм: Lars Gustavsson With: Sofia Brattwall, Camilla Lojdstrom
Ужас | Трилър 90 mins.
6120. Sarangi museoweo
Sang-yeol, a 30-something loser stuck in a dead-end job as a home-shopping model, is able to marry the girl of his dreams...
Филм: Rain Jung With: Chang Jung Lim, Gyu-ri Kim, Tae-Hoon Kim
6121. Smoke on the Mountain
6122. Young Islands
Two friends, a small mid-west town, interesting neighbors, and only a few weeks left of summer.
With: Steven Hamilton, Joseph Dodd
Комедия | Драма 82 mins.
6123. Sonhos Pop
Филм: Carlos Conceicao With: Leonor Seixas, Joana Duarte, Pedro Barroso
Драма | Sci-Fi 85 mins.
6124. Mangrove
Филм: Frederic Choffat, Julie Gilbert
6125. The Revulsion
A troubled young American woman moves into an isolated apartment building in Shanghai, where she meets a mysterious blind man. What begins as a series of strange occurrences escalates into terrifying nightmares as her friends turn up dead around her.
Филм: Lux
Трилър 90 mins.
6126. Traveling Salesmen
Two Iowa guys, who, desperate to save their small town from bankruptcy, go on the road in an ice cream truck to raise money in a very unorthodox manner.
Филм: Rod McCall
6127. The Immortality Factor
The story of two brothers, one a scientist and the other a medical doctor, who stand divided over the subject of stem-cell research until a beautiful...
6128. Ring My Bell
Комедия | Романтичен
6129. Untitled Takashi Shimizu Project
A thriller about a haunted song that causes its listeners to commit suicide.
Филм: Takashi Shimizu
Ужас | Трилър
6130. Passports
Филм: Paloma Baeza
6131. Thorsen
True WW 2 story of a Danish Spy - to save his own country he must fight for another, where secrecy is survival.
Филм: Murray Gough With: Thomas Kretschmann
6132. Vierter Sommer
Филм: Martin Kroissenbrunner With: Gunde Furpass, Andreas Kolbabek, Paul Hassler
Приключенски | Комедия | Романтичен
6133. Wide Awake
Julio Diaz is a hungry young politico working on the re-election campaign for an incumbent Senator. In order to save the campaign from a tragic PR nightmare, Julio devises a plan and frames an innocent victim.
Филм: Alberto Barboza With: Miguel Angel Caballero, Luis Aldana
6134. Posledniaya Skazka Riti
The film speaks about universal themes of love, hate and search for love. The portrait of three women represents these three states...
Филм: Renata Litvinova With: Renata Litvinova, Tatyana Drubich, Olga Kuzina
Драма | Fantasy | Мистерия 100 mins.
6135. Close Protection
Boy and Girl competent at everything ...but love.
Филм: Nick Moore
6136. Ranhansha
Филм: Masaaki Taniguchi With: Reiko Takashima, Mirei Kiritani, Takahiro Miura
6137. Periphery
A dying woman wishes to see her family through the good times and the bad times she will miss.
Филм: Rosser Goodman
6138. Taza
Omar, a gnawi musician, returns to his village in Morocco after a seven year absence and discovers that...
Филм: Daniel Gervais With: Latefa Ahrrare, Mohamed Bastaoui, Majida Benkirane
Драма 110 mins.
6139. The Magician
The life of quarterback Marlin "The Magician" Briscoe.
6140. Tomato no shizuku
Филм: Hideo Sakaki With: Renji Ishibashi, Miki Mizuno, Eugene Nomura
6141. Sensei
Филм: Alfredo De Villa
6142. Levensweg
With: Sjoerd de Bont, Ricardo Gerritsen, Mandy Gruijters
6143. Three in the Back, Two in the Head
When a Canadian military scientist is assassinated by the CIA, his son traverses through an intricate web of lies and deceit to piece together the events leading to his father's death.
Филм: Ed Gass-Donnelly
6144. Untitled Time Travel Project
Two best friends discover a time machine and are sent into the past where they discover a dark family secret.
6145. Silent Storm
With: Kane Kosugi
6146. In the Shadow
A healer is tormented by the dark side of his "gift."
Филм: Nicole Elmer With: Jorge Sermini, Michelle Keffer, Javier Cabrera
6147. Who's Roberto
Revolves around a Mexican Cartel that is trying to kill an anonymous vigilant during Y2K.
6148. Out the Window
Филм: Armando Iannucci
6149. A Man of Honor
Филм: Jean-Claude Codsi With: Chadi Haddad, Majdi Machmouchi
6150. Kembar siang
Филм: Hatta Azad Khan With: Kamal Adli, Intan Ladyana, Rozita Che Wan
Комедия 87 mins.

6151. Bullet and Brain
Two famed ex-hitmen are assigned to protect a collegiate party girl who has just learned not only that the grandfather she never knew was a crime boss, but also that his recent murder has exposed her and put her in danger.
6152. Nie Ten Czlowiek
Филм: Pawel Wendorff With: Piotr Adamczyk, Piotr Bajor, Aleksander Bednarz
6153. Zigosana
Филм: Sasa Radojevic With: Biljana Misic, Bojan Zirovic, Amra Latific
6154. Mother: The Indira Gandhi Story
The life story of the former Indian prime minister, Indira Gandhi.
Филм: Krishna Shah With: Kareena Kapoor, Madhuri Dixit
6155. Color
A graphic design prodigy decides to break from his reclusive lifestyle when he witnesses a murder and becomes suspicious of a plot to take over his family's billion dollar company.
Филм: Cory Sheldon With: Cory Sheldon, Logan Fry, Cari Kristoff
Мистерия 118 mins.
6156. Stalking Simon Le Bon
The comic misadventures of a group of teenagers carrying love letters for Simon Le Bon while driving to a Duran Duran concert in New Jersey circa 1987.
Филм: Jim Fall
6157. Remix
Two young dancers, from very different upbringings will have to abandon their "gangs" and discover who they are as individuals. They will have to make the most difficult and selfish decisions of their young lives to pursue their dreams.
6158. Taj
The true love story of the building of the Taj Mahal - 17th century Indian Mughal emperor Shah Jahan's immortalization of his love for his wife, Mumtaz Mahal.
With: Ben Kingsley, Daniela Lavender
6159. The Karma Coalition
With the world on the brink of Armageddon, a wrongly accused fugitive tries to discover the mystery of his wife's death.
Sci-Fi | Драма | Трилър
6160. Frost Road
An action-thriller centered on the survivors and victims of an invisible contagion in a coastal town.
Филм: Keith Arem
Екшън | Трилър
6161. Emma and Nelson
A look at the love affair between 19th century British admiral Lord Nelson and his mistress Emma Hamilton.
6162. The Perfect Night
Eight teenagers who seem to have nothing in common, get to know each other on the night of their prom.
Филм: Jeremy Sumpter With: Jessica Sumpter, Andrea Pineda
6163. Jump Around
A story centered around a group of young people who form a double-dutch jump-roping team at their high school with the dream of performing at an international competition.
Филм: Duane Adler
6164. Altijd tevreden
Филм: Frank Van Passel With: Ellen Ten Damme, Urbanus
Комедия | Драма | Семеен
6165. Inu no kubiwa to korokke to
Филм: Seiki Nagahara With: Koji Imada, Kenta Kamakari, Masaya Nakahara
6166. Atacama
Cornelia Kratz, a German journalist, hires Cayetano Brule, a Cuban PI, to investigate the death of Willi Balsen, a German citizen working in Chile's Atacama desert. What Brule discovers is nothing he or Kratz could have ever imagined.
Филм: Silvio Caiozzi
6167. The Piper
A bullied high school student unintentionally channels the spirit of the mysterious Pied Piper only to realize the terrifying consequences of his actions are well beyond his control.
Ужас | Трилър
6168. La iluminada
Филм: Rodrigo Bello With: Teresa Ruiz
6169. Round Trip
Филм: Nando Olival
6170. Season Two: No Budget Film
Филм: Abhishek Bhattacharya, Snigdhendu Bhattacharya
Драма 125 mins.
6171. Ponzi
The rise and fall of the colorful con artist after whom the infamous scheme is named.
6172. Trudain Rising
A pair of orphaned brothers, the younger of whom discovers he's imbued with supernatural powers from a dwindling race, is besieged by alien assassins.
Приключенски | Семеен
6173. The Stamp Collector
Fleeing from danger, a wily young girl is whisked away to a conservative and autocratic all girl school in India run by Brits. Longing for her mother, she creates a fantasy world from the stamp other girls receive from home.
Филм: Francesca Di Amico With: Nandita Das
Комедия | Драма | Fantasy | Трилър | Военен
6174. The Dandy Roll
When Sam decides to save his father's print mill, he ends up pulling a group of hapless friends into a classic caper comedy with ever escalating consequences.
Филм: Simon Wells
6175. My Spy
A young boy falls for a girl, who just happens to be a spy.
Екшън | Комедия
6176. Marranos
Филм: Howard Woolf With: Madeline Blue, Ben Samuels, Robert Serrell
6177. Door to Door
A door to door vacuum cleaner salesman needs to recoup his loses after losing his pants in a poker game where he bets his savings he and his fiance were going to use to get married.
6178. James Hunt
The Life of James Hunt and the build up to 1976 Formula 1 world championship versus Nikki Lauda.
6179. Black Ice
When a huge consignment of cocaine is transported through the icy wilderness of an isolated Alaskan town, there's not just one set of criminals intent on stealing it.
6180. In a Lifetime
Филм: Solomon Mac-Auley With: Bimbo Manuel, Ireti Doyle, Omar Captan
6181. The Last Call
6182. The Tao of Pinochet
A man who may or may not suffer from a multiple personality disorder inhabits nine characters in perhaps the most off-putting film ever made.
Филм: Brennan Howard With: Jonny Vincent, Matthew Kenna, Ginger Henson
Комедия 108 mins.
6183. Untitled Saige Walker Комедия Project
With: Saige Walker
6184. Appetite for Self-Destruction
A chronicle of the rise and fall of the record industry in the United States.
6185. Moi, Bernardette, j'ai vu
Биографичен | Драма | Исторически
6186. Untitled Charles Shyer Project
Филм: Charles Shyer
6187. The Mountain Kings
A group of friends find themselves in one unfortunate situation after another. Ultimately finding themselves trapped in an abandoned school where they are pursued by ambiguous forces, all while dealing with conflict within their group.
Филм: Justin Cash Kirkpatrick With: Nehemiah Blazek, Kelly Dominique, Adam J. Slager
Криминален | Ужас | Reality-TV | Трилър
6188. Devil Dog
Carlos Sanchez is trapped in the East Los Angeles ghetto, an environment of poverty he can't seem to escape...
With: Saige Walker
6189. Bev Kearney Story
University of Texas coach leads team to national championships and Olympic honors while hospital bed bound after horrendous accident took her family. Against doctors' prognosis, Bev taught herself to walk again with help of her team.
Екшън | Драма | Sport
6190. Repeat After Me
6191. Demonkeeper
A teenager inherits a home that is haunted by demons.
Филм: Sam Fell
6192. Tabibito no uta
Филм: Toshi Shioya With: Rena Tanaka, Takanori Jinnai, Hisashi Yoshizawa
6193. The Night Can Be Measured
The Night Can Be Measured - Based on a True Story Tupelo, Mississippi 1951: Paige Dunn, a compassionate...
Филм: Simon Mathew, Victoria Raiser
6194. Psy-Ops
Филм: Stuart T. Maschwitz
6195. Heir to the Heirlooms
The magic is real.
Филм: Andre Gordon With: Stephani Drapeau, Andre Gordon, Nick Puga
Анимация | Приключенски | Fantasy95 mins.
6196. Vampire Nation
6197. Space Lazers
It is the 31st Century and humanity has conquered the stars only to discover that man's worst enemy is still himself. Based on actual events of the 20th century... sort of.
Филм: James Dastoli, Robert Dastoli With: Daniel Fanaberia, Jeremy Blair
Екшън | Комедия | Sci-Fi
6198. Shah Nameh: The Book of Kings
Based on Persian mythology and the original works of Ferdowsi's "Shah Nameh" (The Book of Kings), this...
Анимация | Екшън | Приключенски | Fantasy
6199. Blood Letter
A young professional woman receives a mysterious letter and soon discovers its curse - that every three days a loved one will suffer a gruesomely horrifying death until she makes a copy with her own flesh and blood.
Филм: David A. Armstrong
6200. Untitled Missy Elliott Project
Филм: Steve Antin
Биографичен | Мюзикъл

6201. Do Outro Lado do Rio
Филм: Maria Esperanca Pascoal With: Ciomara Morais, Cheila Lima
6202. Amsterdam
6203. Kanseito
Филм: Takahiro Miki With: Kento Yamazaki, Ai Hashimoto
6204. Bubba Moon Face
A down-on-his-luck drifter, stranded without money in the place of his rural Missouri upbringing, hooks up with an old flame, and finds himself caring for his brother's infant child.
Филм: Blake Eckard With: Joe Hammerstone, Misty Ballew, Sylvia Geiger
Драма 85 mins.
6205. Harryhausen
Екшън | Приключенски | Fantasy | Sci-Fi
6206. A Love Story
The fantastic and stunning story of the ONE time the infamous Marquis de Sade fell in love... with his wife's sister...
Филм: Adrian Rudomin
6207. Fossils
A character study of three seniors living together in a rundown tenement. One white, one African American, one grumpy. All really bitter. Laughter ensues.
Филм: David Winning With: Kirsty Mitchell
6208. MINDdance
A depressed 53 yr. old patient, suffering from severe pain for the last 20 years, comes to see Dr. Carrasco...
Филм: Arnulfo Carrasco With: Arnulfo Carrasco, Lidia Diez-Chavez, Patty Ramos
6209. The Lost Bag
Филм: Trevor Cherry With: Trevor Cherry
Екшън | Приключенски | Трилър 137 mins.
6210. The Voice of Anton Bouchard and Other Stories: A Journey Into the Mind of a Serial Killer
As the city of Paris swelters in the grip of a summer heat wave, a serial killer dubbed "The Butcher Beast" stalks the dark streets of the great metropolis, dispatching his victims with increasing brutality and savagery.
6211. Harlem Hellfighters
Black American soldiers sent to France during World Военен I introduce the locals to jazz music.
Филм: Yves Simoneau
6212. Father and Son
Филм: Abbas Kiarostami With: Hamed Behdad
6213. Disobedience
6214. The Vanishment
Драма | Ужас | Трилър
6215. Despertar
Филм: Simon Sepulveda With: Pedro Armendariz Jr., Cristina Obregon
6216. Hatey Roilo Pistol
Филм: Anjan Dutt With: Ritwick Chakraborty, Sasawata Chatterjee, Aparajita Ghosh Das
Екшън | Драма | Трилър
6217. Santa Военен s
A union of guys who make their living dressing up as Santa Clause for shopping malls and such forms an heated rivalry with another group of not-so-jolly St. Nicks.
6218. Big Bill: The Triumphs and the Tragedy
A chronicle of the life of troubled tennis legend Bill Tinden, the first American to win Wimbledon.
Филм: Pen Densham
Биографичен | Драма | Sport
6219. Page Hill Battle
Page Hill returned home from the war, Just in time to spend the holidays with his aging father. But things weren't just how he left them. Now Page must fight once again to save what he loves.
Филм: Randall P. Dark, Shane Marr With: Gareth Maguire
6220. Amazing Girl
6221. Nascar: The Secret Life of Cars
A look at what happens inside a NASCAR garage after all the humans have gone home.
6222. Tease
6223. The King of Sting
Two men, Craig Glazer and Don Woodbeck, travel around the U.S., posing as undercover cops with a singular mission: to conduct their own drug stings and pocket the money and narcotics.
Филм: Robert Lorenz
Приключенски | Криминален | Драма
6224. Joyu
With: Takafumi Horie, Rina Fujii, Shin Yamagishi
6225. Alchemy
An ex-con, struggling to overcome a gambling addiction, becomes entangled in the lives of a beautiful...
Филм: Jonathan Wright
6226. Die Er­fin­dung der Liebe
Филм: Lola Randl With: Sunnyi Melles, Maria Kwiatkowsky
6227. Counter Measure
Following the devastating loss of his family in a terrorist attack on U.S. soil, a disgraced former CIA agent comes up with a plan to end worldwide terrorism. It works, but not without unforeseen consequences.
6228. An Unbelievably True Story
After failing miserably to get home on time, Stu is forced to explain to his date's father where they were all night.
Филм: Josh Potthoff With: Cameron Rabbit, Dakota Neibling, Jenni Neibling
Комедия | Романтичен 7 mins.
6229. Melita the Last Guardian
When the earth was populated by strange creatures, the arrival of the ice age seemed to mark its end, but the intervention of an alien community will raise its fate bringing with them a new mysterious force.
Филм: Paolo Bertola
6230. The Karpinskis
Two stay at home brothers venture across America when they hear that their estranged father is terminally ill. A laugh a minute road-trip unfolds as they are pursued by their control freak mother and pregnant girlfriend.
Филм: Christopher R. Watson
6231. The Living Skies
A Canadian First Nations solider returns from fighting for the US Army in the Iraq war, only to find life not what he expected when he returns.
6232. Untitled Oligarch Project
Биографичен of the few men who owned and ruled Russia for a decade from the late 80's to late 90's whom transformed a vast country in the grip of failed socialism into an economy of free market capitalism.
6233. Danny Graves' Man Cave
A suburban dad going through a mid-life crisis find an outlet in an unexpected place: the mysterious man-cave in his basement. But how will this fantasy world meld with the so-called perfect life he's created?
6234. Snugglepot and Cuddlepie
Introduced in the best-selling books by May Gibbs, Snugglepot & Cuddlepie have entertained generations of Australian children for almost 100 years...
Филм: Trevor Hawkins
6235. 8th Day
Филм: Gregory Mackenzie
Екшън | Драма | Трилър
6236. Glasnost
Evert Schuit is a somewhat dorky, small town bank employee at the start of the 1990's. After the fall of the iron curtain he brings in Nadia...
Филм: Tim Klok
Комедия | Криминален
6237. The Boy with Wings
An awkward 12 year old boy who desperately wants to succeed as performing magician finds his family...
Филм: Steve Stockman
6238. Ghost of a Chance
Комедия | Fantasy | Мистерия | Романтичен
6239. Medusa: Year One
A re-envisioning of the Medusa origin, seen through the eyes of a young maiden named Medusa whose love for her fiancee drives her to defy the lustful gods and then challenge them after being unjustly cursed.
Филм: Matt Pizzolo
6240. The Violinist
Based on a true story of boy who comes to Chicago in 1970's during the largest Russian-Jewish immigration wave since Ellis Island...
Филм: Yuri Rutman With: Yuri Rutman
Екшън | Криминален | Драма
6241. Yuriko, Dasvidaniya
Филм: Sachi Hamano With: Hitomi Toi, Nahana, Ren Ohsugi
6242. Bottled Secrets
A homeless, destitute man, considered delusional and plagued with amnesia, realizes his identity through the discovery of a bottle baring a lock of hair and note written in the Aramaic Language of Jesus Christ.
Филм: Timothy W. White With: Roger R. Cross, Travis Aaron Wade, Danny Arroyo
Екшън | Fantasy
6243. Gut Instinct
Филм: Daniel Roby
6244. Biester mussen sterben
Arriving at the estate of the rich Talmon-Семеен psychologist Gina Malone finds herself trapped immediately in a deadly web of a crushing social machinery infused with malicious dark twists.
Филм: Ingo Heise With: Nikola Kastner, Florian Bartholomai, Sinta Tamsjadi
Криминален | Драма | Мистерия | Трилър 76 mins.
6245. The Secret Life of John McCready
Филм: Ryan Bonder
6246. Gun Monkeys
Филм: Ryuhei Kitamura
6247. Thaddeus Snow: Криминален Scene Investigator
In downtown Los Angeles, a disheveled crime scene investigator must track down a serial killer who is brutally murdering rich, loud, annoying radio talk show hosts.
6248. Introducing Jodea
A struggling young actress's fortunes change when the a world famous movie director drives into the back of her car.
With: Chloe Traicos
6249. Ados
Комедия about a rich teen, a nerd and an "emo" left to fend for themselves one summer.
Филм: Joaquin Oristrell
Приключенски | Комедия
6250. Malditos sean!
A sinister healer who will curse several people dragging them to live creepy experiences along their own stories.
Филм: Fabian Forte, Demian Rugna
Fantasy | Ужас | Sci-Fi 120 mins.

6251. Encounter
He is an ordinary man, she is an ordinary woman, both dividing their time between a family they loved and a job they enjoyed. Would this delicate balance withstand a new encounter?
6252. Yoake no machi de
Филм: Setsuro Wakamatsu
6253. Fusion
A mysterious glowing star falls to earth and out of its crater a child appears.
6254. Daddy's Girls
Two girls set out to find a new wife for their widowed father.
6255. Utahime
Филм: Yoshiko Hoshida With: Hitomi Kuroki, Miki Maya, Tae Kimura
6256. Untitled Dustin Voigt Project
Филм: Dustin Voigt
Екшън | Драма
6257. Week 14
Филм: Tony Krantz
6258. Gokudo Meshi
6259. Uno
Филм: Dieguillo Fernandez With: Carlos Belloso, Silvina Bosco, Luciano Caceres
6260. Tougher Than Leather
A Биографичен of pioneering hip-hop trio Run-D.M.C.
Биографичен | Драма | Music
6261. Here Comes the Son
Филм: Neil LaBute
Комедия | Романтичен
6262. El Que Vendra
Филм: Luis Russel Alvarez With: Francesca Guillen, Guillermo Larrea, Carol Ambelis
Ужас | Трилър
6263. Proposition 8
With: Tye Olson
6264. Gone Wild
Four thirty-something buddies return to Spring Break and fail miserably in their attempts to fit in.
6265. North Wind
Survivors of a futuristic ice age begin to revolt against their cruel dictator. Based on Boom Studios' comic book series "North Wind".
6266. Johnny Ghost
Филм: Donna McRae With: Ian Scott, Anni Finsterer, Natalie Carr
Ужас 80 mins.
6267. Do You Dream in Color?
6268. The Last Revenants
A great plague has eradicated all vampires from the planet except for four lone female survivors of the species. They must integrate into society or risk extinction.
Филм: Joe Eckardt With: Sybil Danning
6269. Mongoose
Екшън | Комедия
6270. Donnie Headbanger
The story of Donnie Quinn, a fearful high schooler, who adopts a newfound outlook on life after experiencing a near-death accident.
Филм: Bob Bendetson
6271. Vataca de Lascaris
Lady Vataca was a byzantine princess maid of the Portuguese Queen "Rainha Santa Isabel". During the 14th century she was named the first representative of the Portuguese villa and of the castle of Santiago do Cacem.
Филм: Miguel Vilhena With: Sofia Reis, Ricardo Barbosa, Maria da Conceicao Vilhena
Драма | Исторически | Романтичен
6272. My Hope
Филм: Harpreet Sandhu
6273. Four Days
An aspiring music artist with a criminal past from New York has 4 days to resolve a violent revenge thrust upon him and his family by a neighborhood rival before serving a 5 year prison sentence.
Филм: Vlad Yudin
Екшън | Драма
6274. Fata Morgana
An epic chase riddled with murder, magic & mystery.
Филм: Juha Wuolijoki
6275. Remember Isobel
This film is a benefit for the Alzheimer's Assoc. and tells the story of a woman losing her mother to Alzheimer's and the effects of that loss on her marriage to her wife, her relationship with her kids, and the extended family.
Филм: Sarah Barbulesco
6276. Capsulas
CAPSULES is the story of FONSI, an ordinary 12 year old boy where everything seems to be normal in his life...
Филм: Veronica Riedel With: Carolina Cuervo, Giacomo Buonafina
Приключенски | Драма | Семеен 101 mins.
6277. Anubis Tapestry: Between Twilights
A mummy's curse sends Dr. George Henry's spirit into an creepy underworld inhabited by monsters and it's up to Henry's son to save him. Based on Bruce Zick's book, "The Anubis Tapestry: Between Twilights".
6278. Cara, ti amo...
Филм: Gian Paolo Vallati With: Massimiliano Franciosa, Angelo Orlando, Alessandro Procoli
Комедия 90 mins.
6279. Dead Ronald
Филм: Tony Krantz
6280. The Flip Side
Follows a man in his 20's who is transported back to his high school years to rectify the mistakes of his past and finds himself in the body of his high school girlfriend.
6281. My Best Friend's Deception
Филм: Nicholas Kinsey With: Kristin Wallace, Virginia Leigh, Brad Carmichael
6282. Nebula of Fear
Филм: Ian Strang With: Randy Brososky, Andrew Strang, Wes Miron
Sci-Fi 45 mins.
6283. Los Pelayo
Филм: Eduard Cortes With: Eduard Fernandez, Lluis Homar, Miguel Angel Silvestre
6284. Stock Take
Филм: Flaura Atkinson With: Nick Thomas-Webster, Craig Heyworth, Lois Clare Elliot
6285. Des Teufels Kinder
Филм: Mariola Brillowska
Анимация 70 mins.
6286. 4 1/2 Minutes
A rising stand-up comedian is challenged to turn his dysfunctional upbringing into the funniest four and a half minutes you've ever heard.
With: Dov Davidoff
6287. Приключенски Christmas
A young boy's travelogue of his Приключенски to the North Pole to meet Santa Clause.
6288. The Return
A battle between friends; one protecting the life he has made, the other fighting for the life he has lost... and the girl who loved them both trapped in between.
Филм: Yoav Factor
6289. Heretics
1243, the South of France. After more than twenty years as a Knight Templar in the Holy Land, Ronan returns to Europe in search of redemption...
Филм: Patrick Taulere
Екшън | Драма | Исторически
6290. My Ex-Boyfriend Wrote a Book About Me
6291. Nekoban 3D: Tobidasu nyanko
Филм: Ken Arima With: Masato Ibu, Kei Katayama, Lily
65 mins.
6292. Trickrider
A family movie about a girl, her enduring love for a horse - and the strange sport of trick-riding.
Филм: David Winning
6293. The Tommy Movie
Tom lives a happy life with his wife and two kids, but after he starts a torrid love affair with a girl on the web, his life is turned upside down.
Филм: Josh Hodgins With: Tom Proctor, Barry J. Ratcliffe, Bunny Gibson
Драма 90 mins.
6294. Unleaded
A man with a declining sperm count searches for a woman to have a child with.
Филм: Carlos Ramos Jr.
6295. El compromiso
Филм: Oscar Castillo
6296. Boulevard Noir
Failing music manager Alan Lane's last hope for success lies in the past he was more than happy to forget...
Филм: Michael Wright With: David Harewood, Francois Goeske
6297. Diamond Club
Филм: Marton Vecsei With: Reka Tenki, Csaba Uglar, Mate Haumann
6298. Bow Grip
When his wife unexpectedly leaves him for another woman, a repressed small town car mechanic discovers that his sudden desire to play the cello is actually the first step in a remarkable personal journey.
Филм: Aubrey Nealon
6299. Negative
Irit, a woman in her mid-sixties, is taking photographs in the park. when a young guy suspects that...
Филм: Yoav Hornung With: Tchia Danon, Almog Klein, Oren Hod
Драма | Романтичен 16 mins.
6300. Ghost Radio
Ghost Radio centers around Joaquin, a former punk rocker and the melancholy host of "Ghost Radio", a...

6301. The Revival
A chance meeting between a young drifter and a disaffected preacher that threatens to disrupt a small Southern town.
6302. Ferocious
A popular television actress tries to secretly retrieve a sexually incriminating videotape from a seedy nightclub.
Филм: Robert Cuffley
6303. Wicked Wheels
A boy who will stop at nothing to own the coolest BMX bike in town soon learns that his greed comes with supernatural consequences.
Филм: Ron Oliver
Семеен | Fantasy
6304. Storm Surfers 3D
A 3D adventure into the world of big wave surfing with Aussie tow-surfing legend Ross Clarke-Jones and two-time World Champion Tom Carroll.
Филм: Justin McMillan, Chris Nelius With: Ross Clark-Jones, Tom Carroll
6305. When Dads Were Men
Филм: Michael McCullers
6306. White Dad
6307. Untitled Sean Anders/John Morris Project
A slacker college student is informed that he must raise a child he fathered during a one night stand that he totally forgot about.
Филм: Sean Anders
6308. I Want My Baby Back
When Wes Harwell accidentally abandons his infant nephew at a fire station, he and his two loser friends embark on a weekend-long adventure to get the baby back before the parents return home.
Филм: Kelly Makin
6309. Death of a Freerider
A young Canadian mountain biker thirst for adventure leads to a risky move that involves cross-border drug smuggling. Based on by Jesse Hyde's "Death of a Freerider".
Филм: Jason Priestley
6310. Socialite
Комедия | Романтичен 95 mins.
6311. Jozi Forever
A cross cultural comedy thriller exploring the world of the new black middle class in South Africa.
Филм: Michael Raeburn With: Pam Andrews
Драма 90 mins.
6312. Kingdom of Frank
6313. The Unforgettable Key
Jonathan's silence is broken when his counsellor attempts to connect with him on a personal level.
Филм: Mehran Rows With: Logan Aria, Nick Curnow
Драма 5 mins.
6314. In the Space Left Behind
An estranged father returns and offers his teenage son a chance to collect on the $70,000 bounty placed on him.
6315. The Oxbarn Social Club Outing
Tells the story of the working men of Oxbarn, who, spurned by their women, embark on a raucous road trip to Mainz, where they have unwittingly scheduled a match with a top German football team. They lose 21-0, but become heroes of the day.
6316. Shinsei kamatte chan the movie
Филм: Yu Irie With: Chibagin, Misako, Mono
6317. Freshmen
A group of college freshman outcasts are bestowed with super human powers.
Филм: Seth Green
6318. Operation Prune Danish
When Senior Citizens take on the North Koreans to rescue a former U.S. President, more than Hell breaks loose.
6319. Lizard Music
A boy embarks on journey to Thunderbolt City to meet a group of lizard musicians.
Филм: Joel Hopkins
6320. Soothsayer
Mouse, a hard-bitten, cynical woman and professional thief, finds herself in deep trouble when her attempt...
6321. Samba
The mother of a Moroccan samba teacher hires an imam in an effort to cure his son's obsession with a telenovela star.
Филм: Hicham Ayouch
6322. Open All Night
A high speed thriller, this is the story of underworld courier MARY JONES, aka Fabulous, a young,beautiful no-nonsense black woman who...
Филм: Greg Carter
6323. The Straw Men
6324. Untitled Operacion Jaque Project
An action thriller about the 2008 rescue of 15 hostages from the guerrilla group in the Colombian jungle.
Екшън | Драма | Трилър
6325. La Barbacoa
Филм: Enric Urrutia With: Marc Pujol, Pep Payo, Marta Perez
6326. Black and White
A Polish girl fronting a garage band, and an African-American doo wop singer fall in love and form a unique sound all their own. But this is Detroit 1967 and the worst race riot in U.S. history is about to break out.
Драма | Music
6327. The Scarapist
She has patients she's been seeing for years... and years.
Филм: Julie Dash With: Jeanne Marie Spicuzza
6328. A Year in the Merde
Paul West, a young Englishman, arrives in Paris to start a new job - and finds out the French are really like.
Филм: Nico Beyer
6329. Blood Ties (former Himmel & Holle)
For Roxy and Pat a dream comes true - Kiv, their so desired child is born. But Kiv happens to be different...
Филм: Sabine Boss
6330. Red Princess Blues
Princess' thirst for revenge against the people who wronged her, takes her on a twisted "Wizard of Oz" style journey of love, honor and vengeance through the eyes of this modern day fairy tale.
Филм: Alex Ferrari
6331. Kill the Media
An extremist attempts to settle a score in an unconventional manner while struggling with his attraction to his next-door neighbor.
Филм: Terry Nemeroff
Комедия | Криминален | Драма
6332. See the Invisible Man
"JD", a janitor at an Atlanta college struggles to provide a financial foundation to raise his daughter while dealing with the feelings of inferiority created by students and professors who treat him as though he is "Invisible".
Филм: Alfred Robbins With: Paula Rittie, Deanna Dawn, Lashawn Butler
6333. Someplace Like America
Филм: Aaron J. Wiederspahn
6334. The Carnival of Illusions
A teacher takes his eleven year old daughter to a summer boarding school. There the child begins to hear what seems to be the voice of another student...
Филм: Talal Selhami
Ужас | Трилър
6335. Allide Nammane Ille Bande Summane
Филм: Gopi Peenya With: Rina Mehta
6336. X Diary
Margo and Jerry have broken up. They struggle to maintain a casual friendship as old feelings beginning to resurface. Can men and women really "just be friends?"
Филм: Kalman Apple
6337. Big Time
Филм: Antony J. Bowman
6338. Das ewige Leben
Simon Brenner returns to his hometown Graz and suddenly finds himself in a psychiatry, due to a suicide attempt. No one believes Brenner, that someone tried to kill him.
Филм: Wolfgang Murnberger With: Josef Hader
Криминален | Трилър 110 mins.
6339. A Boy & His Brain
A man can see his brain, which has physically manifest itself as a beautiful woman who is very mean to him. A smart pop comedy about the games we play with ourselves.
Филм: David N. Donihue
6340. Depth of Pyaar
Филм: Mukesh Asopa With: Mukesh Asopa
Драма 150 mins.
6341. Fancy Hardware
Екшън | Драма | Романтичен
6342. After Paris
Екшън | Мистерия | Романтичен
6343. The Sense of Things
A young woman blossoms after the death of her psychotic mother.
Филм: Thom Fitzgerald
6344. Untitled George Tillman/Robert Teitel Project
Екшън | Приключенски | Криминален
6345. The Machines # 1
Fight of a man versus machines.
6346. Makaramanju
Филм: Lenin Rajendran With: Jagathy Sreekumar, Santhosh Sivan, Karthika
6347. Bad Lands
Hair, Glam Rock and a very pissed off Native American Monster looking for a long drink of fresh blood.
Филм: Brian Skiba
6348. 15 to Life
A chronicle of Anthony Papa's 12-year stay at a New York maximum-security prison, where he developed his artistic skills...
6349. Everdark
In 1885 a family's home is invaded by an evil entity. They have 16 days to banish the dark forces before a little girl is lost forever.
Филм: Tommi Lepola, Tero Molin
6350. In Love and Военен
When his B-24 bomber is shot from the sky over Yugoslavia, a young American navigator "Rockets" parachutes...
Филм: Catherine C. Pirotta
Приключенски | Романтичен | Военен

6351. Flybait
Mort Delancey successfully loses everything in 24 hours; his television show, his best friends, his girlfriend, his savings, his family home, and his dignity.
Филм: David Michaels With: Fred Willard
6352. La Madre
Филм: Patricia Venti With: Filipe Vargas, Alzira Gomez
6353. The Long Black Veil
In 1967 Louisiana a 15 year old girl is pregnant. She won't tell who the father is, she won't get married or have the baby. There are plenty of suspects.
6354. Lost Dinosaur Valley
The target audiences of the cartoon TV series, Lost Dinosaur Valley are boys around 12. For this project...
Филм: Yuqi Yin
Анимация | Комедия | Sci-Fi | Военен 90 mins.
6355. Takeru
Филм: Takashi Miike
6356. Mono con Gallinas
Филм: Alfredo Leon With: Melania Urbina, Pietro Sibille, Bruno Odar
6357. Pandemonium
A battle between two kingdoms will be decided by Creatures of mass destruction!
Филм: Pearry Reginald Teo With: DJ Perry
6358. The Escape Artist
Harry is having a mid-life crisis. He hates his boring job, his nagging wife, and his life is in a rut... until he hatches a plan to escape it all by pretending to be insane.
6359. Black Sabbath
A cop attempts to escape from Hell.
6360. Tokyo Chocolate
A young American woman visits her grandfather's chocolate shop in "Little Tokyo," Dusseldorf, Germany. Once there, she is swept into a whirlwind adventure which takes her into the underground crime world of Berlin.
Приключенски | Комедия | Криминален
6361. Three Sixty
When two hapless youths are hired to kidnap the feisty fiancee of a famous football star ... What could possibly go wrong?
Филм: Daniel Mitchell With: Eamon Farren, Ella Bowman, Eddie Tang
6362. Mrs. Recto
Филм: Dante Nico Garcia With: Regine Velasquez, Pen Medina, Christian Bautista
6363. The Domino Effect
Domino, a former call girl, must outwit and outfight a brooding ex-con; a metrosexual hood; a traitorous ex-lover; gun-blasting monks; and a murderous, bull-obsessed, drug lord pimp all for the sake of survival.
Филм: Alex Ferrari
6364. Haiburiddo deka
Филм: Frogman With: Frogman
6365. Villains
When Nick discovers his neighbor is a former villain known as "Hardliner", he soon finds himself becoming the old man's protege.
6366. Venice Beach
A young woman's suppressed desire to sing is reawakened when she meets a talented musician from Venice Beach.
With: Ne-Yo
Драма | Романтичен | Music
6367. Marilivit Tetri
Nowadays, Nino and Niko's closed world is disrupted and changed forever by the homeless Sopo. She points Nino to a new path - the path of hope.
Филм: Ketevan Machavariani With: Nino Qoridze, Fea Tsivadze, Gagi Svanidze
Драма 85 mins.
6368. Dark Bridge
David White is an American surgeon who comes to Bangkok for a conference. He meets a mysterious Thai...
Филм: Marcelo von Schwartz With: Peter Rnic, Nate Harrison, Jonathan Winters
Драма | Трилър 96 mins.
6369. Lyons Pride
Chase Lyon must make a choice to let his past destroy him or fight for what he loves.
Филм: Justin Ament With: Justin Ament, Chael Sonnen
Екшън | Драма | Sport
6370. Gli taliani
Takes us deep into the intimate world of a man and his relationships with his family and friends. It is a journey deep into images and experiences so personal as to be, perhaps, completely universal.
Филм: Lukasz Barczyk With: Krzysztof Военен likowski, Thomas Schweiberer, Jacek Poniedzialek
6371. The Most Annoying Man in the World
In order to get to his wedding on time, a groom-to-be must travel cross-country with his annoying brother.
6372. Gearhead
A hot, trash-talking drag car racer joins forces with a team of rebels to fight The Man.
6373. Hana baachan: watashi no yama no kamisama
Филм: Kazuhiko Sugimura With: Hisako Kyoda, Makoto Akita, Noriko Iriyama
6374. Vows and Rites
A wedding and funeral party collide in a comic twist of beginnings, endings and the rituals that mark them.
Филм: Matthew Ehlers
6375. L'artiste et son modele
A comedic drama set in occupied France in 1943 and centered on an aging painter and his model.
Филм: Fernando Trueba With: Jean Rochefort, Aida Folch
Комедия | Драма
6376. Zannen na Ko, Non-chan
Филм: Katsutoshi Hirabayashi With: Mihiro
6377. Asu naku
Филм: Makoto Naito With: Takumi Saito, Yukari Shiomi
6378. The Conjuring
6379. Dust Motion
A very innovative Concept movie in a futuristic New York city.
Филм: Mathieu Kassovitz, Kay Michel Parandi
Екшън | Sci-Fi | Трилър
6380. Hours of Fun
A pair of childhood pals use their 1970s novelty toys to save their home town.
6381. Conexion Alba
Филм: Miguel Angel Fabre With: Valentin Paredes, Juan Jose Arjona, Ruth Armas
Екшън | Трилър
6382. The Wonderer
Филм: Marcus O'Donnell With: Ben Alexander, Craig Heyworth, Shane Robinson
Приключенски 109 mins.
6383. Sex Equo
After disobeying God and having visited the site of 'forbidden fruits', Adam and Eve are trying to regain the lost Eden.
Филм: Werther Germondari, Maria Laura Spagnoli With: Marit Nissen, Raffaella D'Avella, Sarita Marchesi
Комедия | Драма 63 mins.
6384. El Compromiso
Филм: Oscar Castillo
6385. Sweet Hands
Филм: Jason Perez
6386. Darkeye: CyberHunt
Филм: David Winning With: Jason Carter
6387. Jazz Jii Men
Филм: Yui Miyatake With: Tomomi Miyashita, Jun Inoue, Yu Tokui
6388. Frankenstoner
Joe, a typical college guy, falls for a femme-fatale med student named Bianca, who is conducting secret...
Филм: Christian Ford
6389. Fake Boyfriend
6390. Anika
Anika, a modern retelling of the classic rags-to-riches saga. Combining elements of Cinderella and A Star Is Born, we place emphasis on the star-making world of the modern Pop music industry.
Филм: Eric Watson
6391. Untitled Balkan Военен Драма
Филм: Per Fly
6392. Confessions of a Master Jewel Thief
Биографичен of Bill Mason, one of America's most infamous jewelry thieves whose main conquests were the creme de la creme of celebrities of his day...
6393. Cilveki tur
Филм: Aiks Karapetjans With: Ilya Scherbakov, Andris Gross, Mikhail Razumovsky
Криминален | Драма
6394. Ad Noctum
6395. Norma Jeane
Telling the story of Marilyn Monroe through an actress in a coma.
Филм: Martin Deluca
6396. Desperate Екшън
Yesterday, Cornel was one of the most feared Secret Service agents (Securitate) to operate under the murderous regime of Nicolae Ceausescu...
6397. The Life Journey of Water
Perhaps, the earth last drop of water, is a human tears. Water is Earth's most important resource, a beautiful gift...
Филм: Jack Minghuei Shih
Анимация | Приключенски | Драма | Fantasy11 mins.
6398. Baby You're Mine
Two legal adversaries accidentally find love when a mix-up at the fertility clinic brings them together.
6399. Tin God
Ethan is a young man searching for meaning in life and he thinks he has found what he is looking for in the new girl, Sasha. But Sasha has a dark side that will be his undoing.
Филм: Jake Reedy With: Shaun Trainer, Tana Smith, Michael Browning
Драма | Трилър 90 mins.
6400. El Compromiso
Филм: Oscar Castillo

6401. Audrey's Door
After breaking off her engagement, a young architect settles into her new Manhattan apartment, where...
6402. Shojotachi no rashinban
Филм: Shunichi Nagasaki With: Shiori Kutsuna, Mayuu Kusakari, Ayaka Morita
6403. Elevator Men
6404. Sleepy Head
A romantic comedy about a narcoleptic Zamboni driver engaged in a very hazardous love triangle.
Филм: Michael McNamara
Комедия | Романтичен
6405. Dumped
A man searches for new meaning in his life after his wife abruptly files for divorce.
6406. Eve
Eve goes on a self-destructive mission to take down every psycho and serial killer in her path. Along the way, she must learn why they are all gathering in an alternate Los Angeles and the sinister agenda behind it.
Екшън | Ужас
6407. Sensei wo ryuzan saseru-kai
Филм: Eisuke Naito With: Kaori Kobayashi, Yuriko Onuma, Reika Akuzawa
6408. Mormot
Филм: Yoichiro Hayama With: Elle Aoki, Keishin Arai, Kiyofumi Higashikawa
6409. Pixels
Characters come out of a video game to wreak havoc in the real world.
Анимация | Екшън | Приключенски
6410. School Kids Don't Cry
Adaptation of one of Benelux most famous children's novels. Tough prime school girl Akkie loves soccer and can be a real bully...
Филм: Dennis Bots
6411. Viene una chica
The entertaining first love adventures of Tino, a teenager with Down syndrome.
Филм: Chema Sarmiento With: Borja Gonzalez Carpintero
Комедия 90 mins.
6412. Trasharella in Space
The sequel to Trasharella: Trasharella battles the evil Hollywood Vampire in cyberspace, but getting there is half the battle...
Филм: Rena Riffel With: Rena Riffel, Ford Austin
Комедия | Ужас | Мюзикъл
6413. Neither the Veil Nor the Four Walls
From her village in Pakistan, a young mother sets out on an extraordinary and dangerous journey to save her eight-year-old daughter from the fate of an arranged marriage to a powerful warlord.
Филм: Afia Nathaniel
6414. The Pact
Jamie, 19 year's old and a freshman at a small mid western college, is haunted by visions of demons and bloody victims...
Филм: Henrik Sylven
6415. A Hero
Филм: Alex Stevens With: Craig Heyworth
6416. The Mule
In order to save his son's life, an elderly baker and his six-year-old granddaughter journey across the country with a giant loaf of bread filled with drugs.
Филм: Thomas Michael
Приключенски | Комедия | Драма
6417. The House of the Baskervilles
With the planned Exhumation of Mr. Bertram Fletcher Robinson's body in 2007 to examine it for poisoning...
Драма | Криминален
6418. Lonely Hunter
The story of Carson McCullers -1940's southern author of Heart Is A Lonely Hunter and Member of the Wedding...
Филм: Deborah Kampmeier
6419. Trafico
An action packed buddy movie that explores how far a parent would stretch his boundaries on morality in order to save his son.
Филм: Mirwan Suwarso
6420. First Continuum
In the far future an assassin decides the fate of the universe.
With: Chelese Belmont
Sci-Fi | Трилър
6421. The Body Escort
6422. Evil Menace
A demented scientist, Dr. Vic Toussaint and his group of hired mercenaries unleash a horde of undead creatures into a small city...
With: Tony Todd, Fred Williamson, Lawrence Turner
Екшън | Ужас | Трилър
6423. Beyond Dirty Harry
These streets were ruled by pimps, pushers, and human slime.
Филм: Cody Jarrett
Екшън | Криминален
6424. Bollywood Zombie
What seems to be a match made in heaven turns into a nightmare in this Indian wedding when the bride and her guests are transformed into a horde of zombies.
Филм: Maninder Chana
Комедия | Ужас
6425. Boys in the Backroom
BOYS IN THE BACKROOM examines the nature of evil...what happens when, in a single moment, people very much like us fail to act when they should...
Филм: Cynthia Granville With: Nick Taylor, Seth Abrams, John Borras
6426. Kanske i morgon
Филм: Mariken Halle With: Jesper Avall, Jan Coster, Leif Edlund Johansson
97 mins.
6427. Pig Death Machine
Филм: Jon Moritsugu With: Victor Fischbarg, Amy Davis, Hannah Levbarg
6428. Shalloween
An innocent celebration of fun shifts when, on a bitter Halloween evening in 2000, fourteen year old Luke Latham...
With: Kendra Wilkinson, Christopher Showerman, Phyllis Jager
Ужас 87 mins.
6429. Headshots
Carlos Rodriguez is probably one of the most talents actors alive, but he never had a chance to prove it. His frustration brought him to take matter to his own hands.
6430. Figures of Time in Evolution of Complex Systems
A film set in what appears to be our time is undermined by the viewers position of being the receiver of a gift from the past...
Филм: Nadine Anderson
Sci-Fi 8 mins.
6431. The Amphibian
A guy who's half-man and half-fish falls for the the beautiful daughter of a village fisherman after he rescues her from a shark attack.
Приключенски | Комедия | Романтичен
6432. Randganger
Филм: Michael Thomas, Renate Woltron With: Michael Thomas, Andrea Tiziani, Renate Woltron
6433. Kokorozashi: seimi wo aishita otoko
Филм: Kazuhiro Nagai With: Kazuhiko Nishimura, Ren Ohsugi, Chihiro Otsuka
6434. The Vault
6435. Ida Pie
Ida Pie tells the story of Ida, an imaginative mentally disabled girl who's drawn into a world of violence...
Филм: Sean Eisele With: Yvonne Zima
Комедия | Драма
6436. Blind Love
A murder suspect ends up in a relationship with victims ex wife.
Филм: Bruno Barreto
6437. Harvey Richards
Centers around a lawyer for children who actually represents them in playground disputes for cupcakes.
6438. Peter
A young boy enters a cutthroat contest to grow the world largest pumpkin in the hopes of winning the huge cash prize and saving his family farm.
6439. Tout ca pour dire je t'aime
Филм: Nicolas Moissakis With: Clotilde Pierre, Franck Monsigny, Loic Lefevre
6440. Honesty and Cruelty
Honesty, and her best friend, Cruelty, are chased through a post-apocalyptic world inhabited only by children as they search for Honesty's brother, Bravery.
6441. Harry and Mr. Grey
High concept plot about the twisted portrait of a lonely young man, and the suburban, alienating world around him.
Филм: Jean Veber
Мистерия | Трилър
6442. The Man and the Murdered
Филм: Jeremy Galloway With: Ryan Link, Tony Park, Jake Dunn
Криминален | Драма | Трилър 48 mins.
6443. Go Go Crazy
The mockumentary follows the contests, judges, and hostess of a go go boy contest. With a little sex, sabotage, and dirty tricks, this movie will turn you on, bend you over with laughter, and then give you happy ending.
Филм: Fred M. Caruso With: Rick Crom, Steven Polito, Ryan Windish
6444. SR: Saitama no rapper 3
Филм: Yu Irie
6445. Resurrection Ferns
Филм: Tate Bunker With: Mark Metcalf, Hannah Obst, Paige Bunker
6446. Okupacja
A young guy, genuinely interested in esoteric matters, incite his friends to come along with him to an empty house somewhere far from civilization...
Филм: Carlos Kasuski With: Emilia Komarnicka, Tomasz Ciachorowski, Stanislaw Brudny
Мистерия | Трилър 91 mins.
6447. Shotgun
A college kid must survive a perilous night with a femme fatale to get his life back.
6448. Fabulous Nobodies
A satirical look at the trendy New York club scene of the 1980s.
6449. Once in a Blue Moon
With: Jessica Alvarez, Nick Latrenta
31 mins.
6450. Flaco
Филм: Jeffrey B. Seymann

6451. Mathias
6452. The Ice Palace
Dominated by her mother and a Police state, Mariam battles to free herself from society, manipulation and brutality to pursue a life of love and liberty.
6453. Head Games
A psychiatrist's life gets upended when he inherits the disorders of his patients.
6454. A Fool's Love
A man tries to save this woman from her gangster's boyfriend. Question is will he succeed?
Филм: Shindo Ki Rodriguez With: Shindo Ki Rodriguez, Joseph Villapaz, Davin McLeod
Екшън | Драма | Романтичен 107 mins.
6455. The Brothers
The story of brothers Harry and Jack Военен ner, who formed one of the most famous movie studios in Hollywood.
6456. We Hear the Dead
In mid-nineteenth century America, spirits knock and tables tip for Maggie and Kate Fox, two teenage...
Драма | Исторически | Романтичен
6457. Green Fields
A fiction film based on the acclaimed documentary feature film: "Yiddish Theater: A Love Story" telling...
6458. How to Love a Republican
A young man working for the Democratic Party during the 2000 Election falls in love with a young woman who is essentially his counterpart for the Republican Party.
Комедия | Романтичен
6459. American Wasteland
Филм: Sean Flynn
6460. The Rise and Fall of an American Actress
Inspired by the compelling true stories of America's most beloved actresses, who fell from the top.
Филм: Christie Will
6461. The Roaring Game
Roy, a recently unemployed janitor recruits an unlikely group of Olympians on a quest for curling glory, gold medals and a whole lot more.
Филм: Glenn Ciano, Chad A. Verdi With: Chad A. Verdi, Tom DeNucci, Sera Verdi
Приключенски | Комедия | Sport
6462. The Midnight Hour
Set in the world of Delta soul music, it is the powerful story of friendship, tested by the bonds of race, during the upheaval of America's Civil Rights era.
Филм: Todd Allen With: Todd Allen
6463. Gizmondo
A comedy centered on Bo Stefan Eriksson, the Swedish con artist/entrepreneur/ex-con/kidnapper/video-game developer.
Филм: Craig Zobel
Комедия | Криминален
6464. Untitled George Washington Project
The life story of American revolutionary and founding father George Washington.
Биографичен | Драма
6465. Hasami
Филм: Fujiro Mitsuishi With: Chizuru Ikewaki, Masataka Kubota, Go Ayano
6466. The Blue Room
The first English-language adaptation of Georges Simenon's classic novel in which an obsessive affair leads to a double murder.
Филм: Paul Unwin
6467. Shiawase no pan
Филм: Yukiko Mishima With: Yo Oizumi, Tomoyo Harada
6468. House by the Edge of the Sea
An author, desperate to recapture his earlier success, descends into the depths of madness and finds inspiration through the torture and murder of others.
Филм: Louis Mandylor
6469. Escape from Paradise
May Chu Harding, of the Tiger Balm family, escapes her arranged marriage to a wealthy husband and family with powerful CIA connections, then faces corruption at every turn.
6470. Musashino-sen no shimai
With: Natsuki Kato, Chisato Nakata
6471. Woman in a Bar
An Irish musician leaves his Spanish girlfriend for a new life, and an unusual new romance, in New York City.
Филм: Rafael Russo
Драма | Романтичен
6472. Dancing Mood
Set in Jamaica in the early '60s, the film centers on a gospel church and the music scene of the time.
Филм: Whit Stillman
6473. Fatalism
Филм: Jimi Elion With: Alexandra Chalupa, Hanna Kulle, Catharina Gallon
Драма | Fantasy | Sci-Fi
6474. Tough Cookies
A lazy, deadbeat dad is issued a court order to form a Girl Scout troop with his rebellious daughter. Together they use unconventional methods to beat a rival troop at the National Scout Rally.
6475. Sing! Inge, Sing!
Филм: Marc Boettcher
Биографичен 120 mins.
6476. Cluster
Steven works for a profit-making crime system organization: Cluster. When they suspect an intruder, everything is done to eradicate him. Steven needs to understand how the system works before it's too late.
Филм: Simon Heymans With: Patrick Bauchau
Криминален | Мистерия | Трилър
6477. Eight Million, Two Hundred Thousand Pounds and Ten Pence
Филм: Kirsten Sheridan
6478. Danny Boy
A priest, convicted of mercy killing, is sent to Federal prison where his cell mate is 30-year felon. These two young men, from opposites sides of the tracks, form an indelible friendship within their confinement.
Филм: Bruce Reisman
6479. Hopalong Cassidy
A new take on the life of the iconic cowboy character Bill "Hopalong" Cassidy.
6480. Victimized
Matt Miller has spent his entire life living in the shadows of his brother. He believes if his brother were to disappear then so would all his problems. So one deadly night Matt decides to take matters into his own hands.
Филм: Michael Kenneth Fahr With: Michael Kenneth Fahr, Sarah Nicklin, Cuyle Carvin
Драма | Трилър 86 mins.
6481. North Sea
One chaotic day on a busy North Sea oil platform.
Филм: David Gleeson
6482. Oak Woods Killer
A psychopathic serial killer preys on an unsuspecting group of spring breakers in the woods.
With: Monique La Barr, Eric La Barr, Efrem P. Towns
Комедия | Ужас | Трилър
6483. Криминален busters
After a young boy's father is murdered by ruthless criminals, he and his friends form a secret club - called Криминален busters - to help police fight a crime wave sweeping their town.
Филм: Rick Pamplin
6484. Lazaro
A psychological thriller in which a death causes a woman to rethink her like.
Филм: Rigoberto Castaneda
Ужас | Мистерия | Трилър
6485. A Better Way
Two brothers find themselves on opposite sides of the law and at war with each other caught in a vicious cycle. In the end only redemption will save them.
Филм: Shawn Sourgose
6486. Ciudad
A hostage extractor travels to Paraguay's Ciudad del Este to rescue a kidnap victim.
Филм: Anthony Russo, Joe Russo
Екшън | Драма | Трилър
6487. A Moveable Feast
A chronicle of Ernest Hemingway's years in post-WWI Paris.
Биографичен | Драма
6488. Break on Through
Sometimes everything you need is right in front of you.
6489. Cyclone
Комедия | Романтичен
6490. Hidden Heritage
Some of our mistakes could leave a heritage that will haunt our children's nights forever.
Филм: Max Sender With: Martha Higareda, Ella-June Henrard
Драма | Ужас
6491. Zugzwang
Филм: Tsay Igor With: Nurlan Turashev, Rashid Mamedov, Robert Kun
Екшън 95 mins.
6492. Alive and Kicking
True story centers on an all women's soccer league formed by moms who watched their kids from the sidelines before getting on the field and trying it for themselves.
Драма | Sport
6493. Forced
A young British Asian man is expected to enter into an arranged marriage in India. Chaos and comedy ensue as his 'betrothed' ropes him into human rights activism, and the British High Commission suspects a forced marriage.
Филм: Anthony Fabian
6494. 52
In the year 2040 an unlikely leader must rise to the occasion after the worlds utopian peace is destroyed.
6495. Demonology
An American student attending an International school in Belgium encounters a series of horrors.
Филм: David Hayter
6496. Self-Storage
A love story of jazz standards set in a New York City self-storage facility. SOPHIE gives up her hope of becoming a jazz singer and puts her piano into self-storage. There, she meets HARRY, a down-on-his luck jazz pianist.
Филм: Erin Cramer
Music | Мюзикъл | Романтичен
6497. Freedom of paradise
How far is Jimmy ready to go to safe his wife?
Филм: Barthelemy Grossmann With: Barthelemy Grossmann
6498. Chosen monogatari
Филм: Fumiki Watanabe
6499. Seven Wounds
Seven wounds, seven possibilities.
Филм: Andre Gordon
6500. Mary's Ride
Mary Stuart: an intimate study of a Queen prepared to die on the scaffold for her passion and pride.
Филм: Thomas Imbach
Драма 110 mins.

6501. The Tainted
Year: 2032. In the deserts of the North American southwest, three young orphaned survivors of nuclear fallout and global disease struggle to find sanctuary and meaning in a world of total social decay.
Филм: Chase B. Kenney
Драма | Sci-Fi
6502. Serial Killer Days
A horror/comedy story about a town that celebrates the annual arrival of a serial killer with a parade and a pageant.
Филм: Mark P. Carter
6503. McMafia
A look at the international mob forces and their various illegal operations.
Криминален | Драма
6504. Westfield
The accidental murder of a young female drifter forms a bond between two strangers. As they try to bury their secret, the truth comes to the surface.
Филм: John Schwert
6505. Witchcraft
An adventure fable turning on the ancient healing methods of an elderly woman and the high-tech passion of her granddaughter.
Филм: Virginia Curia
Анимация | Семеен
6506. The Carpenter
When a failed carpenter gets unexpected news of his sister's accident, he drops everything to be by her side...
Филм: Gavin Rapp With: Joe Coyle, Kenny Champion
Мистерия | Трилър
6507. Beauty Never Dies
Филм: Gabor Forgacs
Приключенски | Комедия | Криминален
6508. Armas y Conversaciones
Филм: Enrique Urbizu With: Eduardo Noriega, Javier Camara, Diego Martin
6509. Sorultek - The Movie
Филм: Laszlo Mersits With: Laszlo Mersits
6510. Dancing on the Brink of the World
A man tries to pull off the greatest techno heist in banking history.
Екшън | Криминален | Драма | Трилър
6511. The Delicate Skin
In the course if investigating a particularly brutal murder, a troubled Robbery-Homicide detective meets a woman whom he comes to believe is an emerging reincarnation of a woman murdered sixty years ago.
6512. Shoeshine Cats
Little did Russ know what was in store for him when Shoeshine Cats walked into his life.
6513. Rivers of Babylon
Rivers of Babylon is a Jamaican Scarface/City of God style drama about of group of kids growing up in the slums of Kingston in the late 1970's...
Криминален | Драма
6514. For Belly
Life. You don't know what's going to happen. 'For Belly' tells the story of three women who, in one afternoon...
Филм: Alicia Arinella, Matthew G. Rashid With: Jessica Arinella, Matthew G. Rashid, Desmond Dutcher
Драма 76 mins.
6515. Syngue sabour
Драма | Военен
6516. Right Here, Right Now
The lives of five easy Hollywood residents collide in a maelstrom of violence, dark secrets and forbidden love that will lead all of them to their salvation or destruction.
Филм: Shaun O'Sullivan With: Richard Kind
6517. The Legend of the Gray Man
Islanders on Pawley's Island, South Carolina today still stand by its' Legend of The Gray Man and his existence...
6518. Angel One
The tumultuous yet epic rise of Curtis Sliwa and his Guardian Angels in New York City.
Филм: John G. Avildsen
Екшън | Драма
6519. Papa Hemingway
An adaptation of A.E. Hotchner's book relationship with Ernest Hemingway during the author's last 14 years of his life.
6520. Untitled Edwin Cannistraci/Frederick Seton Project
6521. Who's Gonna Play Wilt?
Who's gonna play Wilt? The greatest story in the world... But it's Uncastable.
With: Reo Logan
6522. Hotel du Paradis
Филм: Claude Berne With: Caroline Ducey, Claude Berne
6523. Peril
Milo and Patty form an unlikely bond as each tries to mend the wounds of their past.
Филм: Jeffrey Goodman
6524. Universal Greed
The whole world is greedy, but no one can take anything beyond.
Филм: Mukesh Asopa With: Mukesh Asopa
Криминален | Драма
6525. Top Fuel
An ambitious teenage girl, the only child of drag racing legend Doug King, loses her father in a horrible crash...
Екшън | Семеен | Романтичен
6526. Contingency
True events based story about the wild west atmosphere of the 80's when lawyers first started advertising. Focuses on two partners that took their overnight financial success of their contingency law practice to an extreme.
6527. Cornershop
Over the course of one night 3 young adults, Jake, Weasel and Bear see their friendship broken and mended. During this eventful night they kidnap, fight, and even challenge the local mafia represented by two corrupt police officers.
Филм: Andreas Ksoll
6528. New Boy
Previously shadowed by psychiatric illness, Jake is looking forward to a fresh start at university until another student's infatuation with him threatens to blur the edges of truth and reality once more.
6529. The Bayard Rustin Story
Life Story of civil rights activist Bayard Rustin.
6530. In Attesa dell'Angelo
Филм: Attilio Azzola
6531. Summerteeth
An idyllic summer love triangle for a group of tree planters is turned upside down when the young woman is grabbed, first by a trio of bungling hunters, and then by a Big Foot.
Филм: Matt Bissonnette
6532. The Cook and the Thief
Luca, a man down on his luck, works at his uncle Lino's restaurant. Things get worse when he tries to steal a rare diamond and fails, because, it's gone. The chase is on as Luca tries to solve the mystery of who really stole the diamond.
Филм: Keith Davis With: Russell Wong, Zak Lee
Екшън | Комедия
6533. Paristokyopaysage
Филм: Jinsei Tsuji
6534. Naibu Chosakan
6535. Endal
True story about one extraordinary dog called ENDAL and how he saved the lives of the Parton family and brought them back from the brink.
Драма | Семеен
6536. Soul Identity
An ex-CIA agent discovers the progress of Western Civilization was no accident and now must unite with a mysterious, ancient organization to rescue good from evil.
6537. Righteous Son
A dying father's obsession with reviving a ghost town inspires an unexpectedly violent response from his family as well as the townspeople he was hell bent on saving.
Филм: Michael DeRoker
6538. 40 West
Филм: Dana Packard With: Wayne Newton, Jennifer Nichole Porter, Scott Winters
6539. DragonMan and the Poseidon Encounter
6540. Riding '79
It's 1979 and Migue is about to go on the ride of his life to meet his dream girl Stella.
Филм: Carola Gonzalez
6541. Katie's Story
Katie's Story tells the true story of Katie Kirkpatrick-Godwin's battle with cancer, and how her love for Nick gave her the dream wedding she had always wanted - only to have the cancer claim her life five short days later.
6542. Funny Little Bugs
3-D animated adaptation of Antoon Krings' bestselling children series.
Филм: Antoon Krings
6543. Medic
6544. Garnet on the Golden Sand
A European merchant in the 17th century teams up with a pair of Chinese swordsmen to join a leader of a prosperous trading post on the Silk Road to battle a notorious desert raider.
Филм: Woo-ping Yuen
6545. Crash Course
The City has come to its knees when over 18 of Los Angeles' finest detectives have been kidnapped without a trace or a clue. The cop-napper chooses a rookie detective to give clues to and give him a crash course in fine police work.
6546. Her Vietnam
Captain Nancy Reeves, a nurse with the Army Nurse Corp, faces her last few days of service during the Vietnam conflict...
Екшън | Драма | Военен
6547. The Linscott Case
With a nod to the classic noir film Laura, legendary writer James Ellroy focuses on the rarely-filmed...
Филм: Dror Soref
6548. Three Kisses
A black comedy set in Queens, New York. The Leone's take on infidelity, love and murder together as a family with numerous twists and turns along the way.
Комедия | Драма
6549. Paanch Kaurav
Филм: Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra
6550. Try Lie
Филм: Cathy Evans With: Craig Heyworth

6551. The High Risers
4 friends torn apart by rivalry gangs, coming from the High Rise in north London to the High Rise level on the pavements is the hard life in the inner city of London, gangs, guns, girls, glitz and glamor of the west end underworld.
Филм: Andrew Dennis With: Joe Egan, Ian Virgo, Forbes KB
6552. Doormat
A real push-over of a guy learns to to stand up for himself.
6553. Homecourt Advantage
6554. Secretos
Peter is a rich man. After a confused event resulting in the death of his neighbor, a lawyer, will be wrapped in a lot of murder, and for different reasons, is forced to kill his entire inner circle.
Филм: Newton Vargas With: Laureano Voselli, Martin Covallo, Aureliana Carano
6555. Living and Leaving L.A.
Follows the travails of a young Argentinian actor who, after being cast in an international film that is canceled, decides to go to LA to hunt down the film's director in a bid to salvage his big break.
Филм: Marcelo Mitnik
6556. Angel, Lost
6557. Goin' to the Big Dance
Two slacker film students follow the Southern Kansas University Prairie Dogs basketball team to the NCAA basketball tournament.
Филм: Brent Huff
6558. Honey Moon
Екшън | Комедия
6559. Good Muslim Boy
An Australia-set Muslim romantic comedy about a boy who agrees to an arranged marriage although he is in love with somebody else.
Филм: Tony Ayres With: Osamah Sami
Комедия | Романтичен
6560. Standby
Alan (28) works at the Tourist Information Desk in Dublin Airport. Alice is a American on standby in the airport...
Филм: Rob Burke, Ronan Burke
Комедия | Романтичен 90 mins.
6561. Caged In
Anytown USA, a young man stuck in a dead end life finds hope of getting out when the County Fair comes to town and he finds himself inside the Cage at the no holds barred Cage Fighting Tournament.
Филм: York Shackleton
6562. Salvar a Maria
A widow who is broke needs to find a way to pay the checks. Based on the film "Saving Grace".
Филм: Alvaro Begines With: Carmen Maura, Antonio de la Torre, Anna Galiena
6563. Choices
Филм: Olamide Maarore With: Kadiatu Kamara, Obinna Kenneth Okolie, Ijeoma Agu
6564. Tsumi to batsu
Филм: Guts Ishimatsu With: Guts Ishimatsu, Ichiro Toba
6565. Talon
An evolved assassin helps a girl look for her missing brother in a post-apocalyptic world.
Филм: Bryan Belser With: The Savage, Duane Merrington, Daniel Pietruszka
Fantasy | Ужас | Sci-Fi 64 mins.
6566. The Gap
Someone is distributing a super-worm virus named THE GAP. It's creating a media-sequence worldwide,...
Филм: Roman Beilharz
6567. Hayden & Gretchen: A Very Grim Tale
A contemporary horror film based on the classic fairytale Hansel & Gretel. When two college freshmen get lost deep in the woods, they are then hunted by a deranged woman who may in fact be a witch.
Филм: Toby Wilkins
6568. 30 Days of Exploration
Филм: Cameron Fay
6569. The Recycler
A comedy-thriller with a difference, where a hit-man follows a noble cause and his nemesis has the power to stop him or to support him. Between them, they're battling for the future of the planet.
6570. Forever and a Day
Two married 70-year olds wake up one morning in twenty-something bodies but haven't lost a lifetime's worth of knowledge. What starts out as a rough adjustment turns into a whole world of enjoyable possibilities.
6571. Azemichi no Dandy
Филм: Yuya Ishii With: Ken Mitsuishi, Ryu Morioka, Ryo Iwamatsu
6572. Aztec Romantic Комедия
A romantic comedy set in Aztec times.
Филм: Armahn Gonzalez
6573. The House Gun
A upper-crust South African family is forced to confront their beliefs when the son is arrested on murder charges.
Криминален | Драма
6574. BSH
A trio of criminals find themselves in a warehouse that's actually a home for dog fighting.
Филм: Paul Solet
6575. How Little We Know
Two friends discover their love for each other when they build a business, a life and a family together.
Филм: Andria Litto
Комедия | Романтичен
6576. Park Narcs
Филм: Robert Cohen
6577. The Count
Филм: Damian Lee
6578. Vor die Hunde
Alex is young, intelligent and politically interested. As he joins an Anti-Globalization-Group he does not know that this will lead to attacks on several Police Officers and himself on the run.
Филм: Michael Glawogger
6579. Lottie Deno
Female gambler travels the West staying one turn of the card ahead of her past.
Филм: Thadd Turner With: Thadd Turner, Wyatt Turner
Екшън | Драма | Романтичен | Western
6580. Here's What We'll Say
6581. Run!
A bunch of teenagers commit a serious crime in a New Mexico village. The local Sheriff goes after them and a long chase begins.
Филм: Elio Quiroga
6582. The Lock
Ethan a Punch professor in 1910 London finds his wife murdered. A Bokor changes Ethan into a strange...
Ужас | Трилър
6583. Happy Birthday
Jason suffers the ultimate embarrassment on his birthday.
Филм: Martin Williams With: Ian Meadows, Erica Baron, Martin Williams
Комедия 3 mins.
6584. Viv
Consequences are not just for the guilty.
Филм: Michael Matzdorff
6585. Lundon's Bridge and the Three Keys
Ancient sea-magic turns a dolphin into a human, an evil spell changes a teenage boy into a dragonfly...
Филм: David Winning With: Ted Lange, Larry King, Shawn Southwick
6586. Baggage
3 strangers mistakenly pickup their wrong suitcase from the baggage claim at the airport only to expose dark secrets of each others baggage.
Филм: Tommy Reid
6587. Struma
A touching love story in the midst of one of the biggest tragedies of the 20th Century.
6588. Young Europe
Филм: Matteo Vicino
Драма 120 mins.
6589. Matchbreaker
A comedy about a guy who gets hired to deliver the "bad" news to the significant other... But when he falls for a woman he has been hired to reject, he must deal with his own baggage before he can win her heart.
Филм: Ken Barbet
6590. Travels with My Aunt
An uptight suburbanite hits the road with his free-spirited aunt.
Комедия | Драма
6591. Love at First Song
Two people meet through music.
Филм: Randall Wallace
6592. Pyres
6593. Study
Филм: Paolo Benetazzo With: Paolo Benetazzo
Драма | Мистерия | Трилър 97 mins.
6594. Any Four Women Could Rob the Bank of Italy
Four women set out to plan and execute the perfect crime to prove that women really are smarter than men.
Филм: Andria Litto
Комедия | Романтичен
6595. The Land of Enchantment
A comedy centered around an elderly, fast-living gay couple and their newly adopted son.
Филм: Andrew Fleming
6596. 101st Marriage Proposal
Филм: Eva Jin
6597. Mix Tape
A young kid from NY creates a Mix tape with subliminal messages to make his dream girl fall in love with him but accidentally the entire school listens to it he will now have to undo the whole mess.
Филм: Benjamin Lopez With: Ismael Peter Casillas III, Erik Rodriguez
6598. Rites of Men
A working class father sets out on a quest to solve the killing of his only son.
Драма | Трилър
6599. Cryptid
Snowy mountains and a dying mining town are the setting for this horror-thriller about a failed zoologist...
Ужас | Трилър
6600. The Motive
Филм: Gabriel Dorobantu With: Sofia Brattwall, Henrik Sjoman, Caroline Lind
Драма 90 mins.

6601. Gold Bandits
Gordon Chan script follows an ancient imperial transportation company that teams with bandits to complete an impossible mission.
Филм: Wai-keung Lau
6602. Goodbye Christopher Robin
The behind the scenes story of the life of AA Milne and the creation of the Winnie the Pooh stories inspired by his son Christopher Robin.
Филм: Nick Hurran
6603. Drive-In: The Movie
Jack and Wang dropped out of med school to make movies, but as graduation approaches, all they have...
6604. The Bequest
When her father dies, Jenibel must return to the remote island hotel she grew up at, and face the ghosts of her past.
Филм: Jeff Kopas
Ужас | Трилър
6605. James Tiptree, Jr.
Portrait of the elusive personality Alice B. Sheldon, a CIA photo-analyst and research scientist before adopting the male persona of science fiction writer James Tiptree Jr.
Драма | Sci-Fi
6606. Broken Cove
Prodigal son SMITH, returns to BROKEN COVE after the heinous murder of his delinquent brother. Armed...
Филм: Declan O'Dwyer
6607. The English Harem
After getting sacked Tracy starts working for a Persian restaurant and falls in love with the owner Sam who is even married with two women...
6608. Transplant
It's more than heart.
Филм: Andre Gordon
6609. Black Sky
A post-apocalyptic war movie that deals with a small group of soldiers fighting back against hordes of Cthulhu-esque squid who have taken over the Earth.
6610. La columbina
In 16th Century France, a Commedia dell'Arte company of clowns is kidnapped on its way to perform for the King of France, and is held ransom for the release of a thousand religious prisoners.
Комедия | Исторически | Романтичен
6611. Dying Swan
Passion and intrigue take center stage in this gripping dramatic thriller set against the rich grandeur of the Bolshoi Ballet...
Драма | Трилър
6612. Mr Lu's Blues
Shanghai 1930: the rise and fall of young Jazz musician Oleg Lundstrem, who starts a dangerous love...
Филм: Maria von Heland
6613. Sapnu komanda 1935
The film is a historic story about the Latvian national basketball team, which, with limited funding, managed to form a team and in 1935 win the first-ever European Championships held in Switzerland.
Филм: Aigars Grauba With: Viktors Ellers, Peteris Gaudins, Janis Vimba
Драма | Исторически | Sport
6614. Burn
Филм: Petri Kotwica
Драма | Трилър
6615. Untitled College Graduates Project
6616. Untitled Santa Fe Project
A comedy centered on five girlfriends who plan a weekend trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico.
6617. Summerhill
In an era of general chaos in educational systems worldwide, this against-all-odds story bring up important...
Филм: Gillies MacKinnon
6618. Winter Fire
A young German soldier, who was a conductor before the start of WWII, abandons his mission to kidnap Sibelius, when he becomes obsessed with the Maestro's mysterious Eighth symphony.
6619. Chillar Party
Филм: Vikas Bahl, Nitesh Tiwari
6620. K.A.D.
Филм: James M. Hausler
Ужас | Мистерия
6621. Finding a Horseshoe on the Beaches of Rio
This is the story of Rafa, a Brazilian musician and a taxi driver who is raising his 6 year old daughter by himself...
Филм: Lionel Combecau With: Silvia Machete, Rafael Rocha
Мюзикъл | Романтичен 79 mins.
6622. The Necklace
13 women go in on a necklace they can each wear on their birthdays and keep for a month.
Комедия | Драма
6623. Rogues
Former child soldier and ex-Colombian paramilitary hit-man Gabriel Vega now lives a peaceful life in Los Angeles under a new identity...
Филм: Martin Yernazian With: Daniel Messier
Екшън | Драма | Трилър
6624. Mulheres
Филм: Leonel Vieira
Комедия | Романтичен
6625. Desire, Hostility, Delusion
The nature of human existence can be found in the battle with dissatisfaction.
Филм: Lyndonne Payne With: Latoya Jarrett
Криминален | Драма 88 mins.
6626. Canal
Филм: Sebastian Mantilla With: Daniel Bruhl, Maria de Medeiros, Pilar Andres
6627. The Search for the Dice Man
The son of a "dice man" is hounded by the FBI to find out if his father is alive or dead.
6628. Broken Down
Tracy thinks she is going to get her life back in order, until her day spirals out of control. Taken hostage by a couple two bit thieves who are on the run, she finds herself fighting for her life.
Филм: James Taylor With: Stephanie Ray Glass, Barry Tangert, Michael Belveduto
Екшън | Комедия | Криминален 99 mins.
6629. Van Gogh the Movie
An intoxicating biopic about the art world's "mad genius" Vincent Van Gogh.
6630. Renzoku Eiga: Minato Koshiro Keishi
Филм: Kin'ya Aikawa With: Kin'ya Aikawa
6631. Club Sandwich
As we enter the doors of Club Sandwich we meet Spud, a talented little potato who dreams of becoming a rock star.
6632. The Divided States of America
Small town mayor gets swept up into the fame of politics.
6633. Semi Retired
When ad tycoon Richard Dusenberry is fired, he cajoles his three "semi-retired" buddies into joining...
6634. Cycle of Life
Troy Williams, one of the region's top up and coming real estate developers, battles with the different Cycles of Life...
6635. Dancing with Myself
Филм: Ari Sandel
6636. The Bad Room
Looking for his missing son, Owen Vanderbes traces him to a state asylum for the criminally insane.
Филм: Tommy Reid, Alexander Yurchikov
6637. The Last Territory
The only known survivor of a clandestine group within the police force, a retired detective is forced to use his ability to witness the final seconds of a victims life to catch a serial murderer.
Sci-Fi | Трилър
6638. Gnadenfrist
Филм: Andreas Kleinert
6639. Dragonology
6640. Graffiti Girl
In the bleak rural landscape of Northern California, headstrong teen Angel Rodriguez channels her hopes for her future into her talent for painting...
6641. Tides
A philandering London cabbie gets an anonymous call: His dad is dead, funeral is the next day. He drives his cab to a remote Scottish fishing town to find no funeral, no body, and a mystery to unravel, particularly about his own past.
Филм: Jayson Clarke
6642. Myth of Darkness
A medical student from Vienna is sent to the provinces in the 18th century to stop a pox epidemic and the vampire hysteria that threatens the kingdom...
Филм: Ivan Salaj
Исторически | Трилър
6643. The Olive Drag
The true story of a gay American soldier, whose humor and humanity boost the morale of his platoon during the Vietnam war.
Филм: Jim Fall
6644. The Red Queen
A suburban mother on the run, pursued by a private investigator, must take unusual steps to keep her young vampire daughter alive.
Филм: Ethan Wiley
6645. Red Fish Blue Fish
One man finds himself fighting to save his daughter from human trafficking and being owned by the drug lords of Cambodia.
6646. All of a Sudden
Филм: Lynne Jacobellis
6647. Dermaphoria
A brilliant chemist, wakes up in jail, badly burned and accused of arson that's linked to an illegal drug manufacturing ring. Suffering from amnesia, he's determined to find the one person he remembers clearly - his missing girlfriend.
Филм: Ross Clarke With: Zuleikha Robinson
6648. Tiny Dancer
Lauren Drake's life as the principal dancer for the Hudson Ballet Theatre Company has come to an end...
Филм: Jayce Bartok, Tiffany Bartok
6649. Last Chance Motel
Криминален | Драма
6650. Blinker en de Bouli van Borom-Borom
Blinker and his family go to Burkina Faso where they set up a development project and discover the biggest treasure on Earth.

6651. Los viejos
Tono returns to his homeland after many years of absence and pain. With silent characters, frequent...
Филм: Martin Boulocq With: Andrea Camponovo, Fabricio Camponovo, Roberto Guilhon
Драма 80 mins.
6652. Crashing Cannes
CRASHING CANNES is a comedy about leaving your comfort zone to reach for your dreams.
Филм: Gil Pinon With: Yvette Rachelle
6653. Two Telegrams
6654. The Key to Success
A light-hearted tribute to the silly plots, costumes and inconsistencies of the 'B/C grade horror' genre.
Филм: Lesley-Anne George With: Keith Brockett, Peter Condon, Maria Coviello
Комедия | Мистерия 7 mins.
6655. The Wilds
A pursuit thriller set in the wilderness.
6656. Hollywood Car Wash
Amy Spencer dreams of moving to New York and starring in art-house films. But when she signs her up to audition for a "mysterious television project"...
Комедия | Драма | Романтичен
6657. Untitled Knott's Ghost Town Project
A family adventure based on Knott's Berry Farm's Calico Ghost Town and all of the rides and original characters created for the theme park...
6658. Avant que mon coeur bascule
The key moment in a young teenager's life before she commits an act she will regret forever.
Филм: Sebastien Rose With: Sophie Lorain
6659. Violences d'ete
It is the history of two brothers, Simon and Lucien who were separate at the age of 12 and 10 years...
Филм: Bernard Declercq With: Anne Parillaud, Jeremy Kapone, Hande Kodja
6660. Politics
A corrupt politician with a terrible secret is compelled to face an old college friend intent on vengeance.
6661. Alma
Филм: Oriol Paulo
6662. The Last Big Job
A young couple, rob one last bank for the chance to start their life over.
6663. The Untitled Shelly Waxman Project
Based on the true story of the Assistant U.S. Attorney who uncovered the truth about J. Edgar Hoover's COINTELPRO program and the murder of Black Panther Party leader Fred Hampton.
6664. Untitled Charles Segars Project
6665. Zanshin
"Zanshin, a swashbuckling action adventure set in the flourishing 16th century. Two young Spanish 'hidalgos'...
Филм: Marco de Aguilar
6666. One Day at Kitty Hawk
The story of brothers Orville and Wilbur Wright, who are credited with creating the first successful aircraft in 1903. Based on John Evangelist Walsh's book "One Day at Kitty Hawk".
6667. Mercury
The eastern Bloc will stop at nothing to get its hands on NATO's new communication device - set during...
Трилър 120 mins.
6668. Easton Assassin
The life story of former World Heavyweight Boxing Champion, Larry Holmes.
With: Sheldon Robins
6669. Cheer Ninjas
An elite squad of cheerleaders trained in martial arts must go behind enemy-lines to retrieve their mascot who was stolen by a rival football team.
Екшън | Приключенски | Комедия
6670. The Murder of Maggie Sykes
Two girls attempt to convince a small town cop that their mother and her boyfriend have murdered their beloved cousin.
Драма | Трилър
6671. Best Man-a-thon
A groom-to-be picks his two best friends (who happen to hate each other) to serve as the best man at his wedding.
6672. My Thermonuclear Семеен
Louis is a traumatized max-security prison guard, his fed-up wife just ran off with a community college student...
Филм: Doug Karr
Драма | Военен
6673. Siempre noche
Филм: David Keating
6674. All Through the House
A rural sheriff is thrown into turmoil when a true-crime writer from the city tries to unravel the truth...
6675. La Lampara
Филм: Damian Pissarra With: Valentina Carlone, Andre Figueiredo
6676. Triggered
A brazen couple unwittingly become outlaws by ripping off several banks on their run for the border.
Филм: Johnny Asuncion
6677. Jitters
6678. Target Churchill
Joseph Stalin plots to assassinate British prime minister Winston Churchill. Based on Военен ren Adler's novel "Target Churchill".
Филм: Kevin Connor
Драма | Екшън
6679. El misterio de las lagunas, fragmentos Andinos
In the region of the Venezuelan Andes, trough the stories told by the peasants with fine sense of humor...
Филм: Atahualpa Lichy, Wanadi Lichy
Music92 mins.
6680. The Chet Baker Picture
The authorized Chet Baker biopic.
Филм: Robert Budreau
6681. The Burnt Orange Heresy
In Palm Beach, a corrupt art critic looks to land an interview with a reclusive French painter.
Филм: Neil LaBute
6682. Priestess Roas
Barbara, a successful attorney from Los Angeles accepts an invitation for a cruise. On the ship she encounters a Priestess from Atlantis.
Филм: Vladimir Simonov
Fantasy | Романтичен
6683. The Приключенски s of Wild Kat Jones
Kat Jones is not your average teenager, she and her father, Peter, make their home on a mysterious island where he...
Филм: Adam Weissman
6684. There Is a Hippie on the Highway
It is a story of Harry Mitchell, an ex-paratrooper who looked forward to have a peaceful time in Paradise City...
6685. Trusting Amy
Amy is a young successful woman with a dark past that is catching up with her. As she seeks help from Dr. Miranda Davis she then meets a young gentleman named Luke, who is clumsy and offbeat and on a mad race to win Amy's heart and trust.
Филм: Dionne Rose
Комедия | Драма
6686. The Inventor
The Inventor is an oddball dark romantic comedy, which explores what would happen if a fan could become the person he idealises.
6687. Scenes and Revelations
The coming of age story taking place in the 1890s about the life changing events and connecting lives of four sisters.
6688. Mad Game
Video gamer suddenly finds himself in the midst of a real-world situation that emulates the online games he is expert at.
Филм: Thomas Mignone
6689. Mrs P
Mrs P is the inspiring rags to riches tale of one Mrs Phyllis Pearsall; mapmaker, painter and pioneer, Mrs P defied her generation and defined the next by single-handedly creating one of the 20th Century's greatest icons: the A-Z map.
Филм: James Hawes
Приключенски | Биографичен
6690. Odd Way Home
Филм: Rajeev Nirmalakhandan
6691. Three Too Many
When Skyler Keel, Line Superintendent for the Pony Express, rides out of Utah with a remuda of horses...
Филм: Justin Ament With: Christian Fortune, Justin Ament
6692. The Dwelling
The master has knowledge of the house, as the house has knowledge of the master, and that knowing is intimate...
6693. Kassandra with A.K.
While Kassandra with A.K. is a story about the making of a movie, it is also the portrait of a young...
Филм: Ahmed Khawaja, Andre Puca
Комедия 105 mins.
6694. The Prince Test
If you are a woman who is about to jump into a "Committed" relationship you go to Allison, the proprietor of The Prince Test.
6695. The Knight Committee
A spy thriller about the secret US-Canadian committee that altered the course of WWII. During the summer of 1940...
Филм: Robert Budreau
Трилър | Военен
6696. Chuquicamata
Филм: Caspar Arnhold
6697. The Cook and the Critic
6698. A Match Made in Magazines
Комедия | Романтичен
6699. Been So Long
Neon-soaked musical about unrequited love in Camden Town.
Филм: Che Walker With: Harry Hepple
6700. The Pilgrim Express
Филм: Sanjay M. Khanduri

6701. The Cleanup
Филм: Alex Turner
Екшън | Криминален | Трилър
6702. Smart Girls Like Me
Betsy has a personality crisis just in time for her best friend's lavish wedding.
6703. Big Brutha
Филм: Ian Harris
6704. Some Rain Must Fall
Филм: Kirsten Sheridan
6705. Outro Sangue
Филм: Pedro Varela With: Ivo Canelas, Filipe Duarte, Jose Afonso Pimentel
Криминален | Драма
6706. The Eleven
Deep in the New York City underground, Eleven strangers trapped in an abandoned subway car struggle to uncover the truth behind an incident that connects their past.
6707. The Seven Sins: The Tyrant Ascending
Екшън | Трилър
6708. Untitled Fiji Project
When a young marine sniper is targeted by a Russian mobster, with the help of his instructor, he has to relocate to the Fiji Islands, and take matters into his own hands.
With: Jordan Yale Levine, Ruthanne Gibson
6709. Stalspranget
In an alternative 1988, Sweden is a country where the citizens' every material need has been satisfied...
Филм: Henry Moore Selder
Sci-Fi | Трилър
6710. Shades
Shades is the bittersweet story of widow, Jan's tangled relationship with her young son, Alan. Alan adores her as only a fatherless boy can...
Драма | Романтичен
6711. Ужас scope
Ужас | Мистерия
6712. Na Servus! Wie ich lernte die Bayern zu lieben
Deals with a typical Berlin journalist who has to move to Munich because of his job. Prejudices and daily Bavarian drama led to a funny disaster, which cannot be avoided.
Комедия 100 mins.
6713. A to B
Four childhood friends who grew apart, travel on a road trip from Abu Dhabi to Beirut in memory of their lost one. If what happens on route does not make them crazy, it just might make them closer.
Филм: Ali F. Mostafa With: The Narcicyst, Omar Offendum
Приключенски | Комедия
6714. Out of Her Mind
Morgan just wants to be normal: have friends, kiss the cute guy, graduate. Instead, she hits her head and meets Daphne, her guardian angel. Morgan thinks she's gone crazy, but Daphne swears she's real, and helps Morgan get what she wants.
Филм: Joshua Michael Stern
6715. Bonfire, Falls
Филм: Aaron Doolittle
Комедия 110 mins.
6716. Nerf Mafia
As of recent studies Nerf products have been proved lethal weapons. Everyone over the age of thirteen has fled the country ...
Филм: Jack Bell, Micheal Denny With: Jack Bell, Micheal Denny, Jackson Huntly
Комедия | Драма | Fantasy7 mins.
6717. Detroit Hustles Harder
Филм: Heidi Ewing, Rachel Grady
6718. Long Road Home
A major music star living on a dangerous edge in sin-city Hollywood returns home to attend her estranged father's funeral. There she must confront her own past not knowing how much is really at stake.
Филм: Dean Teaster With: DJ Perry, Abigail Mason, Ray Nikolaison
6719. The Ghost of Chevalier
After the death of his mother in South Florida, a young newspaper writer returns home ahead of an approaching hurricane, where he finds everyone desperate and strange.
Филм: Chris Fuller
6720. Stag's Leap
After their brother Gary commits suicide, two brothers begin a journey to honor Gary's final wish. In a story of unrelenting ups and downs, our characters experience the best and worst in life and discover what matters most, love.
Филм: Louis Mandylor
6721. Le cavalier suedois
Драма | Мистерия | Трилър
6722. Nuit
The best things during the night remain uncovered. However, imagination is capable of recreating scenes...
Филм: Albert Bayona
Анимация | Fantasy6 mins.
6723. The Big Catch
After 10 years in hiding, Maestro, the greatest thief of all time checks into a mental institute and eventually gets caught by a California Sheriff...
6724. L.E.G.S.
In a world void of humans, two robots reunite years after the night they first met, fell in love, and forced to separate, with the hope they'd end up together.
Анимация | Комедия | Семеен | Романтичен | Sci-Fi
6725. Mud Puppy
Winemaker Owen Chancy finds a colony of nearly extinct frogs in the middle of is most precious vineyard, going up against the biologist who is as determined to save her frogs as Owen is to save his wine.
Филм: Jason Priestley
Комедия | Романтичен
6726. The Cheese Monkeys
Филм: Chris Grismer
6727. Stormdancer
A young handicapped girl, overcomes her limitations and rediscovers her self esteem, when she trains...
6728. Non-Stop
You can only escape if you know you're trapped.
6729. Heard It on the X
The Legend of radio DJ Wolfman Jack.
Филм: Kyle Newman
6730. Tomfoolery
As a young woman struggles with her unrewarding job and the unsolicited advice of her party girl best friend...
6731. Untitled Ian Paisley Project
The life story of the outspoken leader of Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party.
Филм: Gary Mitchell
Биографичен | Драма
6732. The Whisper of Crows
A psychotic teenage boy obsessed with his step sister, after a horrible car accident leaves her with amnesia,convinces her that they are soul mates running from the law.
Филм: Jameson Hesse
6733. Scorn
When a man's wife and daughter are brutally murdered, one man must find the truth to what really happened and how he got there.
Филм: Rockmond Dunbar
6734. Seahorse
6735. Capture the King
Екшън | Трилър
6736. You're My Ghoul
A neighborhood ghost finds a new friend in a family's Halloween decorations.
Филм: Kevin R. Harman With: Kevin R. Harman
Анимация | Семеен | Fantasy | Романтичен 9 mins.
6737. The Witness Tree
A three hundred year old fig tree guards Tempest, a once-grand colonial house on the shores of Queensland's Moreton Bay. With mysterious secrets carved deeply in to its gnarled trunk, the tree bears silent witness to a troubled past.
Филм: Alex Chomicz
6738. Sebastian Knight
An CIA agent is stalked by a women with whom he had a one-night stand in Monaco.
Екшън | Комедия
6739. Candle Love
A woman fights to save her love relationship and begins to question whether the work is worth it.
Филм: Vincent Singleton With: Daya Vaidya
Комедия | Драма | Романтичен
6740. Cover of Darkness
Addis, Ethiopia 1974, a city on the brink of revolution, a country on the verge of famine. John Marquis, a man running on empty tries to straddle two worlds as he works in the US consulate and investigates his best friend's death.
Филм: Ralph Ziman
6741. Terms of Embarrassment
A comedy centered on a married couple who enroll at the same college as their son.
6742. La frontera
Thrown together by circumstance, a precocious high school track star and a proud, earnest young Mexican must learn to trust each other as they battle for survival on a harrowing journey across the brutal Sonoran Desert.
Филм: Andrew Piddington
Приключенски | Драма | Романтичен
6743. En attendant le vote
Филм: Missa Hebie With: Ibrahima Mbaye, Baru Oumar Ouedraogo, Serge Bayala
Драма 90 mins.
6744. Silent Thunder
A drama based on the life of Leonard "Len" W. Miller, the first black owner of an auto-racing team.
Драма | Sport
6745. Psychopomp
6746. The Optimist
Филм: Kourosh Esmailzadeh
Драма | Трилър
6747. Arrugas
An animated look into the world of senior citizens suffering from Alzheimer's disease and senile dementia.
Филм: Ignacio Ferreras
6748. Surreptitious
Филм: Mukesh Asopa With: Mukesh Asopa
Криминален 90 mins.
6749. Mero yatra
Филм: Jaswant Dev Shrestha With: Sweta Lamichhane, Jaswant Dev Shrestha, Lisa Smith
6750. Maras

6751. Over the River and Through the Woods
When Nick tells his four Italian grandparents that he is moving 3,000 miles from "the family" to further his career, the grandparents plot to get him to stay.
Филм: Joe Di Pietro With: Robert Loggia, Kaye Ballard
6752. The Brand
Биографичен of the Aryan Brotherhood and how it became the most murderous prison gang in America.
6753. The Devil Takes Tomorrow
Dave Taylor has everything you could hope for: a career as a hotshot surgeon, a loving wife, two adoring...
6754. Big Brave Brian
6755. Destino
Redemption, retribution, or revenge; every crime carries its consequence and every man carries his guilt.
Драма | Мистерия
6756. Everyone's Wrong
Longtime UFO enthusiasts Peter O'Donnell and Robby Richardson have spent their entire lives trying to spread awareness on UFO cover-ups...
Филм: Jordan Brooke With: Dave Beresford, Mike Varouhas, Nolan Brooke
Приключенски | Комедия | Sci-Fi 60 mins.
6757. Original Provisionals
Story centers on two twenty-something friends, both Vietnam veterans volunteering as camp councilors, and their challenges in guiding a group of twelve-year-old boys through the hostile territory of summer camp in 1980.
Филм: Christopher Scott Cherot
6758. House of Pies
Филм: Tiller Russell
6759. Welcome to St. Hubbin's
After taking a new job at a hospital, Johnny has to survive a very unusual day of orientation.
Филм: Lee Gerst With: Kasia Waniolka, Leo Gerst, Lee Gerst
Комедия 38 mins.
6760. Landscape with Weapons
To his family's horror, Ned reveals he's the brains behind a new military technology so sophisticated, so extraordinary, it will revolutionize the nature of warfare
6761. A Ghost Tail
Set in a small town on the island of Oahu, this family comedy follows the harrowing and hilarious adventures...
Филм: Jenni Gold With: Kuma
6762. Made in China
A paraplegic Ham radio operator scanning the airwaves for a life sees his efforts thwarted when his brother becomes unemployed.
Филм: Frederic Colier
6763. Ocean Tribe
A competitive group of world-class surfers set sail on an excursion to an isolated isle and are forced to fight for survival after a band of pirates seize their catamaran known as the 'Ocean Tribe.'
Филм: David Sauers
Екшън | Приключенски | Драма | Sport
6764. Precarious
A haunting evocation of the aftermath of the explosion at Chernobyl, 25 years on. This visually stunning...
Филм: Merilyn Fairskye With: Yuriyi Tatarchuk, Oleg Khorozov, Iuri Ursul
Исторически 66 mins.
6765. In a Moment's Time
Accentuated by a psychotic hostage situation and a painfully real love story between two foreign restaurant workers, In a Moments Time vividly paints the tales of ordinary people who experience moments in which time seizes to exist.
6766. Last Curtsey
1958, the last year British debutantes were presented at court. We follow the lives of four debs, as they rebel and forge their way into the a new era of emancipation.
Филм: Anthony Fabian
6767. Sand Hills
In the late 19th century in the desolate and rolling Nebraska sand hills an eager thespian, Joe, and...
Филм: Dana Altman
6768. Retribution
Филм: Mukunda Michael Dewil With: Jeremy Crutchley, Morne Visser
6769. Untitled Phil Rosenthal Project
Phil Rosenthal's chronicle of the comically disastrous Mexican vacation he took with his family while on a break from the TV show "Everybody Loves Raymond".
6770. The Real Mac Roberts
Once famed comedian / movie star, Mac Roberts, attempts to escape his failed career by trading lives with a Vegas look-alike. When the look-alike turns his career around, Mac has a hard time getting his life back.
Филм: Frank Coraci
6771. Le Dernier Round
In 1946, Charles Estermann, a young Frenchman reaches a semi-secret. With the help of Armenian friends, he will try to locate and hunt Keller, a Nazi war criminal. The trail of the fugitive will lead them to Istanbul.
Филм: Serge Avedikian
6772. Shambler
Brilliant multi M.D. Samuel Pratt obsessed with extending life. He finds previously lost Egyptian procedures said to raise the dead...
6773. Walter Bloom
What happens when the world's most deformed man loses everything? He goes on a cross-country rampage to find a reason to live. His ultimatum - if he can't find it in the next 14 days before his 30th birthday, he's going to kill himself.
Филм: Ryan Aynes With: Marcy Rylan, Andrew Roth, Don Money
Комедия | Драма
6774. The Grim Sleeper
This is the true story of the Los Angles serial killer dubbed "The Grim Sleeper". The alleged killer is currently being held for the murders of eleven women and remains a suspect in murders of over two dozen more.
6775. Yahi Sach Hai
Филм: Y.P. Singh With: Abha Singh
Драма | Семеен | Мюзикъл142 mins.
6776. On Gossamer Wings
A political cover-up of universal proportions occurs when the United States "On Gossamer Wings" project leads to the discovery of a man from the 1970's on Mars in 2020.
6777. Article II
A political drama about two friends who becomes rivals for the presidential election, which itself is hampered by computer fraud.
Филм: Lorna Davis
6778. Doctor D
An everyday, self-made superhero sets out to save the good name of superheroes everywhere.
Филм: Rosser Goodman With: Arden Myrin
6779. Untitled Boxer
Alex, an abused African-American teen, runs away and quickly matures while living on the streets, amid a prejudiced society...
Филм: Mark Maine With: Brise Maine, Scott Benefiel
6780. Intuition
A man is obsessed with investigating his own wife's murder in the midst of a surreal world.
Филм: Kent Harper With: Kent Harper
6781. Robbi, Tobbi und das Fliewatuut
Robbi and Tobbi are friends, unusual friends, because Robbi is little robot. For their adventure travel they construct a perfect vehicle for the air, water and earth - the Fliewat??t.
Филм: Anno Saul
6782. Asleep
A mysterious occurrence on board an intercontinental flight causes a passenger to desperately attempt an emergency landing.
Филм: Kamma Pastoll
6783. Elsa Shakal: The Curse of Raga
Elsa Shakal, a sharp photojournalist with reckless tendencies, investigates a series of murders linked to a secret discovery in the depths of the Malaysian jungle and an ancient pirate curse.
Филм: Federico Sanchez
6784. Untitled Frank Baldwin/Gregory Hoblit Project
Филм: Gregory Hoblit
6785. The Christmas Cookie Club
Twelve women, at their annual holiday celebration where they trade their homemade cookies, spend an evening sharing their adventures of the past year.
Комедия | Драма
6786. The Garden of Betrayal
A complex tale of international conspiracies, one family's acute suffering, and the mild-mannered man who finds himself at the center of it all.
6787. Mr. Timothy
It's Christmas season and Mr. Timothy Cratchit, not the pious child the world thought he was, has just buried his father...
6788. Grandma vs. Grandma
While their children are out of two, two sixty-something grandmothers aggressively compete for their affections of their grandchildren.
6789. Sailor Girl
In the summer of 1981, 19-year-old art student rebel Kate McLeod signs on to a Great Lakes freighter, and sails off into an unexpected world of stormy, sexy and dangerous adventures.
6790. Holo
Holo is a cyberpunk story about a totalitarian future society where technology and cyberware are the key to everything...
Филм: Kriss Perras Running Waters
6791. Speculation
The film explores the rise and fall of Bre-X, a junior mining company that rose to fame in the mid 90's when they claimed to find the world's biggest gold deposit.
Драма | Исторически | Трилър
6792. A Happy Medium
An American soldier returns home.
Филм: Kevin K. Shah
6793. Beyond Words
Филм: Urszula Antoniak
6794. 18 Countries
Биографичен | Драма
6795. Not Quite November
A fast paced, quirky romantic comedy/drama that follows the story of two writers who are miserable in their adult lives. They meet a woman named November who takes them on a magical journey that changes their lives forever.
6796. Monster Butler
The true story of serial-killing con-man Roy Fontaine, who cut a bloody swath through England and Scotland.
Филм: Douglas Rath With: Malcolm McDowell
6797. Dear Zoe,
16 year-old Tess and her family struggle to come to terms with the loss of their youngest daughter (Zoe) on the morning of 9/11, a death for which Tess feels responsible.
6798. Closure of Catharsis
A man sits on a park bench talking to the camera, trying to weave together a thought that won't cohere while commenting on passers-by, his 'guests'... Mysterious images intervene, overturning the serenity of the park-bench monologue.
Филм: Rouzbeh Rashidi With: James Devereaux
Fantasy | Мистерия 100 mins.
6799. Couch Potatoes
An armchair quarterback and his buddies make the most of a second chance to become star athletes after a judge orders them to play flag football.
Комедия | Семеен
6800. Living Together
With: Sreejith, Sreerekha

6801. The Birthday Girl
Veena, an affluent wife and mother in the Canadian Indian Community throws her family into chaos when she asks for her heart's desire on her birthday.
Филм: Smita Bhide
6802. Dreamland, Inc.
6803. Varsity
Young men return from WWII to complete high school and find the struggles may be more difficult than what they have just endured overseas.
Драма | Исторически
6804. Oh My Goth
The most popular Jock in high school gets decapitated in a tragic car accident and brought back as a hideous Goth. Now that he is an outcast, he must prove that he can still play football and win back the heart of his girlfriend.
Филм: Johnny Otto
6805. Never KO'd
George Chuvalo, a Canadian heavyweight boxer who was never knocked down in ninety-three professional fights between 1956 and 1979.
Биографичен | Драма
6806. Bleeding London
Three different people ramble through the streets of London. Based on a novel by Geoff Nicholson.
6807. Ain't Dat Super!
Two die hard fans tell the unbelievable story of their role in sports' history and how they help take the most unfortunate team in professional football all the way to the Super Bowl...and win.
Филм: Steven Scaffidi, Perry Martin With: John McConnell, Dane Rhodes, Randy Cheramie
6808. My Paparazzo
A story that looks at the effects of a Manhattanite's attempt to become a celebrity by hiring a paparazzo to follow her around for a day.
Комедия | Драма
6809. Handymen
When a genius but underappreciated blue-collar plumber learns that a wealthy high-society developer is up to no good, he teams up with a carpenter, a gardener, and the developer's beautiful fiance to bring the criminal ring down.
6810. Tumbler
A reformed thief gets pulled back into a violent world of crime, when his girlfriend is kidnapped by a group of thugs and used as blackmail, so that he'll work as their safe-cracker on 3 jobs in 3 days.
6811. Sins of the Fallen
6812. Dr. Deth with Kip and Muffy
6813. Bite the Hand
A young family in need of extra income participates in an "adopt a grandpa" program from a local nursing home, only to find their grandpa is a womanizing, small time criminal, who oddly ends up fixing all of the families issues.
6814. Une corde
At a late night auction in the french quarter a wealthy couple purchases a piano. Although, once it is in their possession, tragic and unsettling events guide them to find the rightful owner.
Филм: Gavin Rapp
6815. Wajda
A coming-of-age tale about an 11-year-old girl in Saudi Arabia.
Филм: Haifa Al-Mansur
6816. Bush Doctor
Newly qualified doctors confront trauma when they are reluctantly sent to the South African bush hospitals for their obligatory Community Service.
6817. Men of Magic
6818. Cut Loose
When the shy, timid William Miles (25) travels from the USA to the sleepy seaside town of Bournemouth, England on a lecturer exchange program he didn't expect his world to be turned so upside down.
Филм: Carlo Ortu
6819. Meal Ticket
A luckless gambler deep in debt plays a winning lottery number, only to lose the ticket. With the help of his girlfriend...
Екшън | Комедия | Криминален | Драма
6820. A Bouncy Business
It's a bad day for Bouncy Bouncy Inc., an inflatable amusement rental company, when Josh Martini makes a booking for a bouncy castle... 'Some days the inflatable amusement business can be murder.'
6821. The Jealous One
A thriller centered around a wife, the woman she thinks might be seducing her husband, and a real-life disappearance.
Мистерия | Трилър
6822. Flight Attendant Academy
A young woman looks to become a flight attendant.
Филм: Juha Wuolijoki
6823. The Nemesis Cell
A Belgian Doctors' experimental infertility treatments, thirty years later, begin a chain of mysterious killings as a Detective and his specialist team investigate, leading to a terrifying conclusion known as The Nemesis Cell.
6824. Algo por mi
A mother and her young child undertake a dangerous journey from Ecuador to the United States after she's diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.
Филм: William Olsson
Екшън | Драма
6825. L.A Dreams
An adventure story about two unemployed actors that find themselves going to Los Angeles on a dream of becoming movie stars. They soon find out that dreams don't always come true or do they.
With: Robert Fucilla, Pete Morgan
Драма 110 mins.
6826. Chi-Chian
Set in a world where New York City is a Japanese territory, a seemingly normal woman must confront samurais, robots, and zombies in order to protect her loved ones.
6827. Cricket
When Cricket, a poor South Boston girl, gets caught stealing form Marsh Chapel by James, a British ex-rocker turned choir conductor...
6828. Wide Asleep
A guy who can't close his eyelids as a child replaces his eyelids with the muscles in the back of his knees and weird stuff happens when he is awake...or asleep.
Филм: G. Cameron Romero With: Cristen Coppen, Ford Austin, B.J. Hendricks
6829. Stress
A neurotic dysfunctional wayward American family... begins to have problems.
6830. Rehen de Ilusiones
Pablo is a 60 years old writer. He meets by chance an ex pupil, Laura. Now, she is an attractive 35 years old woman...
With: Daniel Fanego
Криминален | Драма | Романтичен 85 mins.
6831. Introworld
Androi a young five years old boy who it's a descendant of an old King it's the only salvation to The Junco Planet...
6832. Wetlands
An 18 year-old girl who rebels against her mother's conservative nature by exploring her sexuality.
6833. Corporate Janitor
Alarice Caliva, an anti-social "angry letter" writer (moonlighting) working housekeeping in an investment bank inherits company when everyone disappears in FTC crackdown.
With: Stephanye Dussud
6834. Noches Desveladas
Филм: Haroldo Borges, Paula Gomes With: Isabel Gaona, Julia Bujman, Hernan Carro
6835. The HouseKeeper
An ultra-Caucasian family hires the perfect Brazilian housekeeper.
Филм: Theodore Melfi With: Luciana Gimenez
6836. 3 Mile Limit
It's 1965 and rock music is shaking up the world but not in Auckland New Zealand. One man's determination will challenge...
Филм: Craig Newland
6837. Calum's Road
Calum's Road is the epic true story of one man who stood up to be counted. Who fought to bring his community and his island into the 20th Century...
6838. Untitled Animated Christmas Project
6839. Covert: My Years Infiltrating the Mob
COVERT, is the true story of current NBA referee Bob Delaney's life as a New Jersey State Trooper, he...
Филм: Ron Shelton
6840. Crimson Creek
Six young Executives on a wilderness team building retreat must escape the wrath of a vicious Beast descended from Pontius Pilate.
6841. Trains of Zion
Trains of Zion follows the treacherous journey across Mexico of Honduran cousins Luis and Chucho aged...
Филм: Boris Rodriguez
6842. Untitled Jerkin' Project
6843. Caito
A man's little brother can no longer walk because of muscular dystrophy.
Филм: Guillermo Pfening
6844. My Dying Day
Ryan decides for no particular reason that at the end of the day, he will commit suicide. With the help of his best friend Dallas, they set out to go on one last adventure that just might kill him before he can kill himself.
Филм: Gary C. Военен ren With: Sharon Wright, Gary C. Военен ren, Randy Manning
6845. Menage a Huit
Eight strangers and one intoxicating night in the Paris Metro.
Филм: Susanna Lo
6846. Untitled Bryan Schulz/Cornelius Uliano Project
Two brothers who, while visiting their grandfather in New York City, meet a man who shows them a mystical realm in Central Park that is in danger
Приключенски | Драма | Fantasy
6847. On Probation
A tough cop with a cheating wife forms an unlikely partnership with his psychoanalyst.
Екшън | Комедия | Криминален
6848. Alone Goes There
Ужас | Трилър
6849. Pod
Sci-Fi | Трилър
6850. El club

6851. Ground XO
Филм: Aure Atika
Екшън | Комедия
6852. Elmira
The Matthews have moved to the rural small town of Elmira in search of a quiet life. Their only obstacle lies in the Old Hag, a hateful wraith who feasts on the souls of the children and twists their will to do her bidding.
Филм: Michael Shane Leighton
Ужас | Sci-Fi | Трилър
6853. Untitled General Norman Schwarzkopf Biopic
The life and times of a great American hero, General H. Norman Schwarzkopf.
6854. Habanero
A romantic comedy where the tangle and desperation of an actor without work wake up an impossible love that creates the enthusiasm of a woman that does not want him, but what she can obtain of him.
With: Aaron I. Campos
Комедия | Романтичен 90 mins.
6855. Tragedy Girls
Two female high school horror film bloggers inspire a small town serial killer based on their online reviews of cliche horror films.
Филм: Spence Nicholson
6856. Awful Bliss
In the American Northeast, a group of ordinary people band together to fight their way through the emotionless impostors who have replaced their families, friends, and neighbors.
Екшън | Ужас | Sci-Fi | Военен
6857. Cold Военен riors
Knowledge is power - and a deadly threat for those who know too much at the wrong time and at the wrong place.
Трилър 110 mins.
6858. Hidden Face
A bitter ex-con lures a desperate married couple, with whom he shares a secret past, into robbing the local credit union.
Екшън | Трилър
6859. Greengrass
Филм: Nicola Mills
6860. Red Racer
An 11-year-old boy gets the coolest bike in town after lying to his parents about his old one being stolen, not realizing that his dream-come-true present is about to become his worst nightmare -- an evil bicycle from hell.
Филм: Scott Schneid
6861. Die dunkle Seite des Mondes
Филм: Oliver Hirschbiegel
6862. The Art of Death
When Tazim, a Afghan Kung Fu fighter finds his brother Ali kidnapped by the Taliban, he comes to London...
Филм: Jade Syed-Bokhari With: Ehsan Shafiq
Екшън | Драма | Романтичен | Трилър | Военен
6863. American Lightning
A chronicle of the 1910 terrorist bombings of the Los Angeles Times, an attack that caused 20 deaths and pitted Det. William J. Burns and lawyer Clarence Darrow against one another on a mission to uncover the truth behind the bombings.
Криминален | Драма
6864. Victory Day
Филм: Yaroslav Chevazhevskiy
6865. Taking Hollywood
A comedic celebration of an immigrant's view of the American Dream.
Филм: Nathan Apffel
6866. Sarah Falls
A woman awakes from a blank sleep with no recognition of who she is.
Филм: Kent Harper With: Kent Harper
6867. Feast of the Seven Fishes
A slice of life story that follows a large Italian family as they prepare for the traditional Feast of the Seven Fishes, reminisce about the past, and seek love in the future.
Филм: Robert Tinnell
6868. Lethal Vengeance
Екшън | Трилър
6869. Jurmey
Two boys embark on a journey of self-realization after accidentally killing their friend. Set against...
Филм: Chundra Gyeltshen, Andrew Semple With: Loday Chophel, Gomchen Penjore, Memi Sanjay
6870. Bad Vintage
6871. Midlife Crisis
When Jack Wiles, a man in his early forties loses his job, his wife, his best friend and ultimately his dignity all in one day...
Филм: Deborah Romare, Vincent J. Wiley
6872. 31 Tailgates
The true story of two twenty-something brothers who, along with a friend, fulfill a life-long dream to visit all 31 NFL stadiums in one season as a tribute to their Army buddy who was killed in Kuwait.
6873. Daddy-O
Twenty years after they were a one hit wonder, four middle-aged dads get a second chance at their rock and roll dream.
Комедия | Мюзикъл
6874. Le coeur noir des forets
Филм: Serge Mirzabekiantz
6875. The Chine
An island's tranquil seascape belies a disturbing local history. Past crimes and natural disasters come to light and a young couple find themselves immersed in a nightmare where the lines of real and imagined threats are blurred.
6876. U.T.F.
When a vampire turns a city prison into a violent horde of bloodsuckers, an elite cadre of soldiers...
Екшън | Ужас
6877. Fat, Forty and Fired
When over-stressed, overweight adman Nigel turns forty, he's suddenly fired but he turns catastrophe into opportunity, reconnecting with his wife, his children, his parents - and himself.
6878. The Black Church
Follows a priest, Miguel, who after being banished to a desolate parish in a Mexican village; gradually descends into the dark history of the church that has claimed the sanity and lives of those that came before him.
Филм: R.T. Herwig With: Walter Cruz
Ужас | Трилър
6879. Blood Stripe
A military action drama about gangs in the Marines.
Екшън | Драма
6880. Untitled Miles Chapman Project
An adventure story centered on the search for a mystical artifact lost in the heart of Africa.
Приключенски | Трилър
6881. My Name Is Anna Busch
A wartime story of one Polish woman and her family who, with courage and dignity, goodness and love, bravely defy the terrifying Nazi evil by running their very own underground railroad.
Биографичен | Драма | Военен
6882. Perfect Scents
Oliver, a charming English matchmaker with a 100% record, has an extraordinary ability to smell perfectly suited couples. His only problem is he can't smell the right girl for himself.
6883. The Teacher
An aging Russian general, plagued by ghosts from his past, recruits an unwilling Chinese kung fu master in order to re-fight a lost battle in the Soviet/Afghanistan war.
With: Thomas Urb
Екшън | Драма | Военен
6884. Smile
Филм: Nando Olival
6885. El mejor de los mundos imposibles
Emma, while young, took a strange decision in order to become a mother. Nobody in her town knew about her plans...
Филм: Jose Luis Solis With: Jaime Camil, Rafael Inclan, Odiseo Bichir
6886. The Once Uncorruptable Wisniewski Brothers
Two feuding brothers head to South America to rescue their estranged father.
Филм: Jonah Tulis
6887. Johnny Lee Clary
When a KKK Grand Wizard decides to destroy a prominent black minister, the bigot's life is turned upside-down as the clever minister counters with acts of humor and love which ultimately leads to a friendship between the two.
6888. Occho kochoi
Филм: Antoine Barraud
6889. The Catcher's Secret
He was the son of immigrants... His IQ could only be estimated... He held degrees from Princeton, Columbia and the Sorbonne...
Биографичен | Трилър
6890. The Wrong Number
A board young woman makes a prank phone call to the same number one too many times. That prank call starts a series of twists and turns that leads to a unfortunate outcome for someone.
With: Jennifer Gall
6891. You're a Bad Man, Jetson Fenwick
When brash young D.A. Jetson Fenwick is forced into the service of the mob, he finds himself in deep trouble with rival Chicago Mafia Bosses who scheme with and against each other to pull off the billion dollar crime of the century.
6892. Monkey Fist
A coming-of-age tale about a teenager working on a cruise ship.
Филм: Justin Zackham
6893. Untitled Steve Brill Project
After losing their fortune in a Ponzi scheme, an older couple is forced to move in with their loser son.
Филм: Steven Brill
6894. Alpha Moms
6895. Hallo Kayro
A young Kuwaiti man called Sulaiman gets hit by a car driven by an Egyptian man in Cairo which caused him to loose his memory. The driver takes care of Sulaiman and helps him to get back to normal life.
Филм: Ayman Makram With: Tareq Al-Ali, Sali Al-Qadhi, Muhammad Al-Sawi
Комедия 107 mins.
6896. Making Angels
An inspiring tale of five artists living in Manhattan's historic Algonquin Hotel who find love and friendship on the road to fulfilling their dreams... They're making art, and MAKING ANGELS.
Филм: Julie Dash With: Jeanne Marie Spicuzza
Комедия | Драма
6897. Subok
Филм: Crisaldo Pablo With: Chamyto Aguedan, James Harvey Estrada, Alvin Notarte
Драма 90 mins.
6898. Dance of Days
The internal and external conflict of a damaged young girl try to fit in.
Филм: Robert Machoian, Bruce Graham With: Annie Hoyt
Music4 mins.
6899. Reminiscences of Yearning
Филм: Rouzbeh Rashidi With: Rouzbeh Rashidi, Pooria Nick Dell, Toofan Nasehi
Fantasy | Мистерия 90 mins.
6900. Safe Word
A young man starts to explore a darker side of himself and his sexuality. As he continues to push the limits he realizes he may be going to far. Is it too late?

6901. Machiavellian
With: Angelica Maria, Erika Buenfil, Reynold D. Levaron
6902. Usher's Legacy
A modern day update of the classic Poe story, The Fall of the House of Usher, has gay themes incorporated into the main story.
Филм: Joseph Naylor With: Adrian Colbert, Kwasi Thomas, Scott Wong
Ужас 126 mins.
6903. Red Princess Blues: Genesis
Explores the past of the character Princess based on the feature film of the same title and is an animated prequel.
Филм: Dan Cregan, Alex Ferrari With: Holly Fields
6904. Born to Pitch
She was 5'2" and weighed all of 94 pounds, but at 19, Mamie "Peanut" Johnson became the first woman to ever pitch major league baseball...
6905. La vina
This picture follows two American tourists who discover the dark secrets of a vineyard they are visiting.
Филм: James Katz
6906. Snuff
When his partner dies suddenly, a young man falls into a downward spiral of sex and drugs as he attempts to come to terms with his grief.
Филм: Dave Barton With: Eric Eisenbrey, Bryan Jennings, Christine Tanabe
Драма 84 mins.
6907. The Mirrors of Longreach Mansion
The well to do Hartson family moves into Longreach Mansion. Shortly after setting in, they discover that some of the mirrors that are broken are more important than they appear.
Филм: Michael Coonce
Драма | Ужас | Мистерия | Трилър
6908. The Bike Heist
Mike and Barry are lifelong friends and roommates who have drifted apart, collateral damage from Mike's misguided pursuit of a corporate career...
Филм: Curtis Cleveland With: Dylan Pearce, Andrew W. Scholotiuk, Kelsey Johnson
6909. The Black Path
A writer goes in search of a cursed treasure in the mountains of Ecuador.
6910. Voices
A troubled doctor must help a mute boy overcome menacing and mysterious voices in order to regain his ability to speak.
6911. Slacker Girl
Charmingly unambitious, Jane is a connoisseur of leisure. She finds a corporate job to support her lifestyle, but a commitment to slacking is causing real world problems, so she must save her job, her company, her friendship, and her heart.
6912. Untitled Kirk Fraser Project
Драма | Трилър
6913. The Christ Clone Trilogy
It began as a scientist's plan to prove the existence of extraterrestrial life by cloning live cells found on the Shroud of Turin and it will become a nightmare of worldwide destruction and the ultimate battle between good and evil.
6914. A Meeting in Seville
A couple on the brink of divorce return to Seville for a second honeymoon only to meet their younger selves still on their first.
6915. Human Colours Before Dawn
A pitch-black comedy drama about a tormented loner troubled by a guilty past and his ongoing war with an occult sect who have discovered his supernatural secret.
Филм: Martin Rutley With: Jon Stoley
6916. Niki
Филм: Tommaso Agnese
Комедия | Драма
6917. Sin blanca
Филм: Jose Maria Caro
6918. Me and a Gun
After losing her family in a car accident, a journalist cons her boss into sending her to Rio to cover mysterious deaths of Americans. In Rio she meets the killer in a final showdown that reveals an strange connection to the killer.
With: Leslie Easterbrook, Sheeri Rappaport
6919. Ivan & Maria
Tormented by a cacophony of voices in his head, Tsar Ivan fights to build a Russian empire as court conspirators try to poison his wife and heirs in order to seize power for themselves.
Драма | Исторически | Романтичен
6920. Far from the Tree
After the death of their father, two sisters with a strained relationship escape the chaos of their own lives to investigate a property willed to them by their father and uncover decades-old secrets about their parents' past.
Филм: Jessica Funches
6921. Cha-cha-cha for Twins
A comedy about the love stories of two twin sisters who are in the high school basketball team.
Филм: Yi-Chien Yang
6922. Hart's Lagoon
With: Josh Skinner, Cassie Simon
Екшън | Комедия | Ужас | Мистерия | Трилър
6923. Rie
A casino owner tries to thrive during perestroika and the flourishing of capitalism in Russia. But at a cost.
Филм: Alex Kaluzhsky
Криминален | Драма
6924. Standing in the Floating World
A German working for Russia in World Военен II Japan, Richard Sorge's efforts changed the course of history. But he was forever haunted by inner demons that all too often manifested themselves in his love of women and drink.
Филм: William Olsson
Биографичен | Трилър
6925. Las acacias
Ruben is a lonely truck driver who has been covering for years the motorway from Asuncion del Paraguay to Buenos Aires...
Филм: Pablo Giorgelli With: German de Silva, Nayra Calle Mamani, Hebe Duarte
6926. 20 Shekels
Филм: Arthur Joffe
6927. Theatre of Mirrors
A property developer buy's The Old Winter Garden Theater. His plan, to turn it into the best hotel in the North West. But the Winter Gardens comes with a history & tenants - None of them living. The renovations start and the chaos begins.
Филм: Anthony Straeger
6928. Beyond the Realm
6929. Whispers in the Walls
A young girl is transferred to Spain with her father's business. She feels a strange presence in her new cavernous house. She mistakes it for delusions that turns into manic fear of the unknown.
Филм: Daniel J. Pico With: Archie Kao, Kavi Raz, David Bianchi
6930. Hasse Simonsdochter
In the medieval town of Kampen a young woman is cast off by her parents and has to survive on her own outside the town walls...
Филм: Ben Sombogaart
6931. Hitsville
Филм: Maria Ripoll
6932. Stolen Freedom
Jackson was born free, then unlawfully enslaved, separated from his wife and children and forced to...
Филм: Torrance Colvin
Екшън | Исторически
6933. Selling Dreams
A high powered Atlanta attorney has dreams of becoming a rapper but most convince his wife that he has the talent to succeed.
Филм: Alfred Robbins With: Trinity Adzobu
6934. Chasing Val
Four women hit the road together to find the famous movie star that may be the father of their children.
6935. Wings of Love
A Danish teen from the wrong side of the tracks falls for a beautiful violinist.
Филм: Lotte Svendsen With: Luing Andrews
Драма | Романтичен
6936. The Long Knives
Филм: Matt Pizzolo
6937. Incidental Weekend
Филм: Richard Allison, Nick Kirk With: Jason Croot
6938. Projections
After witnessing the murders of her mother and sister when she was a small child, Laura Carpenter thought the worst part of her life was behind her...
Филм: Jose Zambrano Cassella With: Bill Cobbs, J. LaRose
Драма | Ужас | Трилър
6939. El Sexo De Las Madres
Филм: Alejandra Marino With: Roxana Blanco
6940. A Time for Rain
A bond of trust is broken when a girl let's an old friend stay the night.
Филм: Gil Pinon With: Daniel Ball, Sabine Lorenz, Axel Steinmuller
Комедия | Драма
6941. Big Bad Billie Gunn
Billie Gunn was once a member of the famed Irish mob, The Westies, until a rival family wipes out her crew and leaves her for dead. A year later she resurfaces as the defendant in a crime she may or may not have committed.
Филм: Kevin Arbouet
6942. Somebody's Ghost
Филм: Russ Cootey With: Tisha Rivera, Alex Ballar, Erik Passoja
6943. The Rise of Teletoma
Scripture written about The Twelve Tribes of Israel is altered when a hidden Tribe, who were removed from original record...
Екшън | Приключенски | Драма | Мистерия | Sci-Fi
6944. Louis Cyr
Biopic of Louis Cyr, strongest man in the world at the end of the 19th Century.
Филм: Daniel Roby
6945. Bearcat
Lila sings Glam Rock in the key of jazz by night, but by day she lives her life in a constant state of Anarchy...
6946. The Quarry
After a series of deaths on a small island off the coast of Maine, three misfit teens convince a local...
Филм: Ethan Wiley
6947. Necklace
Two couples belonging to different social strata got intertwined by coincidences face different kinds crisis on a day...
Филм: Shekhar Das With: Biswajit Chakraborty, Ritwick Chakraborty, Locket Chatterjee
Трилър 110 mins.
6948. Irokez
Филм: Yuri Kolokolnikov
6949. Broken Pieces
A music professor is drawn into a sexually charged relationship with Kylie, an under age student in this tale of sexual obsession, murder and revenge.
6950. Stolen Moments
Everything in life are stolen moments, even love.
Филм: Ana Campina With: Camila Alves

6951. Ghosts of a Lost Hope
A man wakes in a desolate world with no memory of who he is, where he is, or what has happened. Is he the last man on Earth after apocalyptic devastation, or is something even darker and more personal at play.
Филм: James Cole
6952. Pride and Joy
Feeling suicidal before her 40th birthday, former rocker Joy Ramsey, embarks on a road trip and reconnects with friends and family in an attempt to find a new home for her dog.
6953. Pim
Филм: Peter de Baan
6954. Brown Envelope
6955. Blow Up Bob
Dating's hard enough, especially when the guy's plastic.
Филм: Andria Litto
Комедия | Романтичен
6956. Rip X
6957. Friendly Fire
A series of interwoven stories set in Tel Aviv and South Africa.
Филм: Gianni Amelio
6958. Bequething
Paul has a dream that disturbs him, it is with a woman who he hasn't seen for ten years. He goes back to the city he shared with her and...
Филм: Carlos Fernandez de Soto With: Nataly Rojas, Andres Oglive
6959. Jaguar Hunter (Sempreviva)
A young reporter returns to Brazil in 1980 after eight years of exile to confront a retired CIA agent living in the Pantanal region of Brazil.
Филм: Fernando Schultz, Paul Schultz
6960. One Minute to Midnight
A detailed look at the off-course flight that kicked the Cuban Missile Crisis into gear.
Драма | Трилър
6961. Mariage a Mendoza
Marcus and his brother Antoine land in Argentina to celebrate their cousin's wedding and to discover the pleasures of the capital, Buenos-Aires.
Филм: Edouard Deluc With: Philippe Rebbot
Комедия | Драма
6962. The Old Man and the Gun
This true story centers around a lifelong bank robber and prison escape artist named Forrest Tucker...
6963. Dark Deeds
6964. Medillia's Lament
After a tragic loss, a man travels from Chicago to Maine to renovate his past, present and future life.
Филм: Mark S. Constance
6965. Himelfarb
An emotionally needy man misinterprets the signals on a blind date. Thinking they're in a relationship, he follows her home for Thanksgiving and ingratiates himself into every aspect of her life.
6966. Take the Blame
The birth of MTV, the death of London's 80s club scene, and the glory that was Leigh Bowery.
6967. Pont Neuf
Is a romance on the Seine real or the lead-up to a murder?
6968. Croak
Creature feature set in a depressed town.
6969. The Empty Quarter
A young man searches for meaning in his life on a risky, high-pressure drilling rig in the bleak Saudi desert. Christian vs Moslem tensions on the crew, an unstable well, and terrorists threaten his very existence.
With: Todd Allen
Приключенски | Драма
6970. The Eulogist
Two brothers forced to leave Northern Ireland after the Troubles seek new lives in South America. But when a beautiful journalist brings them back together in a desperate attempt to thwart a political assassination, everything is at stake.
Екшън | Трилър
6971. The Samson Effect
Since discovering an ancient scroll in Hebron, Israel, American biblical historian Thomas Hamilton and his trusted friend and colleague...
Екшън | Трилър
6972. Bobby Angel
HALEY is devastated when her fiance, JOHN, calls off their wedding without any explanation. HALEY's flamboyant guardian angel...
Комедия | Романтичен
6973. Layers
A currency trader wakes up one morning and realizes he is stuck between the layers of the Tree Of Life and needs to get out.
Екшън | Ужас | Трилър
6974. Relentless 3D
A group of extreme sports athletes survives a plane crash in the Amazon, where they rely on their survival instincts to avoid a tribe of violent natives.
Екшън | Приключенски
6975. Lulu's Return
After World Военен I thousands of suffering Hungarian children came by train to the Netherlands to escape the hardships at home. Most returned but some had to stay, they were adopted. So was little Lulu, against her will.
Филм: Theu Boermans
6976. Eight Eleven
Kevin and Susan Campbell set out on a personal crusade to discover why their son Lee and eight other people died, when a horrific mid air event occurred on Flight 811 out of Honolulu.
6977. Nuits graves
Филм: Anne-Marie Faux
6978. Crack Baby
To graduate from film school, a privileged White Boy from Beverly Hills must intern in New York City...
Филм: Ted Williams
6979. My Ex-Life
Ein is the typical nerd who falls for a girl who is out of his league.Ein goes to his best friend Benard who works at local record store and thinks he has a way with the ladies for help.
With: Marki Henderson, David Conrad
Комедия | Драма | Романтичен
6980. Viaje a la Semilla
A man in pre-revolutionary Cuba reaches old age and begins to live his life backwards.
Филм: Frigyes Godros
6981. Blackberry Brandy
6982. Abductees Anonymous
Филм: Arnold Leibovit
Комедия | Романтичен | Sci-Fi
6983. Northbridge
A Sheriff uncovers dark secrets when the wife of the self-appointed Godfather of a small town is murdered, but the closer he gets to solving the crime the closer he gets to uncovering his own dark past...
Филм: Lynne Stopkewich
6984. Independent Operator
Three out-of-work military contractors are hired to kidnap a federal witness. The men soon find themselves in deadly and insane circumstances outside the law and beyond anyone's control.
Филм: Dan Eberle With: Dan Eberle, Beau Allulli
6985. Devil Dogs
Four young Marines experience severe hazing and brutal physical punishment from within their own platoon, testing their commitment and friendship to one another.
Филм: Eric Wilkinson With: Eric Wilkinson
6986. Gathering Moss
Rock and roll comedy about the antics of the greatest rock band of the '80's now that their age has caught up with their era.
Комедия | Драма | Music
6987. That Was the Sky
6988. Unhealer
A misfit with inhuman powers to "unheal", seeks revenge when his mother is killed by his high school tormentors.
Филм: Shawn Harris
6989. Bad Paper
A professional debt collector, fights for his life as he races against time to payoff a gambling debt.
Филм: Charles Wahl
6990. Daydream Believer
A man is tormented by his favorite childhood TV family.
Филм: Rainer Matsutani
6991. Alma of My Heart
Irena, a poor immigrant, walks to L.A. to find a better life for her child. Tatiana, a rich architect, has everything but a child. Irena gives up her child for Tatiana to raise. Years later, tragedy brings the two together to find love.
Филм: Susanna Lo
6992. Under the Pink Orange Sky
On the heels of a run-in with the law, erratic college boy EVAN HANSEN begins his senior year by hitting...
Филм: Johnny Asuncion With: Bronwyn Cornelius
Комедия | Драма
6993. Cool Green
Tess and Sean are budding entrepreneurs who don;t recognize a budding romance. Can Sean melt Tess's heart to cool the world?
Комедия | Романтичен
6994. Black Weasel
6995. The Children of Terezin
The film tells the stories of German and Czech families and their children in the concentration camp of Theresienstadt during WWII with particular focus on the friendship between a young violinist and famous Berlin musician Coco Schumann.
6996. Jammed Up
Филм: Jeff Mazzola With: Garry Pastore
Екшън | Комедия
6997. Los tontos y los estupidos
A film about loneliness, family and the search for love.
With: Emma Suarez, Joxean Bengoetxea
6998. Garden of Alla
The story of the legendary actress, writer and producer, Alla Nazimova, and her climb from an abusive childhood to the highest paid actress in Hollywood.
Филм: Susanna Lo
6999. Fat Backs
What happens when super heroes go from pumped to plump? They go to Super Hero Fat Camp! "Fat Backs" is the hilarious comedy where super-sized super heroes get a chance at redemption - as long as they can fit through the door.
7000. Fear of Driving
Al Wright has a Los Angeles nightmare commute on his way to work, culminating in a near head-on collision with a car entering an off-ramp...

7001. All the Wrong Reasons
Isolated by a life-altering touch phobia, Kate struggles to become normal with the reluctant help of a recent amputee, after her boyfriend proposes marriage.
Филм: Gia Milani With: Jonas Chernick
Драма 95 mins.
7002. Ma revolution
7003. Shadowdance: Wake the Darkness
Alexis Robinette and her boyfriend Ellis Widemark spend much of their time consumed with their work...
7004. The Flag-Bearer
Филм: Ilja Ylikangas With: Ilja Ylikangas, Vertti Huttunen, Visa Hytonen
Военен 65 mins.
7005. Rubor
At the beautiful Pacific Pearl of Mazatlan, six college students are given a homework by their anatomy teacher. They must talk to themselves in front of a mirror and speak out everything they feel about themselves but totally exposed.
Филм: Frank Kleriga With: Christopher Kleriga, David Bernal Pina, Misifus
Драма | Романтичен 90 mins.
7006. Foot It
Anjali Mehta, a young pre-med student looks to bring her clandestine career as a background dancer for...
7007. Two Fugitives
Misfits on the run from the law.
7008. Hannah Arendt
A look at the life of philosopher and political theorist Hannah Arendt, who reported for The New Yorker on the war crimes trial of the Nazi Adolf Eichmann.
Филм: Margarethe von Trotta
7009. Repeat Offenders
7010. Senseless Acts of Kindness
America's peace shield in space. To protect the world. To safeguard our freedom. To wipe out a country from time to time.
Филм: Lee Basannavar With: Nik Goldman
7011. In Search of Baba
An American woman who's manipulated and lied to, by her boyfriend, a member of the anti-SHAH underground movement...
7012. The Surrealist Life of Edward James
Филм: Rodrigo Ortuzar Lynch
7013. Musicians in Exile
Филм: Saroj Bains
7014. Neon Sign
A Korean pop idol seeks refuge in China to avoid the tabloids who are ridiculing him over his scandals back home.
Филм: Pil Gam-Sung
7015. Untitled James Ogilvy Project
The VP of mergers and acquisitions at his investment banking firm, James Ogilvy's only interest is doing whatever it takes to land the next big client...
Трилър 90 mins.
7016. Kill Bassi
Bassi, the no-good black sheep of an old-country Polish family, escapes to America, pursued by his cousins, the Sisters, professionally-trained assassins with a killer fashion sense.
7017. Whispers of the Damned
Two ruthless killers chase a couple villains into a supernatural nightmare.
7018. Milocrorze
7019. Dyr uden navn
The beautiful Liv returns to the island Bornholm, after losing her husband and daughter in a terrible accident...
Филм: Fili Seifert
7020. Gaiking I
Earth's transforming giant robot Gaiking must be used to stop the evil Zelan invaders and their monster robots.
Филм: William Winckler With: Robert Axelrod, David Gerrold, Marieve Herington
Анимация 120 mins.
7021. Changing Tides
Set on the eve of the civil war, A young Georgian boy, JEREMY (age 10) decides to buy his best friend, CALEB (10) after uncovering a buried treasure.
Филм: David Paterson
7022. The Mooch
When a miserable and materialistic movie star is framed for murdering his beautiful trophy wife, he skips town and moves in with his big brother...
Филм: Ted Williams
7023. Olvide apagarla
A beautiful girl, a student, rents a room and she begins to share an apartment with a couple. An obsession for privacy makes her behavior suspicious. When the couple knows the truth behind her, a game of secrets starts among they three.
Филм: Miguel Cruz Carretero With: Susana Hornos, Joaquin Perles, Ana Peregrina
7024. Untitled Tim Johnson Project
Black-balled from the "bigs", a faded ex-professional baseball manager re-treats to Mexico managing the Diablos Rojos to success, while his personal life around him, falls apart.
7025. Rent-A-Yenta
A Jewish American Princess befriends a broke gay man, who takes her to Hawaii for bailing him out of jail, here she poses as his girlfriend while struggling to push him out of the closet and searching for the true meaning of intimacy.
7026. Babies Breath
7027. 6 Foot Rule
7028. The Poster Guy
When a young gay man with ADD, loses his string of jobs, his friends enter him into a reality competition show. During filming, he discovers self worth, love and most importantly, what it takes to be a CoverBoy.
7029. The Chrism Lie
Presents an austere look at a priest who leaves an indelible mark in a disappearing world.
Филм: Gavin Rapp
7030. A Heart So White
7031. The Real Me
A lovelorn 20-year-old girl working at a design company creates a virtual world avatar.
Драма | Романтичен
7032. Greener Grass
Steve's got shit on his head. Not ideas, actual fecal matter. Joe's got a mountain of debt and no way out. Layla's got the answer to all their problems. The only things that stands in the way is a double cross...and some other surprises.
Филм: Zaheer Bhyat
Комедия | Криминален
7033. Belly Up
Филм: Tim Southam
Трилър 100 mins.
7034. The Unspoken Truth
A gritty drama/thriller that centers around two sexy, affluent late-20s couples, Adam and Mary and Sean and Annette...
7035. The Morgan Stories
A look at the relationship between three sisters over the years.
7036. Thomas Fields
A mysterious young runaway is taken in by a recently divorced, older woman with the aim of helping him achieve his dream of returning to boarding school and a life he left behind. But not everything about the boy is what it seems.
7037. Las grietas de jara
Филм: Julia Solomonoff
7038. Pauline
Lyle learns that his wife's past will fling their marriage limp unless she reveals her secrets. Forgiveness...
Филм: Dirk Craft
7039. One Another
Strangers one moment and lovers the next, a young couple from New York spends an intimate week together at a secluded cabin, later realizing that every experience becomes a memory that inescapably shapes who you are.
Филм: Frank Rhee With: Mohsin Mohi-Ud-Din, Aaron Campbell, Blaire O'Leary
Драма | Романтичен 78 mins.
7040. Seniors
Филм: Vysakh With: Jayaram, Kunchako Boban, Manoj K. Jayan
7041. A Little Военен
When a 13-year-old Muslim warrior is killed in battle, a love story begins between his best friend and a young tribal princess, as they travel through jungles of civil war-wrought southern Philippines, carrying the corpse of their comrade.
Филм: Pepe Diokno
7042. Code Blue
7043. Golden Gate Special Unit
A former FBI profiler heads a dysfunctional investigative unit in San Francisco
7044. Pappy's Raiders
A group of men thrown together in the maelstrom of the Vietnam Военен , learn to live, fight, and even die together...
Филм: Carlos Etzio Roman With: Kevin Troy
7045. Sandow
Fictionalized chronicles of Eugen Sandow, "The Strongest Man In The World" and highest paid entertainer at the turn of the century.
With: Dario Deak
Екшън | Приключенски | Исторически
7046. Tim Maia
The life and music of Tim Maia, the Brazilian Soul legend.
Филм: Mauro Lima With: Duani Martins
7047. Emergence
Fantasy and reality blur when an addicted gamer falls in love with a character in a computer game.
Мистерия | Романтичен | Трилър
7048. Ulysses: Storming Freedom
The Ulysses are the First Семеен of Politics and the ambassadors of peace and diplomacy. Their lives...
7049. Untitled Rory Albanese/John Oliver Project
7050. Mexican Slide
A U.S. Marshal is given a last chance to save his career: escort a drug cartel witness from Honduras to El Paso...
Филм: Minh Collins

7051. Roman d'un coupable
Филм: Max Sender
7052. Untitled Je-gyun Yun Project
American kids on vacation in Korea encounter ancient ghosts.
Филм: Je-gyun Yun
Екшън | Семеен
7053. The Knife Thrower
A circus performer saddled with addiction attempts to save his brother who has been falsely convicted of a crime and sentenced to death.
Филм: Terry Nemeroff
Комедия | Криминален | Драма
7054. Tears of Bangladesh
Courage. Hope. Suppression. How far would you fight for Freedom?
Филм: Danny Buday
7055. Greaseballs
A day in the life of a dysfunctional Italian family and their staff of misfits who run the hottest restaurant in Chicago.
7056. L'annee prochaine
Филм: Vania Leturcq
7057. The Taxi Thief
A drama centered on a man who steals taxi cabs for a living.
Филм: Jo Sol
7058. Legacy of the Ripper
A high-profile trial and similar murders in Malta and Военен saw, Poland help Inspector Mike Holland link these events together revealing shocking details in the case of Jack Thomas Reid as the "Legacy of Jack the Ripper."
7059. Caught on Film
Three film students decide to film a documentary of one of the highest crime ridden areas in the country...
7060. Strung
The story of a rock band on the rise. Danny, a talented guitarist locks horns with spoilt, charismatic singer Vito. Ego clashes, hedonism and a Svengali manager make for a rough ride on a collapsing music industry.
7061. Journies
A romantic comedy about an aspiring online journalist who gets the scoop of a lifetime when a one-on-one interview turns into an unexpected date with Hollywood's hottest young ingenue.
7062. Tempura
Well planned trip collapses after a turbulence on a way to Madrid. Middle aged hotheaded Keiko refuses from her next flight to Lisbon and agrees to get in local's Andy car, who promises to get her faster than night train. They get lost.
Филм: Maris Martinsons With: Kaori Momoi
Комедия | Драма
7063. Knight in the Prop Shop
Harry Potter like teenage boy, a reluctant wizard, has to learn to use his powers to protect his girlfriends and some kids when they are locked in the prop shop and every thing comes to life.
7064. Varenie iz sakuri
Филм: Yuliya Aug
7065. Екшън Diana
7066. Sligo Jihad
A Muslim want-to-be-entrepreneur takes over a run down meat factory. The Sligo employees are unhappy with the new halal practices and divisions are formed. As the Sligo Jihad gets into full swing a solution needs to be found.
Филм: Conor McDermottroe
7067. Out of Place
Филм: Diego Mondaca
7068. Toutes Les Nuits
Emily is turning 18 in a few days. She has been living in the woods with her grandfather, Vincent, since the assassination of her mother 10 years ago. She has decided to start a new life and, against Vincent's will, plans to leave forever.
Филм: Romain Basset
7069. Todos nosotros
Филм: Paz Fabrega
7070. Creep Van
Филм: Scott W. Mckinlay With: Brian Kolodziej, Amy Wehrell, Gerald Emerick
7071. The Return of the Fabulous 7
A buddy film set in the world of fashion.
7072. Gottfried & Rudiger
Филм: Klaus Kramer
7073. Kukaracha 3D
Филм: Armen Adilkhanyan With: Aleksandr Gordon, Natalya Lesnikovskaya, Dmitri Polyanovskiy
Анимация 77 mins.
7074. Electric Light - Elektrisches Licht in einer kleinen Stadt
Филм: Marc Teuscher With: Ygal Gleim, Peter Kaghanovitch, Markus Vogelbacher
Криминален | Fantasy | Ужас | Sci-Fi 90 mins.
7075. Supermenedzher, ili Motyga sudby
Филм: Bogdan Drobyazko With: Ekaterina Astakhova, Yuri Chursin, Olga Dibtseva
7076. Avenue of the Dead
Investigative Journalist, Juan Morales on vacation with his best friend in Mexico City enters a world of human sacrifice, ancient Gods, and a relationship with the beautiful archaeologist Sophia, who is held captive.
7077. Murex
A superstitious horror writer loses his Murex given to him as a child by an evil fisherman. This begins the curse causing the writer to lose his creativity - and also begins the curse for the destruction of humanity, which he must stop.
Филм: Matteo Saradini
7078. Ana Boy
The life of a promising teenage boy hangs in the balance after a series of life-changing events plunge him back in the dangerous world of his eating disorder.
7079. The Pike
7080. Die Heinzelmannchen
7081. Desert Dons
A crooked soldier heads up one of the most successful black market organizations operating within the Sunni Triangle.
7082. Like My Life
A young boy is forced to hide a secret from the couple who cares for him to avoid being discovered by the cult that's looking for him.
Драма | Трилър
7083. Secession Path
During the American Civil Военен , a Confederate captain (Hornblower) suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, forcing him to confront his role in the war.
Филм: John Hartman
7084. We'll Be Out by Christmas
An entire family is forced to move back in with their parents.
7085. The World Loves Giants
A young man is thrust into a world of scandal and adventure when his friend, legendary child entertainer Garson Kane, dies under mysterious circumstances.
7086. Cauldron
While investigating a brutal murder, a female Криминален Reporter unwittingly becomes the target of a group of highly evolved, highly intelligent predatory creatures long thought of as extinct.
7087. Amorgue
A morgue cosmetologist seeks love counseling from her corpse friends in pursue of her first and only living love, a self-assured PI.
7088. Three Card Monte
Three young women stump law enforcement as they repeatedly pull off incredible heists. When one of the women almost gets caught and then falls in love...
7089. Corkscrew Hill
An animated 3-D adventure based on a theme park ride at Busch Gardens Europe in Williamsburg, Virginia.
Филм: Jeffrey Kleiser, Diana Walczak
7090. Lustfully Yours
7091. Camila and Adriana
Филм: Dainara Toffoli
7092. Finding Angels
Finding Angels chronicles the interconnecting journeys of seven individuals, guided by an ancient spirit - Nehkre Sentia...
Филм: Kelli Klymenko
Приключенски | Fantasy
7093. That Year in China
Using her family's position and her fiance's connections, in 1938 Leona Brittling lands her first journalistic assignment in Hong Kong...
7094. Jasmine.elf
Филм: Ye Lou
Романтичен | Sci-Fi
7095. Princess Ai
7096. Silver Shadows
In old England two worlds unknowingly live as one with fairies and dark magic, two children from different...
7097. Mr. Good Enough
A romantic comedy based around the idea of a woman settling for the best man she thinks she can get.
Комедия | Романтичен
7098. Gold Run
Best friends fight South African mercenaries and run for their lives after a gold heist goes bad in Mexico.
Екшън | Приключенски | Криминален
7099. This Eternal Paradise
A physicist experiments with alternate parallel universes and falls into an endless void of time travel.
7100. Daidalos
In the middle of his life's walk, He found himself in a dark wood, for the straight road was lost.
Филм: Max Sender
Ужас | Трилър

7101. Canciones para un amigo
Филм: Juan Pablo Villasenor
Драма 90 mins.
7102. The Cemetery
Филм: Adam Ahlbrandt With: Ruby Larocca, Adam Huss, Roberto Lombardi
7103. Rathinirvedam
Филм: Rajeev Kumar With: Shweta Menon, Sreejith
7104. Nick
7105. Skopje Remixed
Екшън | Комедия | Драма | Music
7106. Step bay step
Филм: Igor Korobeynikov With: Andrey Aleksandrin, Yulia Beretta, Andrei Bilanov
Комедия 101 mins.
7107. Blood Runs Cold
Winona, a successful artist looking to get away from her stressful life. Her manager rents her a house in her home town where she runs in to an old boyfriend. They go back to the house, only to find out it is not as empty as they assumed.
Филм: Sonny Laguna With: Andreas Rylander, Ralf Beck, Patrick Saxe
Ужас 80 mins.
7108. Blooded
Филм: Edward Boase With: Nick Ashdon, Oliver Boot, Tracy Ifeachor
Трилър 76 mins.
7109. Sand Sharks
Филм: Mark Atkins With: Corin Nemec, Vanessa Lee Evigan, Julie Berman
7110. The Приключенски s of Nadja II
Young Nadja Applefield must outsmart her evil uncle Herman, in order to finally meet her long lost mother.
Филм: William Winckler With: Robert Axelrod, Jason Barker, Patrick Blakely
Анимация 96 mins.
7111. The Black Dove
After 19 years, Jake Williams is released from prison to a world he doesn't understand. All Jake wants is to get back his black Gibson Dove guitar, but it is now owned by his daughter Jackie who he has never met.
Филм: Michael Caporale With: David Della Rocco, Red West, Abby Wathen
7112. The Приключенски s of Nadja
Young orphan girl Nadja Applefield is a traveling dancer, who is in search of her mother.
Филм: William Winckler With: Robert Axelrod, Jason Barker, Patrick Blakely
Анимация 96 mins.
7113. Gaiking II
The battle against the evil alien Zelans continues, and our planet's only hope is the super transforming robot Gaiking.
Филм: William Winckler With: Robert Axelrod, David Gerrold, Marieve Herington
Анимация 120 mins.
7114. Gaiking III
The saga concludes as the Zelans, and Earth's transforming robot Gaiking, face off in their final battle.
Филм: William Winckler With: Robert Axelrod, David Gerrold, Marieve Herington
Анимация 120 mins.
7115. Gesturi Tipic Feminine
An apartment. Three lonely women and a man on Christmas eve. Three different paths in life but one common target: seduce this man...
Филм: Mara Nicolescu With: Mara Nicolescu, Gabriela Butuc, Nora Paunescu
Драма 64 mins.
7116. Kooche melli
Филм: Mehrshad Karkhani With: Milad Keymaram, Niloofar Shahidi, Ronak Yoonesi
7117. Metro
When a young girl's train ticket is stolen, she must pursue a mysterious fox through a strange and fantastic world in order to get it back.
Филм: Jacob Wyatt
Анимация | Fantasy5 mins.
7118. Los traficantes
While serving a 33 year sentence inside La Mesa Federal Prison, the most corrupt in all of Mexico, former drug cartel chief Esteban Mendoza finds redemption while helping others overcome drug addiction.
Биографичен | Криминален | Драма
7119. Love @ First Sight
Valentines day through history.
Филм: Mick Cusimano With: Eric Zinman
Анимация | Комедия | Исторически | Sci-Fi 8 mins.
7120. Pani pwoblem
Филм: Christian Lara With: Luc Saint-Eloy, Christian Augustin, Sylvia Jabot
Комедия 90 mins.
7121. Orphaned
After missing for almost a year, Allen McAvoy returns home to find a family falling apart, and his adopted brother Steve taking care of his wife...
Филм: John W. Yost With: Kevin Craig West, Rich Lounello, Susie Griswold
Драма 85 mins.
7122. Noctambulous
A man mourning the death of his wife battles a severe sleepwalking problem while exploring the darkness of his soul.
Филм: Kelvin C. Bias With: Kelvin C. Bias, Jimmy Chan, Megan Corry
Драма | Fantasy | Ужас 79 mins.
7123. Asb heyvan-e najibi ast
Филм: Abdolreza Kahani With: Mehran Ahmadi, Reza Attaran, Pantea Bahram
7124. Aseman-e mahboob
Филм: Dariush Mehrjui With: Ali Mosaffa, Leila Hatami, Farideh Sepah Mansour
7125. Entry Wound
After his wife is murdered, Todd must confront his demons to find the person responsible.
With: Danilo Mancinelli
Ужас | Мистерия | Трилър
7126. Aarakshan
Филм: Prakash Jha
7127. A Cube of Sugar
The story happens in an old house in an old city of Iran. Because of the wedding of the youngest sister, Pasandide, all of her sisters come to their old house to help their mother.
Филм: Reza Mir-Karimi With: Reza Kianian, Saeed Poursamimi
7129. Agneepath
7130. Agree to Disagree
Филм: Roger Melvin With: Haran Jackson, Roger Melvin, Prince Kareem
7131. Alexandra David-Neel
Филм: Joel Farges With: Dominique Blanc
7133. American Cliche
Филм: Benjamin Davis With: Brian Scott Hunt, Adam Hagenbuch, Jeff Swearingen
Комедия | Драма 95 mins.
7134. Antoki no inochi
Филм: Takahisa Zeze
7135. Aram zam zam ili Vsyo vklyucheno
Andrey is a handsome veterinarian with a successful Moscow pet clinic. Popular with ladies among his upscale clientele, he is forced to leave town when the jealous husband of one of them hires a hitman.
Филм: Eduard Radzyukevich With: Marina Aleksandrova, Miroslava Karpovich, Anfisa Chekhova
7136. Asolados
Isolated tells the story of a future society in which procreation is regulated by the government.
Филм: Fran Calvo With: Aranzazu Diez, Sebastian Fernandez, Fran Calvo
Криминален | Sci-Fi | Трилър 86 mins.
7138. Atlikarinca
Филм: Ilksen Basarir
Драма 93 mins.
7139. Avarice
Филм: Matthew Schilling With: Tinsel Korey, Kelcie Stranahan
7141. Bad Karma
Филм: Suri Krishnamma
7142. Barber Chop
An absolute visual and bloody terrifying trip into the perdition of a creepy basement.
Ужас 16 mins.
7143. Becky
Филм: Arturo San Agustin With: Marco Morales, John Lapus, Jeffrey Santos
7147. Big House
Филм: Matteo Garrone
7148. Billboard
A dark, twisted tale of two young suicidal characters who, through a series of unfortunate events, come together for one crazy night.
Филм: Jamie Patterson With: Anna Cox, Lucy Griffiths, Kieron James
7149. Blood on Blood
Филм: Michael Samer With: Teneale Clifford, George Kanaan
7150. Burn Out
Филм: Vesa Kuosmanen
Комедия 8 mins.

151. Buru barentain 3D: Ribenji garu
Филм: Ryo Yamatani
7153. Champions of the Deep
7154. Chinese Burns
Филм: Julian Lamoral-Roberts, Alan Ronald With: Lara Lemon, Chris Grezo, Cy Henty
7156. Claustrofobia
When Eva opens her eyes a young girl finds herself chained terrified for being abused. Her fears become reality in a way no one could ever imagine.
Филм: Bobby Boermans
7158. Confession
Tells a very real story of the pressures of relationships and working lives and how they intertwine together.
Филм: Jamie Patterson With: Ray James, Billie Vee
Романтичен 52 mins.
7159. Coyote Requiem
Филм: Jason Lehel
7160. Crawl
A seedy bar owner hires a mysterious Croatian to commit murder, but a planned double-crossing backfires when a young waitress is taken hostage. A suspenseful, yet darkly humorous chain of events builds to a bloodcurdling climax.
Филм: Paul China
7161. Dan Mintner: Badass for Hire
A comedy centered around a tough guy who kicks modern-day butt with an '80s mentality.
Филм: Phil Claydon
7162. De Heineken ontvoering
Филм: Maarten Treurniet With: Gijs Naber, Reinout Scholten van Aschat, Teun Kuilboer
7163. Die Tigerentenbande - Der Film
Филм: Irina Probost
Анимация 65 mins.
7166. El borde del tiempo
Vicente, a lonely old man with a decaying health, finds his life is changed when he unwillingly accepts to take custody of his only granddaughter.
Филм: Jorge Rocca With: Ivan Gonzalez, Ulises Dumont, Marita Ballesteros
Драма 100 mins.
7167. El regreso
Филм: Hernan Jimenez
7168. El rostro del asesino
Филм: Gerardo Herrero With: Juan Diego Botto, Carmelo Gomez, Victor Clavijo
7171. Essa Maldita Vontade de Ser Passaro
A classic ballerina that ends up in a burlesque cabaret. A cello player whose prison is his need for revenge. A forgotten old tranny. A lover arrested in his obsession. All characters looking for a way out of their own prisons.
Филм: Paula Fabiana, Paula Fabiana
Драма 89 mins.
7172. Falling Uphill
Филм: Richard J. Bosner With: Jena Hunt
7173. Farzand-e sobh
7174. Gekko no kamen
Филм: Itsuji Itao
7175. Ghost Track
Филм: Fabrizio Rossetti With: Lavinia Longhi, Diane Fleri, Ruhi Sari
Music115 mins.
7177. Goddesses
Филм: Anton Komyakhov, Anton Komyakhov
Драма | Романтичен
7180. Gozaresh-e yek jashn
7181. Gyokairui Yamaoka Maiko
Филм: Ryutaro Kajino
7183. Hado raifu: Mirasaki no seishun Koi to kenka to tokkoufuku
7185. Howls
Филм: Jamie Tracey With: J.J. Gallo, Nick Smyth
7186. tt1850376
7187. In the Семеен
Филм: Patrick Wang With: Sebastian Brodziak, Patrick Wang, Lisa Altomare
7188. Karayilekku Oru Kadal Dooram
7189. Khak o atash
Филм: Mehdi Sabbaghzadeh With: Fariborz Arabnia, Ahmad Najafi, Faramarz Sadighi
7190. tt1850377
7191. Koide mukidashi
7192. tt1850378
7193. La Generacion de Pio
Pio is a spoiled, snob, lonely and extravagant 23 years old young man, but he is also a literature genius...
With: Javier Lazaro, Rodrigo Amaral
Драма 89 mins.
7194. La montana rusa
Филм: Emilio Martinez Lazaro With: Veronica Sanchez, Ernesto Alterio, Alberto San Juan
7195. tt1850387
7196. Le Faucon Noir
The story of Le Faucon Noir, the French medieval icon whose seat of power was Montbazon Castle in France.
Филм: Christopher Nicholson
7197. Le sac de farine
Филм: Kadija Leclere
7198. Let It Out
Филм: Todd N. Thompson With: Nick Smyth
7199. Los infectados
Филм: Alejandro G. Alegre With: Marcos Duarte, Claudia Nin
75 mins.
7200. Madame Mosaic
Филм: Momo Yi Ching Lee With: Rosario Minardi, Nino Giuffrida, Luana Toscano
Драма 82 mins.

7201. Mafia
7202. Mandhasa
Филм: Rajesh Nair With: Chetan, Alok, Rakesh
7203. Mas Amaneceres
Филм: Jorge Leyva
Драма 90 mins.
7204. Michinaru seibutsu omunibasu
Филм: Kenzo Kaga, Shu Kageyama
7205. Mikey's Extreme Романтичен
7206. tt1850403
7207. Molaghat
Филм: Shapur Gharib, Abbas Rafei With: Setareh Eskandari, Ahmad Mehranfar, Mehdi Faghih
7208. Mr. Bricks: A Heavy Metal Murder Мюзикъл
7209. My Anniston: Edward Wood
Филм: Stan Arthur
Биографичен 61 mins.
7210. tt1850406
7211. Nana & Kaoru
Филм: Atsushi Shimizu
Драма 80 mins.
7212. No Fear
Set in Harlem, this is the untold story of the life of Marcus Garvey and the man who hunted him down, J. Edgar Hoover.
Биографичен | Драма | Исторически
7213. Onigamiden
Филм: Hirotsugu Kawasaki
7214. Open 24h
7215. tt1850414
7216. Posti in piedi in paradiso
Three divorced fathers are forced to live together.
Филм: Carlo Verdone With: Pierfrancesco Favino, Carlo Verdone, Micaela Ramazzotti
Комедия | Драма
7217. Prague
Set in Prague, Connor, an American financier meets Lina, a Czech dancer, but when the Russian mob finds out, then all hell breaks loose. Be prepared for the ride of your life.
Драма | Трилър
7218. tt1850415
7219. Puzzled Love
7220. tt1850416
7221. Rakenrol
Филм: Quark Henares
Комедия | Music113 mins.
7223. Shiti boizu no film noir
Филм: Yuichi Fukuda, Kitaro With: Kitaro, Makoto Ohtake, Shigeru Sagagi
7224. Sin Otono Sin Primavera
7225. Sizdah 59
7226. Spring Eddy
Филм: George Anson, George Anson
7227. Suisei no furu yoru ni: Baio sabaibaru @ JK
Филм: Yasuhiko Yanagisawa
7228. Superhero Blog: The Documentary
Филм: Sascha Zimmermann With: Jeff Caster, Fiana de Guzman, Martin Kloss
Комедия 93 mins.
7229. Taglionetto
Филм: Federico Rizzo
7230. Takhan Teish
Филм: Atanu Ghosh
Драма 113 mins.
7231. Talk Show
Филм: Xavier Giannoli
7234. The Clinic
Филм: Andrew C. Erin With: George Stults, Clayton Rohner, Alexandra Lydon
7238. The Flying Guillotines
An elite crime-fighting unit in the court of the Chinese emperor relies on flying swords to defeat their enemies.
Филм: Teddy Chan With: Xiaoming Huang, Ching-Tien Juan
7240. The Local 504
Филм: Renso Amariz With: Delilah Donovan, Carlos Gonzalez, Wilson Bradford
7241. The Missing Screenwriter
Robert Hurley, a Los Angeles-based screenwriter of Notes from the New World, based on Dostoevsky Notes from the Underground, has vanished shortly after reporting harassment from unidentified people.
Филм: Vitaly Sumin With: Ellie Araiza, Brett Mack, Devorah Lynne Dishington
7242. The Mumbai Trilogy
Филм: Dipk G.N. Nanglia With: Rohini Banerjee, Harsh Chhaya, G.K. Desai
Драма 45 mins.
7243. The Мистерия of 11:11
Филм: Steven Scaffidi
7244. The Orator
Saili, an unassuming villager & taro farmer, lives happily with his beautiful wife Vaaiga and her teenage daughter Litia...
Филм: Tusi Tamasese With: Fiaula Sanote
7246. The Ultimate SuperHero Blog
Филм: Sascha Zimmermann
Комедия 93 mins.
7247. The Walkaround
7248. The Wisdom of Solomon
7249. The Wish
Филм: Marcel Mandu
Драма | Fantasy | Ужас | Sci-Fi | Трилър 90 mins.

7251. Tomboy
Филм: Celine Sciamma With: Zoe Heran, Sophie Cattani, Mathieu Demy
Драма 84 mins.
7252. Tre - Se - Shalosh
Филм: Elisabetta Minen With: Werner Di Donato, Alejandro Paitun Flocco, Massimiliano Grazioli
Драма 99 mins.
7253. Trinity Goodheart
7255. Una cella in due
Филм: Nicola Barnaba With: Jane Alexander, Massimo Ceccherini, Simona Borioni
7256. Untamed Virgins
Филм: John Ad. Castillo, Z. Lokman
7257. Untitled
Semi-famous singer Angelica DeGrassi has just experienced a tragedy. Through the course of one day she is forced to learn her demons and find a truth.
Филм: Anthony D'Juan With: Julianne Gabert, Galen Howard
Драма | Ужас
7259. Uritorco
Филм: Homero Cirelli With: Carlos Landini, Gilbert Machado, Natalia Miro
Комедия | Драма 90 mins.
7260. U R My Jaan
Филм: Aron Govil With: Anil Dhawan
Романтичен 140 mins.
7261. Vanityville Massacre
The ongoing war on terror has left the population of VanityVille in a desperate state of fear, denial...
With: Allison Blakley
Ужас 54 mins.
7262. Waiting for Yesterday